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The Oar House Fish Restaurant

8 West Pier, North Co. Dublin, Howth, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin

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Reviewed 23rd January 2012 ( visited 21st January 2012 )

Our first visit,it certainly wont be our last.Fantastic from start to finish.We bought a voucher on here or one of the deal websites,had no problems booking for 5pm dinner on a Saturday evening,place already had plenty of customers and a great atmosphers. Restricted menu(as expected)but fantastic choice and we certainly didn't feel like we missed out.The Bulgarian wine that was included in the deal was fantastic-it came highly recommended by our hostess who was so friendly and chatty without being overbearing.The kitchen is completly open(nothing to hide here).Best prawn pil pil I think I've ever eaten.Portions weren't reduced(that we could tell)just because we had a voucher.Calamari was cooked to perfection(and the portion was huge).I had fish&chips and instead of mushy peas I was offered a side salad which was great,he had swordfish-both fab.We will definitely return,couldn't find fault with one thing and will happily pay full price next time (although lets hope they put on another deal!!!)
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Independent Pizza Co restaurant

28 Drumcondra Rd Lower, Dublin 9, Drumcondra, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 9

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Reviewed 26th September 2008 ( visited 04th September 2008 )

Nice pizza (although a bit on the small side), reasonable prices, the place is nearly always packed, hard to get a table sometimes.. service is not particularly friendly but its quick and the atmosphere is nice. would recommend this place for a quick cheap bite to eat..
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San Lorenzos
South Great Georges Street, Dublin, City Centre South, Dublin

Having heard lots about SL I was eager to experience it for myself.. myself & 3 friends went for a 7pm seating on a Saturday night - the restaurant was packed,I wasn't keen on the décor and as previous reviewer has mentioned-it has a canteen feel. Menu's handed out,we selected a bottle of Sauv Blanc which came in at a whopping 32 euro(cheapest was 29) which is scandalous. We all had starters - 2 gambas (tasty but complaints from both parties that the bread is put under the prawns and is really soggy).A sardine bruschetta(just ok) and a smoked haddock & shellfish chowder (lovely despite only having 1 piece of haddock & no bread accompaniment, served in very shallow bowl).Mains were very expensive, we went for 3 pasta dishes and a cornfed chicken-portion size of chicken was good, pasta dishes were very small portions. We shared the famous cheesecake - this was amazing, had a second bottle of wine and the bill was 200 euro - might not sound like a lot, but we felt ripped off for what we got... Of the 4 diners, 3 of us wouldn't bother going back


Peruke & Periwig
31 Dawson St, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Meeting for a friends bday so I suggested Peruke.Booked table 6.30pm on Sunday,food menus handed out,we had to ask for wine menu,waiter discussed the 3options available&when; we asked,he gave us a taster of2,we selected bottle of house(its pricey@27.95).Waiter gave us a few minutes to go over menu(not many options&absolutely; no sign of Sunday roast as advertised on their www).When he returned I said it was going to be pork belly all round–at which point he said oh I don’t think we have any,he proceeded to check his notebook(there's only 5starters-he should have known immediately)&then; told us that he had no pork belly&no; chicken liver parfait which should have been communicated to us on arrival/before we ordered wine.It left us with 3 starters,so 2 of us ordered soup (pea & ham with brown bread which was good value at 5 euro),smoked salmon(11 euro)&beetroot;(10 euro).Soup arrived-we had no spoons,we had to ask for butter for brown bread-the waiter served another table of 6 ppl&then; brought butter-soup was nearly gone at this point.The smoked salmon & beetroot dishes were tiny&didnt; warrant the price.For mains we had lamb(24)/chicken(19)/beef(20)/cod(22)&2sides; of fries which were horriblegreasy&soggy;.The cod looked good but was again small for the price. Beef was tasty but was a bit more like brisket than 20 euro cut of prime beef.My lamb was overcooked(despite requesting medium)&although; tasty it came with the most disgusting fondant potato that really took away from the dish,there was barely any Jus and it certainly did not warrant the 24 euro price tag.The chicken dish was the real disaster–it seemed to consist mainly of potato puree with a LOT of chicken jus that looked more like bisto beef gravy.We think it was to hide the fact that there wasn’t very much chicken in the bowl.We weren’t asked how the meal was,or offered dessert/tea/coffee(not that we'd have risked another course!).We didnt leave a tip.Very disappointed & sorry I suggested Peruke-will not return


Whitefriar Grill
16 Aungier Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre South, Dublin

Really disappointed - nothing about this restaurant that would make me want to return. We'd a voucher I bought online for 2 starters/2 mains/2 desserts/cheeseboard & a bottle wine to value of E30.Everytime someone came to our table they started with "you're on a voucher aren't you".We knew that, they knew that – no need to mention it more than once – not sure if we received poorer quality food because of our voucher status. They only have 2 reds under 30-we picked one, it was sold out,were offered a taste of cheaper Italian-tasteless,so we paid a supplement for a more expensive Rioja which was seriously overpriced. We both ordered quail stuffed with foie gras which took about 40 mins to arrive while the people next to us who arrived after us had already finished their starters and were tucking into their mains.No evidence of foie gras at all,tasted just like regular old stuffing to us but the quail was lovely.Mains ordered - steak&gambas; - steak tasted like it had been poached & finished in a pan – also was cooked medium but certainly wasn’t tender meat, tasted like it may have been a few days old,the prawns came in their shells with heads etc (when mentioning to the waitress that we didn't like the prawns with heads we were told they'd have shelled them for us if we'd asked..we'd have asked if we'd been told they came that way) the fries tasted like they'd been fried in some awful vegetable fat that needed to be changed, the other main - duck shepherds pie, consisted of shredded duck in a sauce with "smashed" carrot parsnip topping & cheese gratin -tasty enough though it got monotonous after a few mouthfuls with no other veggies in sight. We'd been there so long at this stage we ended up ordering another bottle of the overpriced Rioja (good ploy by the restaurant)..We were then offered our cheeseboard – neither of us had ever had a cheeseboard before dessert before so asked for dessert first. We hoped the desserts would blow our socks off- we had the fondue and the chocolate Eton mess-socks didn't even droop. The chocolate for the fondue was the most horrible melted chocolate I've ever eaten and the Eton mess was fine, but certainly didn't wow. The cheeseboard came with 3 different cheeses & generous amount of crackers – yummy cheese. We were in the restaurant for the guts of 3 hours. For the duration of the evening there was a draft blowing in the window frame and every time the door opened a howling wind would sweep across our table as the partition for the little hallway they'd created didn't reach the ceiling. Tables are quite tight together and we found the service slow. I know loads of people who love this restaurant but after our experience, we won't be back


The Oar House Fish Restaurant
8 West Pier, North Co. Dublin, Howth, Dublin

Our first visit,it certainly wont be our last.Fantastic from start to finish.We bought a voucher on here or one of the deal websites,had no problems booking for 5pm dinner on a Saturday evening,place already had plenty of customers and a great atmosphers. Restricted menu(as expected)but fantastic choice and we certainly didn't feel like we missed out.The Bulgarian wine that was included in the deal was fantastic-it came highly recommended by our hostess who was so friendly and chatty without being overbearing.The kitchen is completly open(nothing to hide here).Best prawn pil pil I think I've ever eaten.Portions weren't reduced(that we could tell)just because we had a voucher.Calamari was cooked to perfection(and the portion was huge).I had fish&chips and instead of mushy peas I was offered a side salad which was great,he had swordfish-both fab.We will definitely return,couldn't find fault with one thing and will happily pay full price next time (although lets hope they put on another deal!!!)


Geisha Asian Restaurant (Ashtown)
73-74 Ashtown Village, Dublin 15, Ashtown, Dublin

Gave this restaurant a try on Mothers Day. We were lucky to get a table, but were sat just inside the door. Decor is fab & has really comfy seats. Menu is great, loads of choice and reasonably priced. We had 2 starters - chicken wontons & deep fried prawns, both 5.50. Prawns were lovely and tasted fresh, not frozen. Chicken also lovely and both presented very well. Main courses were both chicken dishes, both very tasty and large portions - each was 14.00. fried rice was an extra 3.50 each. Food is really tasty, although the temperature in the restaurant affects the food - the room was slightly cold (although we were beside the door so that might have contributed also), I felt my dish, served on a flat plate, went cold quite quickly. My boyfriend's dish was served in a bowl and stayed hot for much longer. We had a bottle of house red (Cono Sur) and the total came to 61 - a great price for a delicious meal. Service was slow but the restaurant was full and it was Mother's Day. The waiter who brought our bill at the end was really nice and any issues we may have had with the slow service were wiped by his genuine friendly attitude. We'll defo be going back


Castello Bruno
Main Street, Castleknock Village, Dublin 15, Castleknock, Dublin

Living locally we've wanted to try this restaurant for a while. Eventually gave it a go just before New Years. Appearance is much nicer since the changeover from the days of Trentuno – looks much more inviting. On entering the restaurant around 8pm we had to stand waiting for approx. 5 mins waiting to be seated. Nobody spoke to us during this time to advise us of a delay, we were just left standing at the entrance. Eventually a waiter brought us to a table in a relatively empty restaurant and he was seating us quite close to the toilets. We said we'd rather sit elsewhere and would he mind if we moved, he shrugged his shoulders but didn’t say anything. We sat down - he gave us our menus and left. He didn’t return for a while and when he did it was to ask if we would like to order some wine – we said we'd order our wine and food. We decided to go for two caesar salads and share a bruschetta. Thank god we got the bruschetta to fill up on. The salad was the smallest portion of salad I think I've ever been served anywhere – that includes side orders. And they charge €8 for it. The waiter came to clear away our starters, he didn’t ask how it was – I think he'd already overheard me saying how disgustingly small the portion was. For mains I went for the lamb cutlets with rosemary gravy, he had the pollo diavola. We weren’t expecting much after a disappointing start. However we were surprised - the lamb was cooked perfectly and had a lovely flavour - the portion was normal restaurant size. His chicken was also delicious and we ordered garlic mashed potato to share – which was ever so slightly too garlicky (but that's just my personal choice)! The main course rescued the meal, we opted not to have dessert. We had a bottle of Australian Shiraz to go with the meal. Our bill came to a total of €77 which we felt was pricey for what we got. The service throughout the meal was slow, un-attentive and bordered on rude at times. We didn’t leave a tip to reflect the service we received and we won't return again.


The Ormond Wine Bar
At Capel Street Bridge, 6 Ormond Quay Upper, City Centre North, Dublin

I had raved about The Ormond to a friend.When we walked in I was sorry I'd ever mentioned it.First instinct was to run.Restaurant at the back was empty,there was a poetry/music session going on just inside the door,we were about to leave when someone came to seat us.We were told to pick a table (there were 3 other people in the restaurant-a bad sign for a Sat nite).We choose a table close to the kitchen, when my friend sat down,her hand stuck to the table,we asked for it to be cleaned and the waitress asked us to move to another table.We were given a menu which is totally different to whats on the website.mains listed first,followed by starters/tapas.We both went for the meatballs which were very tasty, although looked slightly burned.Our choices were very limited for mains,I went for the shepherds pie and friend had the veggie tangine-not exactly what we were hoping for our Sat night meal.Our mains arrived almost immediately after we finished our starter,and considering the place was empty,we thought they could have given us some time.My friends tangine was cold.She sent it back.My shepherds pie was tasty,but very salty and slightly greasy.After at least a 10 min wait (they started from scratch-a good sign,but not great when my main was going cold by the minute) they returned the freshly prepared dish with an apology for the wait.When we finished our mains,our plates were taken and we were not asked if we'd like dessert or coffee.We immediately asked for the bill.During the entire meal the poetry reading/music session continued quite loudly and at one point, a guy stood up and was shouting "poetry, poetry, poetry" at the top of his lungs.It removed any atmosphere in the restaurant and we felt we couldnt talk. The restaurant once again was freezing cold and we ran out the door as soon as we had paid.My friend is talking about The Ormond for all the wrong reasons. I won't be going back


Wagamama's Blanchardstown
Unit 410, First Floor, Blanchardstown Retail Park 2, Dublin 15, Blanchardstown, Dublin

have visited this restaurant a few times in the last few months, as I live locally. Its fast food - but verging on healthy fast food, good service, great food with fresh ingredients and prices are ok. Couple of times we've ordered the chili chicken ramen and its been a bit on the bland side - ate there last night and it couldnt have been further from bland! also had the chicken wings which were lovely. great local restaurant, defo recommend and will keep returning...


Hole In The Wall Phoenix Park
Blackhorse Avenue, Navan Road, Dublin

We've stopped in to the Hole in the Wall a few times for a pint & have always enjoyed the atmosphere, the food always looked great, and yesterday we said we'd give it a go for our Sunday lunch as it was a pub we knew wouldnt be doing a carvery.. we ordered 2 tapas to start - piri piri chicken wings and deep friend prawns. The portion of chicken wings was quite generous, though they did look deformed. There was absolutely no flavour off them at all. The prawns were chewy. Not a great start. We ordered the Sunday special which was a sirloin steak with chips & salad for €10. It was awful. The chips tasted like they had been cooked in fat that wasnt hot enough, the salad was made up of a bit of lettuce & onion with no dressing, the steak was rubbery, had very little flavour and a ridiculous amount of fat. I know it was only €10 - but they shouldnt offer a "special" if the food is going to be this bad. We both felt it is a reflection on all food they serve - particularly as the starters were off their regular menu. I felt cheated of a nice Sunday lunch and will only return to the Hole for a pint and not food, when I'm next passing...


Dada Restaurant
45 South William Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

went with a friend, had passed by a lot and thought the outside looked gorgeous, when i rang to book - i was given a choice of 7pm or 9.30pm - I hate when a restaurant forces you into eating at their set times.. but we went for 7pm.. on arrival, restaurant is gorgeous, decor is really nice and it has what i imagine to be an authentic feel to it.. staff are very nice & attentive, but the restaurant was freezing - so much so that i mentioned it to one of the waiters who told me that it takes a while to heat up.. not easy to relax & enjoy when ur shaking with the cold! id the marinated chicken kebab which i must say - was fab! really tender chicken & gorgeous spicy sauce. my pal had the mini cigar - which is basically a more bland version of a chinese spring roll - he wasnt impressed! on the recommendation of the Tangine of Spicy Lamb - i asked if it was really spicy, was told it was, when it arrived, i was given a spicy sauce on the side, which i was told to add as i liked... this to me does not make a spicy lamb dish!! it was ok, lamb was very tender but very bland. my pal wasnt happy with his dish at all. we had dessert which was big let down. we wont be going back


6-7 Jervis Street, Millennium Walkway, Dublin 1, City Centre, Italian Quarter, Dublin

Been dying to try Koh for ages. Went on a Friday night with a pal of mine. Really friendly welcome. Cocktail bar is great-though so much choice its hard to make up your mind! had a cocktail & went through to the restaurant area-couldnt believe that the cocktail bar is nearly twice the size of the restaurant! i found the main course menu to be quite small,but i still had trouble picking what to have! started with the chicken & leaves - its like a Thai version of yuk sung. personally didnt like the leaves but the rest of the dish was fab. Had lamb massaman curry for main with rice - nicest massaman ive had outside of Thailand! really enjoyed every bit.We'd ordered a bottle of house red,which we drank and ordered another-which the waiter seemed to forget about - probably not a bad thing! thought it was pricey for what we had though - totalled 90 euro and that was 2 starters / mains / rice & 1 bottle of house wine (had paid for hte cocktails seperately)overall its a really lovely place and I would go back


Green Nineteen
19 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2, Camden Street, Dublin

Read a review in newspaper & said we'd give this place a go. Visited just after 6pm on a Saturday evening - place was packed and we were lucky to be offered a seat at a high table right beside the door. Great atmosphere and simple but nice decor. Decided on a shared starter of cold meats,we were waiting over 30mins which baffled us considering all they had to do was slice some cold meat&bring it to us! we thought our main courses (organic burger) would be along really quick given how long it had taken to bring our starter-we had to wait about another 20 mins, burger was delish, yum homemade relish & gerkins & onion & a really strong cheese came with v. tasty chips. You can see right into the kitchen which is a good sign-but also makes you realise why you're left waiting so long for your food-seemed to be only 2 chefs and it was tiny! there wasnt an empty seat in the place for longer than 30 seconds and there was a constant stream of people in & out of the door-which was bad considering where we were sitting.Bill totalled 36euro which for a shared starter,2 mains&1 beer is great for a saturday night meal..we would go back, but maybe in the middle of the day


63/65 Main Street, Blackrock, Blackrock, Dublin

Went for lunch with a friend after having our hair done across the road.Recommended by our hairdresser.First impression was that it was nice, but could have benefited from some background music(which was put on later).My pal ordered a tuscan bean soup which she said was fab,Id a tomato&mozarella salad which was lovely.Both ordered steak-which I have to say was delish-best steak I've had in a long time.Cooked perfectly and the flavour was fantastic.we both had dessert but pal felt a bit let down by hers,baked alaska which was really really gooey&sweet,Id dark chocolate brownie,which was fab but just too heavy(for me).We'd a half bottle of red crianza,bottle of mineral water and finished off with decaf coffee&a glass house wine-bill came to an almight E97,which for lunch is expensive.on inspection of receipt,they add a steak surcharge,and overcharged on the half bottle of red.our waiter was great,friendly&advising but not pushy.we will defo return but will leave out dessert&keep an eye on the bill


Caffrey's of Batterstown
Batterstown, Dunboyne, Meath

Have passed this pub a few times and thought it looked lovely from the outside - decided to stop for dinner on Saturday evening and it’s really lovely inside. Good menu and extremely helpful staff. Decided on soup of the day (broccoli) and liver & bacon to start. Soup was lovely, thick & creamy. Apparently the liver was great - but apparently missing the bacon, although he mopped it up! Main course he had smoked haddock risotto, I had beer battered cod & chips. The risotto was fab, although far too much for one person to eat (which turned out to be a blessing). My cod had absolutely no taste whatsoever. Got himself to try it to make sure that it wasn’t just me - he agreed - no flavour. I didn’t eat it. Mentioned to the waiter that the fish was not good. He implied it wasn’t the first complaint and said he would speak to the manager. After 10 mins wait, we had to ask for the manager again. The manager’s attitude was rude and disbelieving that the fish wasn’t good. He kept insisting that he had had the cod earlier and it was fantastic. He stood for approx. 5 mins trying to force the issue on the fact that he'd had the fish that day and it was great and he found it hard to believe mine wasn’t etc. He eventually said "he'd see what he could do for me" and disappeared for 10 mins. He eventually came back and said he'd checked with the kitchen staff and it was fresh fish and they'd sent out 20 portions that day and mine was the only complaint - but that he'd taken it off the bill for me – as if I should be grateful. I don’t generally complain unless something is bad and at 18euro for fish & chips with no flavour - I couldn’t justify paying for it and even more so because of the manager's attitude. He should have asked what the problem was, apologised immediately and taken it off the bill without question. The rest of the staff were fantastic, and we will return to give it a second chance – just not for cod!


Indian Ocean Dublin
15 Montague Street, City Centre South, Dublin

I've been dying to go to this restaurant for the last 2 years as I only work across the road! Friend of mine raves about it, so we finally went on a Thursday evening.. first impression walking in the door is quite good, friendly and despite it being really busy and the fact we'd no reservation, we were still seated within 5 mins.. the menu is huge and they have a fantastic selection. we had a chicken & a lamb main - personally I felt the lamb was a bit chewy and not as packed with flavour as the chicken - which was spicy and fruity, side order of mushrooms were lovely as was keema nan and basmati rice.. cheapest bottle of wine was 25 - which was a bit steep.. overally the bill only came to 60 euro so really cant complain - but according to my pal - they have recently increased their wine prices (more than the extra 50 cent government charge) so I do think they are capitalising on the increase... overall a good experience with good service and nice food - though I didnt feel I had anything that I havent had before in other Indian restaurants... I will go back


1 St Andrews Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Went here for a quick bite around 7pm on a Saturday evening, with friends who were visiting from London.. been a few years since I was there, but it did not disappoint - in fact I was sorry I'd left it so long between visits.. we got a table immediately, although it was clearly stated that they needed it back within a certain time, which was fine for us.. we sat down and ordered about 8 / 9 dishes between 4 of us... since my last visit, the portions have actually gotten bigger and the flavours from each dish was fantastic. We ordered 2 bottles of Sangre de Toro - which was only 20 euro each - a big difference between other Dublin restaurants and more particularly Spain where you can buy a bottle of this wine for 4 euro.. service was friendly & efficient. Food was delicious. My rating for the value for money aspect is because Dublin restaurants are still way overpriced, and you are aware that you're paying way over the odds. Would defo return soon though


Chilli Banana
112 Upper Drumcondra Road, North Dublin, Drumcondra, Dublin

I live in Drumcondra, have visited Chilli Banana a few times over the years and have never been overly impressed.. returned Sunday evening to see if there'd been any improvement in the 2 years since I'd been... in my opinion - its gotten worse.. the service was terrible, we were waved in the general direction of a table, staff looked bored & uninterested. ordered combination starters. people next to us who arrived in after us had gotten their main course before our starters arrived.. starters were ok but nothing special. didnt order wine but they never took away the wine glasses, when we poured our beers they never cleared away the empty beer bottles, table was crowded. Main course arrived - chilli chicken for him, beef massaman curry for me. 1 boiled rice / 1 fried - they brought 2 boiled which was quickly corrected. Chilli chicken was reeking of garlic even though garlic didnt get a mention on the menu. My massaman curry looked awful. It was a grey brown colour, no veg, just beef & a few stray onions, there was about 2ins of oil sitting over the top of the sauce which I had to go through to get to the curry. Beef was tender, some bits quite fatty, but I couldnt stomach eating it with all the oil. Had rice and some of the (garlic) chilli chicken (ok but could do better at home). girl 2 tables down obviously got the same as me as she asked the waiter if it was meant to be that oily - he hadnt a clue, said "Im not sure, I can check for you". We quickly asked for our bill which came to a whopping E82 (we only had 5 beers between us). We didnt leave a tip. At no point throughout our meal did anyone ask us if everything was ok. Staff lazy and slow, people who had booked a table came in and their table was filthy - despite the restaurant not being overly busy. I had seen the staff just standing around when they could have been cleaning up. Wont be going back...


26-28 Clarendon Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

brought the boyfriend for dinner in Saba for his - his first visit, I hadnt been in a long time. Tuesday night - the place was jammed, great atmosphere. Arrived at 8.30pm, ordered our wine while we looked over the menu, we ordered and waited and waited and waited. Our starters took 40 mins to arrive - and that was AFTER we had brought it to the attention of a waiter after 25 mins, who went off to check and didn't come back to explain where our food was. People all around us who had arrived after us had received & eaten their starters. Our waitress eventually came over to explain that our order had been put in after people who were seated after us, but that our food was on the way - still took another 10 mins. I think our order was never put through to the kitchen at all. He had tempura veg & cod - I had salt & pepper squid - both divine, almost worth waiting for! Main courses were Chicken Boom (very spicy but gorgeous) and Bo - the beef was stunning, although some chunks were a bit rare for my liking. Dessert was an almond baked cheesecake with rasberry sorbet - they didnt go together at all. all of the above with a nice bottle of Don David came to a total of 82.50, great food so good value but I was disappointed that they didn't even offer a complimentary coffee as a way of apology for our 40 min wait.. will still return though, food is amazing


Elephant & Castle
18/19 Temple Bar, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

This is a Dublin institution - they dont take reservations and really the only thing to eat in here is the famous wings!! Tons of people I know only ever go here for the wings, you get the whiff of the vinegar the minute you walk through the door - all I can say is best chicken wings ever... and I've tried tons of other places!! we normally have 2 baskets of wings (as our main course) and a few beers and generally the bill is well under 50 euro... service is generally fast, the atmosphere is buzzing, the wings fantastic - the only downside is that you cant reserve a table - but defo worth waiting for!!


The Bistro @ Carrigaline Court Hotel
Carrigaline, Co Cork, Carrigaline, Cork

As part of our weekend package we had dinner in the Bistro included. We werent expecting much as generally hotel food in Ireland isnt great, but the 3 of us were pleasantly surprised. We had starter & main courses - as the portions were so big we couldnt fit dessert in! The service was a little bit grumpy to begin with, but quick & efficient. All very happy with our starters - 2 had a chicken salad which was really tasty. We all had the steak for our main course and although it was ever so slightly overdone, it was very tasty and still quite tender. Mains came with chips, mashed potatoes, roast potato & veg - no possible way that 3 adults could eat so much. We had coffee to finish up and took the 2nd bottle of wine into the hotel bar to finish off. For hotel food it was of quite good standard and we all got up happy and full from the table. If I was staying in Carrigaline again, I'd eat in the Bistro (we also had bar food in the main bar on Saturday afternoon and the portions again were huge and tasty).


Jim Edwards
Short Quay, Kinsale, Cork

Was here for dinner on Saturday night. Atmosphere is quite good, but the service wasn't great - we waited approx. 15mins after being seated before anyone came near our table to see if we wanted any drinks etc. We ordered dinner & drinks at the same time - I had smoked salmon cornets & prawns - have to say that it was fab. One of the other girls got the brie - and was disappointed - it was like they threw a couple of slices of pepper onto her plate as a side salad and forgot to finish it off, 1 quite small piece of brie, another girl got the mushrooms and was also disappointed, she expected large mushrooms and was surprised to receive regular small mushrooms that were chopped in half on her plate. They started clearing the starter plates before everyone at the table had finished. Main courses arrived shortly after. I had the cod with blue cheese crust - it wasn't a great choice, the 'crust' was breadcrumbs dumped on top of a good sized piece of cod and the blue cheese was melted around the fish. The cod was quite dry and I barely ate half of it. Another one of the girls got the king prawns - she said it was lovely but quite small for the money - 28 euro. Another got the steak which was huge & she said it was very tasty, another the monkfish which she said was just ok. Dinner was finished off with coffee and 2 desserts shared between 5, we'd 2 bottles of red wine, 1 bottle of white. We had to buy bottled water because the jug of tap water we asked for had a very strong chlorine taste. Also be aware that the prices displayed here are not correct - this website says that cod is 18.95 - its actually 21.95. We had 5 starters, 5 mains, 3 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of water, some coffee, 2 desserts and a round of drinks and it worked out at 70 per person - it was pretty steep for what we got to be honest - I've no problem paying for good food and despite the good start with the salmon and prawns - the rest of the dinner was a let down. I think if I was to go back I'd eat lunch in the bar rather than pay the


Independent Pizza Co
28 Drumcondra Rd Lower, Dublin 9, Drumcondra, Dublin

Nice pizza (although a bit on the small side), reasonable prices, the place is nearly always packed, hard to get a table sometimes.. service is not particularly friendly but its quick and the atmosphere is nice. would recommend this place for a quick cheap bite to eat..


Casa Nostra (Dublin)
5-7 Cloncourt, Main Street, Clonee, Clonee, Dublin

Have passed by this restaurant a good few times & thought it looked lovely, tried it last night. Decor is nice, seating comfortable, not on top of table beside you etc. Good menu with something for all. I'd bruschetta to start, 9 euro which I thought was expensive but it was 3 big slices, one with goats cheese, one with parma ham and the other just regular bruschetta - quite nice. The other half had calamari - it was kinda cold when it arrived, and a bit chewy as well. Main courses we went for the same - cacciatora - 1 penne 1 tagliatelle. I thought the chicken tasted funny, although the other half didnt. I found the dish quite boring and I only ate a little bit of it - pasta was overcooked. The chicken was not nice although the 'bacon' was big chunks of real bacon - not rashers! Very child friendly restaurant. I wouldnt go back.


Shanahan’s on the Green
119 St. Stephens Green, Dublin , City Centre South, Dublin

I have eaten in this restaurant twice now, and the food does not justify the prices. Firstly - when I rang to book the table, the receptionist was extremely rude and condescending on the phone - so much so that I considered cancelling. First visit I ordered petit fillet - medium well - which according to the menu should have been slightly pink, no blood. This is what I got - however the meat was quite tough and I couldn't honestly say it was anything spectacular. Second visit I went for a medium fillet mignon - and although it wasn’t as tough as the petit fillet, it was nothing outstanding. I have had far better steaks (albeit generally outside of Ireland) and find it hard to believe that so many people think that this is the "best steak they have ever had". Extortionate prices for a piece of average meat. The fact that they have the gall to charge approx. 50 euro per steak and not actually provide you with anything to go with it is incredible. We had starters x 2, mains x 2, side dish x2, desserts x 2, 1 bottle of wine, 1 bottle of water and it was €241... All in all, average food for ridiculous prices, staff who think too highly of themselves and a lot of people who eat here just to be 'seen'... We won't be going back


Drumcondra, Drumcondra, Dublin

Fagans never lets the side down-pub grub at its best! I've never had a bad meal here, the only problem with Fagans is that it’s a local treasure, its always packed and getting a table can prove difficult. This means that the service can sometimes be slow-because they have so many to serve. Highly recommend the lasagne, the steak baguette, the cod, the salt & chilli chicken, I've never picked something on this menu that wasn’t nice - pints tend to be more expensively priced than other Drumcondra pubs, but the food is worth it.


Stoop Your Head
Harbour Road, Skerries, Skerries, Dublin

From the outside this 'pub' looks awful and almost makes you want to eat somewhere else. Once you go in though the internal decoration is lovely, and the smell of food is enough to make you stay anyway! Unfortunately they don’t take table bookings, so its a case of putting your name down - although we arrived at 9pm on a Saturday night and were told the only seats were counter space (none at the time - only if it became available) or the beer garden. We thought about leaving but the smell was fantastic so we choose the beer garden. The service was fast and polite, they came out to let us know that there was counter space if we wanted to move(and were holding it until we decided to stay where we were). Our food came quite quickly, and the starters were fantastic, although I thought the calamari was ever so slightly overcooked. Everyone else enjoyed their starters(a mushroom soup, a chowder, calamari and olive tepanade bread) I tasted all of the above and can recommend them all! Main course was cod x2 which was gorgeous with a really light batter, Dublin bay prawns that were so fresh you wont believe it until you try them, crab claws which were also super fresh - all of the main courses were to die for. We had side orders of panache of veg x2 which was nice, chips(frozen) cubed potatoes and creamed mash - which didn’t tasted like cream had been anywhere near the pot! but the fish itself was beautiful and the side orders couldn’t bring down the quality of the main dishes. 5 starters, 5 mains, 1 round of drinks and 2 bottles of wine only cost 230 and given the quality of the seafood, I would highly recommend visiting Stoops. Just don’t let the appearance from the outside put you off (and arrive early to secure a table!) We will all definitely be going back.

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