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Queen of Tarts restaurant

4 Cork Hill Dame Street, City Centre South, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

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Reviewed 12th February 2011 ( visited 06th February 2011 )

lovely for a treat, lovely all round but not very economical, disappointed with prices but would only go for a very special treat
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Foleys restaurant

, Ballyvaghan, Clare

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Reviewed 28th May 2010 ( visited 28th May 2010 )

went for a meal here yesterday, waitress was exceptionally nice and very efficent, food was good but veg had no taste whatsoever, im thinking it was frozen veg done in the microwave, meat was very good but there wasnt a whole lot of it to be had, dissapointing because it was so tender, very morish! would go back but for the price your paying you'd expect more food and better quality veg, in saying that i would go back
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Kinara Kitchen
17 Ranelagh Village, South Dublin, Ranelagh, Dublin

good food but the waiters are a little pushy to get you to buy drinks, would go again, very lively crowd


Bar Italia
26 Blooms Lane , Lower Ormond Quay, City Centre North, Italian Quarter, Dublin

Deliciousness on a plate! huge portions, go very hungry!!! really tasty, very keenly priced


The Pigeon House - Delgany
Delgany Inn, Delany Village, Delgany, Wicklow

Just lovely! I went there on Friday and enjoyed a fine big sandwich filled with all sorts of treats, very reasonable, bakery down stairs is to die for!


Flavour of Italy
Unit C4 City Link Business Park, Old Naas Road, Bluebell, Dublin

A little bit of Italy on your doorstep, just yummy, great spot for pizza just make sure you get in before the 1pm rush! its worth the que!


6-7 Jervis Street, Millennium Walkway, Dublin 1, City Centre, Italian Quarter, Dublin

Amazing food, really authentic, simply scrumptious!


Rolys Cafe
7 Ballsbridge Terrace, Dublin 4, Ballsbridge, Dublin

Im such a fussy eater but when it comes to rolys, they are the golden child of restaurants, fantastic food, great service and just a joy to enjoy a meal in, 5 stars!


Ristorante Romano
12 Capel Street, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

I went to romanos after seeing all the rave reviews- I dont think I was ever so diasppointed with a restaurant. I got the lasagna which was quite clearly microwaved and was more cheese sauce than pasta and meat, my partner had bolognese which was also drowned in cheese, never again


FIRE Restaurant and Lounge
Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Dawson Street, Dublin

Firstly, don't be hungry when you go to fire, very very small portions at very big prices, the venue itself is fab but if you are looking for a proper meal, there are other places and cheaper prices that can satisfy, I went with a few people and we all agree there could have been more food, wouldnt go again


Yindees @ Lyrath Estate Hotel
Paulstown Road, Kilkenny City, Kilkenny

stayed over night in the hotel and had a set menu from this restaurant, service was very slow, food was left standing for a good while before anyone brought it over so batter was a bit soggy on my spring rolls, the waitress said the thai curry was spicy so i was totally on for that, it was more salty than anything else so big turn off, got the deep fried ice cream, pity, like the starters, it was left standing so when i got the ice cream it was completly melted, very disappointing


The Lansdowne Arms Hotel
Kenmare, Kenmare, Kerry

went for breakfast here and got an exceptionally warm welcome from the manageress and was shown to the table, menu was extensive and buffet choice was huge, was staying at another hotel but would definatly go to this place for all my meals, not that pricey for the quality and amount of food you get, if your looking for something really tasty and where they dont cut costs on cheap meats, eat at the lansdowne


John Benny Moriarty
Strand Street, Dingle, Kerry

Went in here for lunch during the week- it was packed so i always think this is a good sign. How wrong i was, I had roast chicken and sage stuffing along with veg, what i think it should be is completly different to this place, it was like reformed chicken breast with a paste for stuffing, potatoes were pumped with butter and cream, hardly much potato in it, pretty much car crash dining, if your looking for something tasty, think again, yuck!


LJ's Bar and Restaurant @ Louis Fitzgerald Hotel
Newland’s Cross, Naas Road, Dublin 22, Clondalkin, Dublin

where do i start, well i went for lunch with the girls here today and ordered a tuna salad sandwich, i was presented with a stale sandwich with a load of mayo in it, barely any tuna and a leaf of whitered lettuce, hardly a tuna salad, it was promptly sent back and i got another sandwich which was a million times better presented then the original one. When going to pay the bill, i let the duty manager know that i was a little disappointed with the standards and i got " the bread is fresh everyday, so theres no possible way its our fault" needless to say i will never ever be back after being spoken to like that, the tuna salad should be tuna flavored mayonaise at best,the mayo repeated on my all day, for such a lovely bar, its such a shame about the staff and the food


Himalaya Tandoori
Unit 6, Village Centre, West Dublin, Clondalkin, Dublin

went for the early bird after all the rave reviews i heard from people, not great, really disappointed, chicken tasted very cheap, if this is best indian in dublin i wouldnt bother going again, sauces were runny, not like nice thick rich sauces you get in curry houses in london, staff were very nice, just such a shame about the food.


Paddy Burkes (The Oyster Inn)
Clarenbridge, Clarenbridge, Galway

had roast beef (very tough) other half got deep fried place, was only ok, could have gotten better in a chipper, really disappointed, staff were very nice, they asked if the meal was ok, i told them it was fairly poor quality and the girl didnt seem that surprised... all in all, this was a first time bad experience in here so it wouldnt put me off


Il Folletto Restaurant
Quay Street, Galway City, Galway

had a meal here today, absolutly delicious, im living in dublin and just came down here for the weekend and ive never ever had a better italian meal anywhere in the country, there was only one complaint, that is the portions are huge, and i mean huge, just be very hungry when you go there and there wont be any complaints, the brusheta and bolognese would have easily have fed the tow of us happily, im only sorry i had to go home


Tante Zoes
1 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Temple Bar, Dublin

very very tasty, go hungry!!! only downside was the added extras on the bill but that was very quickly cleared up as there was some sort of mix up, the man at the front desk is a gentleman and would definalty go back because of the experience


Queen of Tarts
4 Cork Hill Dame Street, City Centre South, Dublin

lovely for a treat, lovely all round but not very economical, disappointed with prices but would only go for a very special treat


Joels Restaurant
Newlands Cross, Naas Road, West Dublin, Clondalkin, Dublin

lunch menu during the weekday is excellent and very cheap so i decided to try it at the weekend, hugely disappointed, had chicken satay that was like chicken in a greasy stew, partner had sea bass that was very bland, i was so dissapointed as the weekday lunchs are yum, wont be back at the weekends im afraid, way overpriced and badly presented


Jewel in the Crown (Ballsbridge)
41-43 Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4, Ballsbridge, Dublin

got a takeaway from here, food was extremly salty and the chicken looked really processed, not impressed, very expensive, dont know if they know its a recession, wont be back.


Campo de' Fiori Bistro Market
1 Albert Avenue, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Bray, Wicklow

after all the rave reviews i headed into bray for a meal, i was a bit late and i called to let the know to hold my table, guy at front of house assused me of being a liar and i had to show my phone, got an excuse of an apology and a table that had to be given back in an hour, just shared a brushetta, was just ok, mains were over oily but in saying that it was nice, too pricey for what yor getting,, roast potatoes were way over done and salted too much, not a whole lot of tomato dishes, very dissapointing, wouldnt be in a rush to go back, front of house attitudes need to be addressed


Harrys Cafe Bar
21 Upper George's Street, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

not a pleasant experience to say the least...service is woeful, food arrived 30minutes after I had ordered- had thought they might have been making it fresh hence the delay, but when i got it (eggs benidict with sauteed mushrooms(thats plural) to say it was carnige was an understatement, the potato rosti waas drowing in oil and had gone cold, the eggs were lukewarm -barely, the hollandiase sauce had solidified (it was putred) and I got one lonely withered mushroom with alot of black liquid surrounding it with my tomato swimming in it, presentation is key, obviously they dont think so, i wont be returning as the meal kept repeating on me all day, standards need to drastically


Fables Restaurant @ The Unicorn Pub
St Nessans Road, Dooradoyle, Limerick

it was a feed and a half, plenty of meat veg and gravy, lovely staff in there, cant wait to go back!


Dan Linehan's Bar
13 College Sreet. Killarney, Killarney, Kerry

delish delish delish!!!!! if you want a proper feed, spuds steak the works and ice cream that will really tickle your taste buds go there, pricey but oh so worth it!


Tara Hotel
Main Street, Killybegs, Killybegs, Donegal

first off, waitress was a little star, gave us biscuits with our cup of tea after dinner, v ery nice touch,lovely girl, dinner was ok, bit greasy but nice, i thought the fish was fresh, im gutted if the last review is true!!


Foley's Townhouse
Henry Street, Kenmare, Kerry

went for a meal here yesterday, waitress was exceptionally nice and very efficent, food was good but veg had no taste whatsoever, im thinking it was frozen veg done in the microwave, meat was very good but there wasnt a whole lot of it to be had, dissapointing because it was so tender, very morish! would go back but for the price your paying you'd expect more food and better quality veg, in saying that i would go back


Ruairi Maguire’s Bar & Organic Kitchen
Dundrum Town Centre, Sandyford Road, Dundrum, Dublin

treated myself and the girls to a meal out, food was ok, not great but they had that covers band again last night,navison or something like that, really off putting listening to them while trying to enjoy meal,please no more rubbish music in house and try and improve the salads, bland bland bland


Konkan Indian Restaurant Clanbrassil Street
46 Upper Clanbrassil Street, Near Harolds Cross Bridge, Portobello, Dublin

after reading all the rave reviews i went for a meal in konkan, service is excellent but thats all thats good about it, the "rogan josh" was just brown water with two pieces of green pepper and one piece of chicken, it was also extremly bland, the curry even seperated from the water because of how diluted it was, i spoke to the waiter and he didnt look too surprised, i refused to eat anymore of this (i had attempted to drink it- no spelling error- but i just couldnt) or pay and they were happy with my reason, i also note the reviews on here are three years old, obviously times have changed for the worse im afraid


Toscana (Dun Laoghaire)
5 Windsor Terrace, South Co. Dublin , Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

wasnt impressed with the food, bolognese was salt over load, brushetta was ok but the bread was slightly burnt, better half ordered the sea bass, seriosuly, no one wants to see a grilled fish head,with charcoaled eyes looking back at you.. presentation is key, they obviously dont think so, what the fish lacked in taste it made up for in bones, not an enjoable meal, the waiter didnt like when i asked to put on my own parmesan cheese, came to 55euro, ok but i wont be back


Punjabi By Nature Indian Restaurants & Takeaway
15 Ranelagh Village, South Dublin, Ranelagh, Dublin

what a lovely restaurant, really top notch food and the service was excellent, athmosphere was very romantic with the lovely lights, however, 1.the takeaway menu offers and specials are way out of date 2. the loyalty card mentioned on the menu meant nothing to the waitresses when i asked them 3. prices are a bit steep and 4. felt a bit pushed into giving a bigger tip than what i gave (got a dirty look), while i dont mind tipping, i'll give what i have on me and what i can afford, otherwise really enjoyed it and will go back


Da Vincenzo
133 Upper Leeson Street, Ballsbridge, Dublin

heavenly is one word to describe da vincenzos, i went there with my boyfriend and his family and they put together such a fabulous meal for us, they all raved about it afterwards, i knew i had good tasteand that confirmed it, service is excellent, fantastic value, would go again in a heartbeat, cant wait to go again


Emilias Ristorante
Clock Tower, Enniskerry, Wicklow

avoid this place like the plague, ive had more authentic italian food in my office canteen, the stuff is slapped together along wth a service charge of 10%!!!! ( this isnt mentioned on the menu anywhere, for two people on a buget it ads up, i was going to leave a tip but thats a bit cheeky) needless to say, i wont be going back

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