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Trocadero restaurant

St Andrew Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin, Area Code:

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Reviewed 23rd May 2009 ( visited 16th May 2009 )

If you like seafood, then you should like this place. Intimate atmosphere, just relaxed and nice. I really enjoyed the fish and scallops.Comfortable, no hovering waiters, and the staff is very friendly. Overall I would love to go back...oh and the deserts were really good too! Pleasantly surprised :)
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Saba restaurant

26-28 Clarendon Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

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Reviewed 26th February 2009 ( visited 26th February 2009 )

Saba is a lovely restaurant. The food is tasty and ambiance is glowing.BUT, there are a few downsides in my opinion. Sometimes you are crammed in with strangers...AWKWARD, that is if you manage to get in without reservations.And the portions are small. So overall, the food is tasty and the place is nice but if you are starving and antisocial, maybe this is not your place.
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Avoca Cafe (Suffolk Street)
Avoca, 11 Suffolk Street, City Centre South, Dublin

Avoca is such a cute kitchy place, and the cafe is the same. Very basic but cute. The food is nice, and almost everything looks appetizing. And tastes just as nice. Some options are more expensive, but some stuff are very reasonably priced. It is a cute and fairly quiet place to stop by after a day of shopping for more home style type of food. The atmosphere is not fine dining, rather a small basic adorable cafe. I actually would love to be there right now to relax and take a breather. A colorful location right next to grafton :)


Iskanders Kebabs
30 Dame Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

This place is open again! Thank Goodness. After a good night out, with a growling stomach, this is the place to go. Tasty kebabs, even for vegetarians. Ok, admittedly the crowd is dodgy but they have security and there has been no issues any time I have been there. Just don't go there hoping to see someone worth looking at. That probably includes myself at that time of the morning. Good food for late nites with a great location. Easy to catch a cab home from there afterward.


Charlies Four
8 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I enjoy the food here. That is pretty much all I can say. The place is very basic, the service is basic, but if you want some yummy chinese food late at night then this is the place. And a pretty good location too, Sometimes overpriced fancy restaurants can be overrated, and if you feel the same way and are in it for a decent meal, if not just for take-away, then this is the place to go.


39 Castlewood Avenue, South Dublin , Rathmines, Dublin

I went to this little place not knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. For people who enjoy sushi, it is good here. And so much better than the city center competition which I can attest to, made me doubt that Dublin had any good sushi restaurants. They also have wonderful other dishes where you can watch the chef make them in front of you. Definitely would go back here, and try one of the other dishes with my sushi. It was my boyfriends first time having sushi, and he liked it, and he is one picky guy, so this place is sushi done right. I might add that the staff is freindly and very courteous :)


Khans Balti House
51 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook, Dublin

The food was ok. I have eaten here before, and needless to say, I was a bit disappointed this time. It is actually quite a great location, and the hours are good as ell, and take-away/delivery is not a problem. I think it is a good place to have a quiet evening away from town, but it is very ordinary. Somewhat intimate. My naan was a little burnt unfortunately, and the chicken tikka could have used some more flavor but all in all if you are simply looking for take out and convenience, this is definitely the place to go.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK South Anne Street)
5 South Anne Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I went here on Valentines day. It was a nice enough, casual place. The food hit the spot. Filling and tasty. I had the portabello mushroom burger which was good for vegetarians, and my date had the regular burger. The presentation is very good, especially when it came to the onion rings. My only complaint is that the food is too greasy. I love take-out as much as the next person but sometimes too much grease is just too much. It took away from the delicious meal, but if hungry, I would come here again, just be a little more aware.


Kasturi Restaurant (Dublin)
Unit 3, Village Court, West Co. Dublin, Lucan, Dublin

I have been here twice, once for sit in and the second time for take-away. I eat Indian food often, and I must admit that I did enjoy the food quite a bit, and the price was not too bad either. The restaurant has a very intimate atmosphere, and is posh and clean which is always great. The service was so so, nothing special. In terms of location, if you live around the area, it is definitely worth going to.


Luigi Malones Restaurant
5/6 Cecilia Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

This place was nice enough. I am fairly picky, and great food is what counts most to me. A nice atmosphere is good as well. I would recommend this place to those who would like an decent meal at a decent price as a group. It is ideal for group events and the basement looked lovely. Washrooms were nice, bright and clean. The giant tiger prawns were expensive but awesome. Seeing other people's pizza, which didnt not look golden baked, I would definitely suggest people ask to have their pizza browned a bit. Service was nice, I used a voucher and they were still nice afterwards. Definitely worth going back, as a group, definitely not for a date, there are better places for that .


Yamamori Sushi, Tengu
38-39 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

Sushi Experience: I love sushi. I have had the best, the mediocre and the worst. This goes into the worst category. I know how great sushi can be with all the flavors and I have never had sushi in dublin so I was excited to go. The place was lovely, the sushi counter looked great. Being a bit hungry and a sushi lover, I went for the jumbo roll. The waiter told me they were big and very good. So my sushi arrives and they are HUGE. But something is wrond. I notice that 75% of my giant sudhi roll is rice. I am not a big fan of rice, and yes I know that sushi means rice. But this was no good. so after dissecting my sushi, the contents had some sweet pickled veggie and just did not taste good. I asked the waiter and he said thats sushi. At 20 euro for sticky rice and funny fillings -for the most dissapointing sushi ( Supermarket Sushi was better!!!!), never again.


Sweet Basil Thai
Lower Rathmines Road, South Dublin, Rathmines, Dublin

I will try and break it down for you. If you live in the area, the food is great if you dont feel like going in to town, Not the best ambiance so if you like a take-away then that might be a better idea. I have had some horrible Asian food, so this place is a bit like a breath of fresh air in terms of quality. Both the noodle dishes and rice dishes are good, so no worries there. And dont be afraid to ask if there is somehing you would like to change. Though the staff seem very disinterested, they can be helpful.


13 Dame Court, Dublin, City Centre South, Dublin

This was the first time I had been here. The staff were friendly and the food was nice enough. The portions could have been bigger. I found the crowd a bit cold. Other than that the place was fine. Desert was a nice compliment to a god meal. The creme brule was quite enjoyable. Besides that there really is not much to say. It is a modern, yet intimate decor, with a very happening crowd on the other level. Some woman in the lounge actually had her bag behind her on the ground in a very crowded room, smack in the middle of the only area you could walk through. Trying to kindly jump over her bag, she remarked that I should go around the other way, which would have taken 5 minutes to squeeze through all the people. As if...


Dada Restaurant
45 South William Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Lovely and Intimate. This restaurant's decor takes you away to another place where you do feel safe and secluded. A group of girls went for late desert, which was delicious. The staff were always very friendly, courteous and efficient. There were nice private booths that looked like fun if you were on a date. There were organza curtains for the added effect of privacy. Lovely lanterns. I cannot wait to go back and have dinner. Decently priced as well. Definitely would recommend it for a different ambiance alone.


St Andrew Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

If you like seafood, then you should like this place. Intimate atmosphere, just relaxed and nice. I really enjoyed the fish and scallops.Comfortable, no hovering waiters, and the staff is very friendly. Overall I would love to go back...oh and the deserts were really good too! Pleasantly surprised :)


Half Moon Crepe Company
Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin

Tasty and inexpensive. I love half moon! It is a simple, fun place open relatively late and their crepes are nice.It is not always super busy and it is clean especially for temple bar. I have been several times and it has not disappointed to date :)


Munchies (South William Street)
South William St, City Centre South, Dublin

It is a cafe atmosphere with wonderful tasty sandwiches made as you like. With the variety of ingredients, you cannot help but enjoy your sandwich. It costs more to eat in,which I think is so ridiculous, or you can eat it out on the corner of the street. The price range between 5-7 for a sandwich. And so everyone knows, if you like brownies, theirs are GREAT. It is hard to find a good, real, and unpackaged brownie in Dublin, so this is one place to get it at a decent price. If your gf likes brownies, pick her up a few from this place.:)


The Church Cafe Bar & Restaurant
Junction of Mary St. & Jervis St., Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

Service took forever! But the staff were nice when they came around.A friend and I just went for deserts and coffee which was fairly nice and I did enjoy it. I probably would not get dinner there as I dont enjoy the small portions other people seemed to be getting. At their prices, I would hate to leave there hungry. And as a girl who loves pretty bathrooms,I must say theirs tops the list in Dublin. Spacious, clean, properly lit mirrors and just clean and beautiful modern bathroom decor. Completely unexpected and a plus for women who enjoy like to take their time and fix their make-up .


Lemon (Dawson St)
60 Dawson St, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

This place is well known and can be really great depending on what you order. I prefer the salty crepes from here but their sweet crepes are nice as well.If you dont like dark chocolate,beware of their dark chocolate crepes....way over the top...too much to handle for even dark chocolate lovers. And if you are not liking what you are eating, dont be afraid to ask for a little extra something you think it is missing. Might as well make sure you enjoy what you are eating.


Zaytoon (Lower Camden Street)
44-55 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2, Camden Street, Dublin

Well, what can I say, I love the rustic decor and the look of the place. It is great for after an evening of dancing near the Harcourt area. The food is nice and a bit on the expensive side but, what is a girl to do? If you like arabic/persian food, with nice flavors and good chips then go here. And it is casual dining, so if it is not your cup of tea, just move worries.


New Tin Tin
7 Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 4, Ballsbridge, Dublin

Ok,so I have been here once, and neither myself or my friend could finish the food, or even eat half of it. It is not cheap and makes you wonder why the food taste like a water downed version of the least tasty chinese food you have ever had. In all honesty, just get a sandwich from the shop. And if someone out there has eaten a decent dish from this place, perhaps if you name it, it might help someone else reading these know what they should order if the occasion was to arise.


Wagamama - Stephen's Green
St Stephen's Green Centre, South King St, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

This review will be the opposite of my last one. I USED TO LOVE WAGAMAMA, but I dont anymore. I do not think the food is worth the price. They took my favorite meal off of the menu and the three other meals that i have ordered have been severely disappointing to say the least. This went from being one of my favorite places to a place that I probably will not be tempted to go to. The flavors dd not mix well. I had the udon noodles and one curry. I wish I could say something better but I cannot. On the bright side, the service has not changed, and there will always be the convenience of walk in, no reservation needed .


Diwali Indian Restaurant
Unit 1, Castle House, South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

This restaurant is for those who are looking for nice Indian food, decently priced, especially for the lunch menu which was worth it. But if you are picky about your environment, which I am for dinner, then this may not be the best choice. The place is very simply dressed, and if you go as a group of friends, then perhaps the company will trump the setting and you will enjoy the food :)


Sufis Cafe
45-50 Lower Stephen Street, City Centre South, Dublin

A lovely, quiet, restaurant with food that rocks. The ambiance is a little bohemian,the service is great, and it is just a comfortable,clean place. The menu is varied and different, and quite enjoyable. Overall, I cannot the portions are good, and they are reasonably priced.


Madina Desi Curry Co
60 Mary Street, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

Well, I have not been in here some time. Went back recently, and I must say I really enjoyed the food. My friend had butter chicken and I had the sweet and spicy chicken tikka masala, and we had the smaller portion which was only 5 euros.It was just perfect. I would say for a girl that isnt famished, this is the perfect portion. It was wonderful and I would definitely go back, especially if I was going to the cinema, or shopping on Henry street. Such an easy location, though service can be horrible when it is very busy. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want here, sometimes it is required.


34-35 South William Street, South William Street, Dublin

This is a great place to go for last minute plans because there tends to always be room, the food is full of flavor, the portions are quite satisfying and it is a nice place if you like to share as a group. In addition the restaurant itself is very nice and quiet. I would recommend it and in fact I feel like going there tonight!


3 South Anne Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I love going to Bocca for lunch, a great trick because lunch portions are much more manageable and affordable (you can indulge in some good pasta guilt-free). They have a varied lunch menu, and both myself and my friends have been impressed with the dishes. I am a vegetarian, and I always order Penne Vegetariana. This is the ONLY Italian restaurant that gives me enough sauce, and an equal proportion of vegetables to pasta, not such a few pieces sprinkled on top. The vegetables are also really good - lots of broccoli, peppers, courgette etc, that take the flavour of the sauce very well. My meat-eating friends who order the other dishes have been equally impressed. I can tell you, we CLEAN our plates when we eat at Bocca, and that does not happen very often when we eat out in Dublin. Just don't sit near the door on the main level, it gets chilly and you get a really awful smokey smell from all the desperadoes huddling outside and smoking under the patio-heaters.I definitely recommend Bocca as a nice lunch break in the middle of a day out on Grafton Street.


18 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

After reading the overall great reviews of Pacino's, I think I had very high expectations. I liked the decor, but our group was quite large, and they put us up on the top floor which was more cramped and away from the lively crowd on the main floor. We also went on the weekend of the Ireland/England rugby, so it might not be representative of an average night. Initially the service was very rude but they warmed up to us, as the crowd died down. The food quality was extremely variable between dishes, I definitely would not recommend the pizza which was undercooked (doughy crust) and they did not put enough sauce at all. The sauce was also flavourless, and the vegetables on top of the pizza were completely tasteless, as they had been simply steamed without any seasoning. My friends who ordered pasta were slightly more satisfied. I asked for a sweet white wine, was recommended the house wine and found it to be extremely dry! Overall, I might return on a quiet night and try a pasta dish, but I will not be rushing back.


1 St Andrews Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I started going to Salamanca before it became popular, and really loved the food right from the start. I also love the dessert wine selection that they have on the menu. The service is always quite friendly. I'm also a vegetarian, and I find they have quite a few tasty dishes for me and my meat/fish-eating friends. The prices have increased over the past couple of years which pushes it into slightly pricey territory for tapas. But there is a reason that there's almost always a queue to get a table at this restaurant (no bookings makes things tricky when you're hungry at dinnertime in Dublin!). I definitely recommend Salamanca, and the food is some of the most flavourful that I've had in Dublin (a pretty rare occurrence!)


FIRE Restaurant and Lounge
Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Dawson Street, Dublin

This restaurant features a really massive main dining room which was clearly converted from some type of reception hall or venue. The size of the room creates a really resonant acoustic, making dinner conversation difficult. The overall ambience is not very intimate, although the decor is tasteful. The selection and quality of food is good, nothing too unpredictable, and they have an interesting (if pricey) drinks menu. It's certainly a 'see and be seen' place to go, which has it merits but service is not that great simply because of the size of each server's area..they end up running around quite a bit. It is comparable in price to other restaurants in the city centre, making it worth trying out on a night when you feel like dressing up and going somewhere a bit more showy than intimate - better for a medium-large sized group. You definitely need to book ahead.


26-28 Clarendon Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Saba is a lovely restaurant. The food is tasty and ambiance is glowing.BUT, there are a few downsides in my opinion. Sometimes you are crammed in with strangers...AWKWARD, that is if you manage to get in without reservations.And the portions are small. So overall, the food is tasty and the place is nice but if you are starving and antisocial, maybe this is not your place.

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