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Milano (Temple Bar) restaurant

19 East Essex Street, Dublin 2, City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

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Reviewed 11th September 2009 ( visited 01st September 2009 )

This is a really nice restaurant! Nice pizzas and also the pasta is really tasty!!! I went in cork and now in dublin and they also give away those little loyalty cards where you get a free pizza after three times you ate there!!! Really nice and the staff is perfect too!
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Cafe Mexicana restaurant

Careys Lane, Cork City, Cork

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Reviewed 13th January 2010 ( visited 18th December 2009 )

As far as I know this i the only mexican restaurant in Cork and it is indeed a quite nice one. I went here before and I have to say it is quite cramped in there, alot of tables but not too much space but the food is really nice. I shared a main course for 2 with my partner. It was a selection of enchiladas, nachos, tachos etc. very nice and good if you wanna try out everything... Prices are ok, not cheap but not overpriced either. Will definitly return! :)
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Hardwood Restaurant
31 Popes Quay, Cork City, Cork

I just came back an hour ago from this lovely restaurant! It was one of the nicest ones I have been to in Ireland and the food was gorgeous. We had the early bird menu (2 courses for 24euro and 3 courses 28euro), which was great value for money! As a starter I had the bbq baby ribs, gorgeous marinade and a tasty little salad with it and the meat fell of the bone, it was that tender, and my boyfriend hat the crab cakes which where very nicely presented and tasted fantastic also. As mains we ordered duck and chicken supreme, both where really nice and tender, the sauce with the duck was sooo nice and creamy. We also had a bottle of house wine which was recommended by the amazing waitress we had for the night! As a desert we shared the evening special, the strawberry-yogurt-souflet cake. I definitly recommend this restaurant highly since the food is high standard and the service is exellent, I will be back!


Banna Thai
15 Maylor Street, Cork City, Cork

This is a very nice little restaurant! Went with my boyfriend for dinner. When you enter you think it might be lacking some thai decoration maybe, its quite plain. But the food makes totally up for it. We went for a set menu for 2, there was one set starter, which was a choice of all there starters on the menu!!! Then we could choose two main courses from a selection of about 10 or 12 and also got fried and boiled rice, mixed veg and coffe for 24euro per person! The food itsself was very nice, cooked to perfection. Nice thai flavours and I really liked the little starters with the dipping sauces! Will definitly return!


Kudos Bar @ The Clarion
Lapps Quay, Cork City, Cork

Oh my god! Really nice restaurant! I went with my boyfriend for our 2year anniversary and eventhough they didn't take bookings and it was mothers day as well it wasn't too busy. We came in and a really nice table just got free and we grabed it. As soon as we sat down a waiter came to clear the table and take drink orders and we also ordered a starter but weren't sure about mains yet... The starter was the platter for 2, really nice choice of their starter menu and quite alot on it too! The soy-ginger dip was delicous! After we finished the starters we went to order mains, I had 5 spiced duck and my partner had the crying tiger curry. We were told the crying tiger would be really really hot so we weren't sure but they said they could make it milder as well and thats what they did. Both dishes were delicous again and there was plenty of them as well. The waiter entertained us well with his jokes also which was a nice touch! :) I'l definitly will be back!!!


2-5 Winthrop Lane, Winthrop Street, Cork, Cork City, Cork

Went for breakfast with a friend. Was quite busy and hard to find a nice table but we did in the end and I had the full breakfast which is very reasonably priced at 6euro and my friend had the poached eggs for 4euro... Both was very nice, the tast and relish aspreacially I thought! I also had a mocha and my friend a coffee with free refills! :) Would come back I think but preferably when it is a bit quieter in there.


Quay Co-Op Vegetarian Restaurant
24 Sullivans Quay, Cork City, Cork

I met a friend here and had the thai broccoli soup which was really nice but a little bit on the pricy side I thought. Was just a small little cup with soup and the bread was a little tasteless I'm afraid... The Hot Chocolate was good though! They also have quite nice art on the walls! Nice for lunch with friends


Wagamama (Cork)
4/5 South Main St, Co City, Cork City, Cork

We went for dinner here and it was delicous! I had noodles with chicken & coriander and my boyfriend had prawns in a very tasty yellow curry sauce with rice. The juices also are really tasty. The only thing I would say is that they nearly serve too fast! We ordered and 5mins later we had all our food on the table!!! So don't go here if you want to get hungry while you are waiting for your food... ;)


Milano (Temple Bar)
19 East Essex Street, Dublin 2, City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

This is a really nice restaurant! Nice pizzas and also the pasta is really tasty!!! I went in cork and now in dublin and they also give away those little loyalty cards where you get a free pizza after three times you ate there!!! Really nice and the staff is perfect too!


Panda Mama
14 Parnell Place, Cork City, Cork

Went again and this time had take away which is surprisingly good value in comparison to the sit down menu. The main courses are only 6euros and rice is 1.50 or you can make it yourself at home which we did.. we had sweet and sour chicken and the satay. The quality of the food was good, but not outstanding again... Very much batter on the chicken in the sweet and sour and the sauce tasted really as if bought ready made from tescos... But for the price it was alright.


Milano (Cork)
8 Oliver Plunkett st, Cork City, Cork

This was our ValentinesDay visit to Milanos. Couldn't get a table on sat and booked for sunday but than couldn't make it so we went two days later which was nicer anyway because the restaurant was not as busy as on the weekend. Food was great as usual, we had the sundried tomatoes as mini starter and then the tricolore and bruccetta with tomatoes and rocket which was really nice. There was some kind of sweet balsamic vinegar on the bruccetta which I really adored! Then my boyfriend had the pesto pollo pasta and I got the new really spicey pizza. Both delicous, pizza was just about right hotwise but it was indeed very spicy! The pasta was very nice and aldente and the pesto sauce tasted nice and basely. As a desert we both had the mini deserts they offer now with a coffe and a little cup of ice cream.. Just the right size to not feel bloated after the big meal! :) Will definitly return agian and again and again...


Adam & Eves Restaurant - Closed
89 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork City, Cork

Very hidden away old fashioned restaurant. The food is okish but nothing great. The service is alright.


Douglas Shopping Centre, Douglas, Cork

This is a cute little place. The food is quite traditional/normal but very nice. Its all pizza, chips and sandwitches but very nice fresh juices as well! Staff is helpful most of the time but can get a bit confusing when it is very busy.


Bombay Palace Indian Restaurant
14/15 Cook Street, Cork City, Cork

Went here for a nice romantic dinner. And it lived up to our expectations! :) Very nice and quiet with candle light and delicous food!!! Service is very helpful and helps to chose what is the best dish for you!!! Loved it!!!


Farmgate Cafe
Old English Market, Princes Street, Cork City, Cork

Went here for a coffee which was really nice! Maybe a tiny bit too expencive but very nice atmosphere though looking over the english Market! Nice for a relaxed coffee or a snack after shopping!


Star Vast Chinese Restaurant CLOSED
17 Princes Street Cork, Cork City, Cork

The food here is really nice and the staff are helpful as well. Very quick service! Would go back!!!


Market Lane
5/6 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork City, Cork

Went here with my boyfriend wanted to have a romantic night out! Big disappointment!!! The starter was alright, had the french onion soup which was quite nice and olives were a bit too salty... Then I had the butternut curry which was alright but nothing amazing and my boyfriend had the slow cooked ham which he didn't like a bit! The cauliflower cheese didn't have any cheese on it and the rest of the veg was just really dry and you could tell that the potatoes were reheated. Didn't bother with a dessert and even complained a little which got us a free drink... All in all I wouldn't recommend it. Won't go back!


The Brick Oven
Wolfe Tone Square, Bantry, Cork

Nice Italien/Irish Place. Nice atmosphere but no amazing food. Its ok. Prices are good value and if you go at the right days they have a realy good pizza chef!!!


Glengarriff Road, Bantry, Cork

Went here for lunch. Realy cosy and nice cafe! With amazing tasty food. Had a sandwich wich was one of the most tastiest I ever had if not homemade!!! Realy nice dressing and fresh salad (rocket, cherry tomatoes etc). Very nice and good value for pure organic food!!!


Good Things Cafe
Durrus, Ahakista Road West Cork, Bantry, Cork

This is quite awful... I heard alot about the good things cafe and was brought here by friends of the owner, was really looking forward to tasty organic food like I was told by many people and as the restaurant advertises also... But when I got my organic ham and salad samdwich I was very disappointed.. It was just plain white bread with ham and some lettuce leaves! There was no butter or pickle served with it and it was just awfully dry......... My friends who came with me had fried eggs with ham and toast and the pizza but also the eggs and ham where very dry with poor seasoning. The pizza was alright, the doe was nice and fluffy but the topping was on the small side! I really wouldn't recommend this place now that i have encountered it by myself.


Puccinos @ Paul Street
Paul Street, Cork, Cork City, Cork

Went here several times for coffee and sometimes for a snack. There paninis are very nice and freshly made and the shoe string chips are great and crispy with a nice garlic dip! coffees are nice too, big choice and nice juices as well. Its nice for a snack or catching up with a friend while having a coffee! Cosy atmosphere aspecially upstairs where they have couches!!!


Liberty Grill
32 Washington Street, Cork City, Cork

Went here for lunch to celebrate that I got accepted for college. Great food for very good value. Staff is nice and quick. I had a burger and the homemade relish was just devine! My boyfriend had a vegetarien dish which was realy nice as well! Nice and fresh salads come with each dish and the bill is realy reasonable!!! Definitly comming back!!!


Lal Quila
Tramways Terrace, Old Garda Station, Douglas, Cork

this is a nice restaurant with ok atmosphere. could be a bit more "indian"... Very plain decoration! Food is nice and they serve dishes that are not on the menu as well if you ask for them. The price is ok but some dishes are a little bit overpriced even though the early bird menu is good value! Staff is mostly nice and helpful. Wouldn't go here on a Friday or Saturday though cause it gets realy buisy and they don't seem to have enough staff for those buisy times!


Ginos Pizzas
7 Winthrop Street Cork, Cork City, Cork

Very nice place for lunch! Amazing pizzas for amazing prices!!! Service is realy friendly and quick. The atmosphere is very plain and I wouldn't go here for a romantic dinner but definitly great for going out with friends or having a bite after shopping. There homemade ice cream is realy amazing too!!! You have to try vanilla choclate chip! Best I ever tasted!!!


Cafe Mexicana
Careys Lane, Cork City, Cork

As far as I know this i the only mexican restaurant in Cork and it is indeed a quite nice one. I went here before and I have to say it is quite cramped in there, alot of tables but not too much space but the food is really nice. I shared a main course for 2 with my partner. It was a selection of enchiladas, nachos, tachos etc. very nice and good if you wanna try out everything... Prices are ok, not cheap but not overpriced either. Will definitly return! :)


A Taste Of Thailand
8 Bridge Street, Cork City, Cork

I went here with my boyfriend for dinner. Was a realy nice restaurant! Better than most Thais I went to in Cork!!! Very nice decoration and service and the food is just amazing. Had a chicken soup for starters was realy nice and creamy and perfectly spiced & some prawn crackers. Then my boyfriend had the satay which he loved and I had the green curry which was realy spicy but I like that so I loved my main course too! Didn't have a desert since we where so stuffed, couldn't even finish main course but we where alowed to take it home with us which was realy realy nice for lunch the next day! It isn't cheap in there but I was happy to pay cause the food was outstanding! Definitly comming back!


Tony's Bistro
69 North Main Street, Cork City, Cork

This is not a very nice restaurant! I went for a late lunch and it was much too crouded for my liking, too many tables where squeezed in!!! The service wasn't the best too, barely understood me and had too ask about three times for the vinegar with my chips. The dish itself (chicken in a basket) was dripping with fat and didn't taste much of chicken anymore... The prices are not too bad but I wouldn't come back here since the rest was so awful!!!


Paul Street, Cork City, Cork

I went here for lunch with my boyfriend. It was nice... I had a sandwich which was realy big but pretty plain... Still tasty though. The prices are ok and the service could be a little bit more personal but over all a nice place to eat! Would go back and try dinner sometime maybe...


Closed, Cork City, Cork

I was here for dinner with my boyfriend... :) The atmosphere is realy amazing in here but it is realy small as well so it was a bit cramped on Valentines Day... The Food and service are amazing too! Very helpful waiters and the food is high quality but on the pricy side. Would only choose this restaurant for special occasions but then definitly!


Luigi Malones (Cork)
1-2 Emmet Place, Cork City, Cork

We went here just before we went to a play in the Half moon theatre. The starters where nice as always, we had the nachos and the calamari from the early bird menu, very good, the nachos had three different dips with it and the majo with the calamari was delicious! Then we had the chicken cesar salad and the peri peri chicken, I have to say the peri peri chicken wasn't as good as I would have expected... I thought it would be a really nice home made marinade but it was quite blunt really... the chicken was very tender though. The chicken cesar was only leaves and chicken, no other veg like tomatoes or something in it! We also had a coffee in the end which was part of the 19.90euro early bird offer. I was here before but this time it wasn't as nice as usual... Hope they get better again!


Soho Bar and Restaurant
77 Grand Parade, Cork City, Cork

I went here for a drink with my boyfriend after we went for dinner somewhere else... It wasn't very nice though. The service was terrible, it took ages for sb to take our order and the cocktails where quite small for the price and not well mixed! I didn't try the food upstairs though but the music is much too loud for my liking! I wouldn't return...

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