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Le Bon Crubeen restaurant

81-82 Talbot Street, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 1

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Reviewed 14th September 2009 ( visited 13th August 2009 )

I had lunch here for a birthday celebration. It was truely the best lunch I have had in years. The atmosphere was great, food was serviced quickly. portion sizes was huge. food was tasty. My chicken was succulent and fresh. no complaints from the table.
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Bellagio restaurant

92 Terenure Road North, Dublin 6W, Terenure, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 6

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Reviewed 28th February 2007 ( visited 28th February 2007 )

I have eaten here quite a few times, it is one of the better local restaurants in the area with good value for money. But for myself personally its more a Wednesday evening dinner than a fancy night out!!! The food is good but I wouldn't agree with other reviewers in there high quality statements.
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19 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2, Camden Street, Dublin

i attended here as part of a group of 10 for a hen party. Cheap and chearful .it did the main of cornbeef was yum but everyone who got the burger complianed about the meat being over cooked.the cocktail menu was fab but the drinks didn't live up to the descriptions.


19/20 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

this was my first time to try this little gem. it was a busy lunch time and things moved fast, however very limited seating & boy was it hot...Love the water cooler though and huge protions. will be back as its very hard to find healthy good food in this city.


Le Bon Crubeen
81-82 Talbot Street, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

I had lunch here for a birthday celebration. It was truely the best lunch I have had in years. The atmosphere was great, food was serviced quickly. portion sizes was huge. food was tasty. My chicken was succulent and fresh. no complaints from the table.


Brambles Café Bistro
102-104 Terenure Road North, Terenure, Dublin

This was a last minute Sat evening tea for us & our favourite was full. It did the job however it was defo over priced for the quailty of the food. the restaurant is clean & fresh. No major changes inside. The waitress failed to tell us the JohnDory was no longer on the menu when we oreded so hake came out instead. Very bad service on her part. My parents in their mid 50's love it here & I can see why as this is the clientale. Myself & my husband felt like the youngest there!!


Mary Anns Bar & Restaurant
Castletownshend, Skibbereen, Skibbereen, Cork

overall an excellent slection of fish. My lobster was amazing even if it was 36m euro!! and we ate at the bar. However the side orders did not appear to befreshly cooked. the veg &mas had that heated up in the mircowave taste to them.


Cafe Leon
Wicklow Street, City Centre South, Dublin

leon is always busy and always great. So great that sometimes they a few less options on the menu..however its worth the wait for food and the deserts are always mouthwatering,


The Cake Cafe
62 Pleasants Place, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I have eaten here several times over the past few months, at lunch time and evening tea. I love the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that it is always busy. Its great value for money and top notch ingredients. The only down side is the brezze coming through in the evevnings, it can be rather cold. I recommend everyone to eat at the cake cafe and soak up the surrondings of the Daintree building.


Captain America's Cookhouse and Bar (Tallaght)
Unit A3 Tallaght Cross Dublin 24, Tallaght, Dublin

My self and my husband ate here on a quite Tuesday at Dinner time. The portions were large, if anything to large. Neither of us finished our meals, the dressing on the salad should really be served on the side. I feel the standards of Captain America's has gone down hill over the past few years.


Peploes Wine Bistro
16 St Stephen's Green, Dublin , City Centre South, Dublin

My self and my husband ate here recently on a Sunday. The place was buzzing with regulars and the waiting staff were so attentive but not in your face. The extensive wine list accompanys each dish prefectly and the desert wine finished the meal off. My main course of Peasent with risotto was mouth watering. My husband choose the monkfish and prawn main, which was a bad move because he felt there were bland and flavorless. Despite this we will be returning to Peploes as it left a sweet taste on our lips.


Eden Bar & Lounge
Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin

Overall this is good pub grub that will be fill any hungry customer, it has the basic pub grub menu but the staff are helpful and the portions are huge, pity the veggie options are limited.


Wagamama - Stephen's Green
St Stephen's Green Centre, South King St, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner but nothing here really blew me away. No different than other noodle bars around town.


YO Sushi (Dundrum)
Level 1, Unit 26A, Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 14, Dundrum, Dublin

I have been eating in Yo Sushi regularly since its opening and I made an observation that the quality has definitely gone down. It certainly isn't as busy as it used to be at dinner time. Yes the plates in general are good value but they add up fairly quickly. I eat here a lot with a friend who is a vegetarian and I find the tofu is totally over priced. The service is slow for any drinks order.


Gotham Cafe
8 South Anne Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I had lunch here yesterday. My friend and I had a salad each as we felt the lunch menu was limited. We had a seat it the window and had plenty of time to watch the world go by. A middle of the road kinda joint!!!


The Goat Bar & Grill
Goatstown House, Goatstown, Goatstown, Dublin

I fully agree with the previous reviewer. I my evening meal here last Thursday in the bar. It was possibly the worst pub grub I have every eaten...15e for plaice & chips!! Which I used 6 tomato sasses on to give taste....My mother ordered the fish platter which appeared nice, a salad in middle with 4 different types of fish around. However on tasting I soon discovered that one type of salmon was actually a tin of salmon plonked on the side!!! The crab claws were straight out of the freezer bag. I did notice that most dish's coming out of the Kitchen were on a sizzle plate?? It may have been some form of steak but it seemed to be very popular. If I am held at gun point and asked to eat her again I will be ordering this.


Reeves Restaurant
172 Templeogue Road, Dublin 6w, Templeogue, Dublin

I have to ditto the previous reviewer. This is a great spot to bring your country relatives or Mum and Dad who want good food at a good price. The portions are huge and you will not leave hungry. The wine list is extensive, disappointingly the deserts are terrible. Like most restaurants of this standard now a days I presume their deserts are shop bought as it isn’t worth the money to make your own...A good night had by all.


Zaytoon (Parliament Street)
14/15 Parliament Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I had the pleasure of experiencing Zaytoon at 3am on Sunday night...probably not the best time to taste its Kebabs...However I believe one only every goes to a kebab joint when very inebriated. I was blessed among men that night and it went down a treat with them, however I thought it was just ok & no better than any other kebab spot in tow. I was told that it is more than likely a man thing to crave meat after beer!!! All in all a good feed with plenty of sitting room to avoid the messy job of eating standing up!!!


F.X. BUCKLEY Steakhouse Crow Street
2 Crow Street, Dublin 2, City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

Went here for our Christmas party last year. Excellent, not too many tacky decorations and the atmosphere was just right. Food was tasty with an excellent choice of meat and fish. Not for one second did we feel like a large Christmas party just been shoved in and shoved out...I would highly recommend this place for a any large get together.


The Border Grill Restaurant @ Break for the Border
2 Johnsons Place, Lower Stephen Street, City Centre South, Dublin

All I can say is Hen parties and Stag's is the crowd that this place caters for....go at your peril, dont expect good food, just something to soak up the beer....It is also a complete rip off for Fajita's and the likes'...This is possible the worst excuse for a restaurant ever.


The Bloody Stream Restaurant
Under Howth Dart Station, North Dublin, Howth, Dublin

I have heard about this restaurant for years and I finally got to try lunch a few weekends ago... Way over priced for what you get, there are plenty of other eateries in Howth that deserve its name... because as far as I can see it is only going on its name now not its food.


26-28 Clarendon Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I attended here last Sat night for my 30th Birthday celebrations. We were a large group of 25. In comparison to my last visit the service at the tables were excellent, atmosphere great and at no stage did we feel like we were being kicked out of the restaurant. The only down side and only complaint from the group was the amount of time waiting for cocktails. I realize we were a large party and all arrived at the same time but they have known about this booking for weeks and should be expecting an influx of orders. In general it’s a great place to have a party...


Eatery 120
120 Ranelagh Road, Ranelagh, Dublin

I had been looking forward to trying this restaurant out for some time. However I was disappointed on leaving...I attend there last Friday night with a large party for a birthday. Firstly the party was split into 2 tables. Therefore one table was always served first, leading to the feeling of 2 separate birthday parties. The service was only ok..The waitress on a few occasions never excused herself when placing things on the table. Also the quality of the wine glasses was terrible, 2 were smashed during the meal. It was not due to a few too many glasses of Vino as a table of 2 beside us had the same problem. I know these may seem like minor complaints but when you are paying 50 euro ahead, for a set menu, one can’t help but be disappointed. This was also the general consensus of the table. The Steak was certainly not of a high quality, a little chewy was one comment. The hake was flat and tasteless. The desserts did however go down a treat; the apple crumble was the nicest part of the meal. But there were a few moans about the cheese board; the table ordered 2 cheese boards for dessert. The first one had a great selection but it looked like the second one had half the cheese eaten all ready!!! I would like to go back and give Eatery 120 another go when we aren’t part of a big group; I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised


China House (Firhouse)
15 Firhouse Shopping Centre, West Dublin, Firhouse, Dublin

After trying every Chinese take away in the Firhouse/Rathfarnham area this is by the best, the prawns taste like prawns and the fried rice doesn't just have an egg cooked with it, If you are in need of a good takeaway, this is your best bet. I was recommended this by a friend and would certainly pass on the recommendation, don’t be put off by the location or the restaurant, the food is great.


Lisa's Trattoria
81 Terenure Road North, South Dublin, Terenure, Dublin

Lisa's is know in the area for being one of the first Italian restaurants in Dublin, one I have been meaning to try for so long and eventually did in mid May on a Friday.... this will be short and sweet, we got food from the chipper next door, the chicken was battered!!! Maybe the chef was off that night but it has put me off for good and I would never return or recommend it.


ely bar & brasserie
CHQ Building, Georges Dock, Dublin 1, City Centre, IFSC, Dublin

I went here recently before the Circus, a beautiful sunny evening with a great atmosphere and buzz, everyone sitting outside.... However, I could rant on forever about how incompetent the staff are, there are waiters everywhere with not a clue of how to serve customers...We ordered beers, that never came but we were charged for them, the food took over 40 mins to arrive!! When it did it was beautiful with great presentation, it took over 15 mins for the waiter to return with our change after we paid the bill...This place has great potential but pity about the staff.


St Andrew Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I have heard some many things about this 'Dublin institution' but I was very disappointed when I finally got to eat there. A party of 9 attended this restaurant recently, 1st Sat night in June.... There was mixture of pre theatre menu and A La Carte, the brie was tasteless and to be honest I can’t even remember how the duck tasted!!!! The general feeling after the meal was one of disappointment, it is totally over priced and seems to be living on its old reputation!!! However, the bar is a relaxing way to enjoy a drink if your table isn't ready, which seem to be the case for a lot of people that night. I would only recommend this restaurant as an early bird meal as everything else is way overpriced.


Siam Thai (Andrews Street)
14/15 Andrews Street, City Centre South, Dublin

After spending 5 months in Thailand and reading a few rave reviews I decided to try this Thai restaurant.... sat night the 21st of April.... the over all experience was good, starters are nothing spectacular so we were a little apprehensive abut the mains but my main course of spicy beef salad was a good as any on the back streets of Bangkok.... there were 5 in my party, so a good mix of dish's, each one as good as the next. The selection of wines (mainly new world) were very appropriate of the meal & a few Asian beers to remind me of my travels, the staff were friendly and obliging despite forgetting a main course, will be returning in the future.


Mao Restaurant (Dundrum)
Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 14, Dundrum, Dublin

I have only had the lunch menu, which is value for money, but I would not be happy to pay the evening prices for the same dishes, this place is ideal for a girly lunch away from the shops...


Bijou Bistro & Wine
46/47 Highfield Road, Dublin 6, Rathgar, Dublin

I have eaten up stairs in the fine dining part of the restaurant on many occasions, so this time we decided to enjoy a casual Friday tea. I was very impressed with the service and presentation of the food. The daily special soup was excellent. All in all the whole party of 5 was impressed. However it will hold me back from going upstairs again for over priced food out of the same kitchen. Why go upstairs when you have it just as good down.....


92 Terenure Road North, Dublin 6W, Terenure, Dublin

I have eaten here quite a few times, it is one of the better local restaurants in the area with good value for money. But for myself personally its more a Wednesday evening dinner than a fancy night out!!! The food is good but I wouldn't agree with other reviewers in there high quality statements.


The Winding Stair Restaurant
40 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1 , City Centre North, Dublin

Myself and Boyfriend finally got a reservation last Sunday evening...It lived up to all our expectations, we both had the special's, Duck & Scallops, cooked to perfection. A Huge wine list to suit all tastes, even better that you can buy by the glass.... For when the bottle has run out by the main course!!!! I'm only disappointed with the dessert, it was just average, we had the white chocolate mouse with shortbread, the mouse was a little tasteless but the shortbread was fab. Recommended for a fine feed and family dining.


Milano (Dundrum)
Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin 14, Dundrum, Dublin

This branch of Milano's is only one step above a take away.... its cold, the waiters are more interested in themselves & service is slow.... A tummy filler before the cinema only


Brasserie Sixty6
66/67 Great South Georges Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre South, Dublin

I really don't know why I go back every few months to give this place another chance, my mind never changes. A group of 8 ate here on Sat night, we had an early sitting so our service was fine. However the food is totally over rated. The baked goats cheese to start with red onion marmalade was a huge disappointment. The cheese tasted like it was microwaved and the onion marmalade was just fried red onions!!! My boyfriend ordered Scallops for main and the sauce that accompanied them was tasteless. The only decent course of the night was the dessert, hot chocolate cake with a milkshake... I really hope I can avoid going back there again.....


Scent Garden Restaurant
1st Floor Scholars Pub, Ballycullen Road, Tallaght, Tallaght, Dublin

The take away is the best option in this area.


Excelsior Oriental Restaurant (Rathfarnham)
106 Nutgrove Avenue, South Dublin, Rathfarnham, Dublin

After hearing many good reviews about this take away I decided to try it. To me it was just an average Chinese takeaway with no real taste. It filled a gap but I would not rate any higher than your local Chinese.

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