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Scoozi! restaurant

2-5 Winthrop Lane, Winthrop Street, Cork, Cork City, Cork

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Cheap Eats

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Reviewed 22nd August 2008 ( visited 14th July 2008 )

I must say this is a good place for great service, good atmosphere, nice staff, reasonably priced food. they do a good lunch special for about 10 euros a little pizza with chips and salad. mostly you got to book but they do try to get you a table fast even when they are busy. they do a good breakie as well
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Bakers Corner restaurant

Kill Avenue, Kill O’The Grange, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Area Code: South Co. Dublin

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Pub Grub

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Reviewed 01st September 2008 ( visited 26th July 2008 )

Ive eaten here a couple times. Once it wasnt great but the second time it was much better. The chef was new at the time and it has a big customer base so he was probably settling in. Its nothing special but its grand its definatly not the worst
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Milano (Cork)
8 Oliver Plunkett st, Cork City, Cork

This place is good its well set out it has a nice ambiance. The staff are good and the service is pretty good. The pizza is really what you go to eat here and the garlic bread with cheese. The other pasta dishes don't really do it for me. What is great is that if you log on to their website and sign up every now and then they e-mail you meal offers. I have been here a few times and this particular restaurant in the chain is pretty good


Bella Cafe - Mallow
111 Main Street, Mallow, Cork

I was a bit disappointed with this place. I really thought finally Mallow had a nice Italian place to go to. I had pasta with chicken recommended by the waitress unfortunately It was really really really bad bad bad bad. It was past with chicken and sauce that tasted like they had poured a can of soup on. My husband had a pizza and the ham on it was really salty and really it wasn't very pleasant so overall quite disappointing.


Boomerang Cafe & Restaurant - Closed
Unit 2 Hibernian Way, Mallow, Cork

This premises has changed hands a few times and this time it is a bit more variety on the menu. The service was fine and the staff seemed nice. It was my first time eating in this new place and I had a sort of mild indian curry it was nice but lacked some sort of flavour. It seemed to be freshly cooked but just lacking something. But not the worst meal I've had i would go again.


Food Capers
West End, Mallow, Mallow, Cork

Staff are good efficent, its hard to get a table but food is nice but it is expensive, I don't go there that often but its nice just unfortunately a bit expensive


The Hibernian Hotel
Main Street, Mallow, Cork

I have three things to say, nice people brutal service, sloppy food


Tante Zoes
1 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Temple Bar, Dublin

Personally I think its overrated. theres good advertising of its soul food etc. but its overrated. I ate there once and it was enough food wasn't that tasty and the starter was bland and dry. The main course was overly spiced.


Luigi Malones Restaurant
5/6 Cecilia Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

I have been to this restaurant a few times and in general its been fine. But I have to say my husband and I were very disapointed on this occassion. The staff are nice which is great but we asked for two medium to well done steaks. My husbands steak was fine but mine as they was still alive, onions undercooked and mushrooms uninteresting. I sent it back knowing probably that I wouldnt get a new steak but the same steak put back in the pan. I got exactly that the steak was now overdone and the chips over done. i ate it because if I complained and demanded a new steak I would be waiting another 20 minutes. We also asked for a coke it arrived nearly 10 minutes later by which time we were ready to leave. Its disapointing that such a usually nice restaurant can't get basic steak and chips right. Its a pity as I've always said nice things about this place but on this occassion I can't really say great things.


Miami Cafe
55 Georges Street Lower, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

This is a general chipper you can go in and sit down. Its grand when your just grabbing a bite on the run. Nice Italian people running it. nothing special just a nice place to chill and have some burgers and chips


The Real Gourmet Burger - Dun Laoghaire
The Pavilion, South Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

nice but a bit pricey for what is in fairness a burger. A quality burger but still a burger. Staff friendly enough service grand. Chips very nice


Munster Arms Hotel
Oliver Plunkett St, Bandon, Bandon, Cork

Id a nice meal here a couple of times but service is brutal.


O'Donovans Hotel
Pearse StreetClonakilty, Clonakilty, Cork

This has your average bar food. Nothing special but its grand. The service is ok but make sure you repeat the order as they often get it wrong


Bakers Corner
Kill Avenue, Kill O’The Grange, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Ive eaten here a couple times. Once it wasnt great but the second time it was much better. The chef was new at the time and it has a big customer base so he was probably settling in. Its nothing special but its grand its definatly not the worst


The East Village Bar Restaurant and Hotel
East Village, Douglas, Cork

I didn't even finish my dinner here. Over cooked. When I complained all I got was sorry about that. So I'm never going back there did I mention the service was bad. Don't waste your petrol or money going there.


The Ambassador Restaurant
3 Cook Street, Cork City, Cork

This place isnt bad. The office crowd and myself go here now and again and its nice food I haven't had a bad time there yet. service is grand, yep atmosphere a bit dead but it is a little pricey


The Purty Kitchen (Dun Laoghaire)
3-5 Old Dun Laoghaire Road, Co. Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

This is good pub for grub. Nice atmoshere its really come on alot as it went off keel for awhile but its back with avengance. I brought some of my tourist friends there and they loved it and the food and service were good and its quality food


Johnnie Fox's Pub
Glencullen, Dublin Mountains, Glencullen, Dublin

This is a pub for tourists no bones about it. Tourists love it I know Ive brought a few of my foreign friends here. As for quality of food its average and its expensive so I don't rate it. I will say that my friend left her bag outside and a very honest person handed it into the bar I don't think that would happen in the City. Any its ok for pint and to show your friend around it


Kopi Cafe
The Square, Blarney, Blarney, Cork

Ok yep I give this place the big big big thumbs down. Ive been here a few times its ok for coffee not much else. They always get the order wrong they never have enough staff on and its seriously overpriced probably because its blarney. Recently they have started opening a couple of nights a week, i have to say the meal i got was dissmal give up the day job and the night job and get a new career i say to the chef. Its good for coffee or a hot chocolate thats it im afraid


Zaks Restaurant (Cork)
No 4 Marlboro Street, Cork City, Cork

Its not a bad place to have lunch ive gone here a few times. for the most part the service is grand and the staff nice, its nothing exceptional but its nice and reasonably priced. A big plus the wine is well chilled


Market Lane
5/6 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork City, Cork

Nice place and the waiter we got was just second to none this guy was great and we commented to the Manager how good he was thats how impressed we were with the service he provided. They do a nice steak and they have nice wine but it is a little pricey. I have been there for their €10 lunch which is have a big lovely sandwich and a freshly homemade bowl of soup a drink and a very small chocolate compot but over all for that price its quite nice. Its a nice place to go


Eddie Rockets (Blackpool)
Unit 9, Blackpool Retail Park, Cork City, Cork City, Cork

I have tried this place a few times. I find portions small, service is non exsistant, Eddies is pricy for what it is. They constantly get the orders wrong. I also really dislike that they charge you for grilled onions on a chicken burger, Im not one for salad so Ive saved them money by not asking for salad and they charge me for the onions which I think is mean. I gave up using the music machine they have as the songs I pick never seem to play. I am afraid its a big thumbs down.


Eddie Rockets (Blackash)
Travelodge, Kinsale Roundabout, Blackash, Cork City, Cork

Ok when Eddie ROckets first came to Ireland it was damn good huge burgers big portions good happy service this aint so anymore. This particular Eddie Rockets has a slow service. I find Eddies is expensive for what you get they have definately cut down the portions. The only thing I can say is that they cook the stuff better here then they do in Blackpool Cork.


43 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2, Camden Street, Dublin

Surma Surma Surma this is the business. The service is great and if you leave a decent tip they remember you the next time. Theyre naan Bread its really damn good. I love their onion baji and their chicken korma. The food and service and value its pretty good at Surma. Ive been here a few times and every time its good.


The Steps Of Rome
1 Bird avenue, Clonskeagh, Clonskeagh, Dublin

ok damn fine food. Real quality Italian pizza the way its supposed to be cooked, one word quality. The prices arent too bad to, sometimes I just get a piece to take away and have it in stephen green park with a coffee nice really nice


Kafkas Restaurant
Blackpool, Cork City, Cork

Food is average. Coffee not great. Service really bad as most serving staff cant speak English that well. It does well as its in a prime location but Ive tried it at least three times and i won't be going there any more.


Springfort Hall Hotel
Mallow, Mallow, Cork

I have been here a few times the surrounding are lovely but I have to say that still some of the male staff I find don't write the orders down and this can lead to errors in the order. I recently had the past with ricotta cheese tasty but over priced and a very small portion I left hungry. Overall portions are small I think in future I would only really go there for a dessert and coffee as there desserts are nice.


2-5 Winthrop Lane, Winthrop Street, Cork, Cork City, Cork

I must say this is a good place for great service, good atmosphere, nice staff, reasonably priced food. they do a good lunch special for about 10 euros a little pizza with chips and salad. mostly you got to book but they do try to get you a table fast even when they are busy. they do a good breakie as well


The Blue Haven Hotel and Restaurant
3/4 Pearse Street, Kinsale, Kinsale, Cork

Well I brought some of my tourist friends here. Nice clean environment. Good staff, quick friendly. My friends had the fish in beer batter and chips it looked plentyful and nice they said it tasted really good. I had the most delicious homemade veg soup and brown bread it was really really good just like my mums and that is saying something (just don't tell my mum i said that). Its good. make sure you have the battered fish and the soup


Barrys of Douglas
Douglas Cork, Douglas, Cork

Well I used to go here alot when I lived near Douglas. They had this starter which was noodles and little pieces of duck and it was beautiful and they had these real oven with a little drizzle of oil proper home thick cut chips and sometimes good steak. But they changed the menu. Took the noodles off and the home chips and its gone a little down hill. The last three times i have gone we have had to complain about the steak being cooked wrong and the slow service. Its a shame it had something at one stage but now its overpriced and just not good enough.


D Mughals
158 Westend, Mallow, Mallow, Cork

Its not a bad restaurant. Staff are friendly. But I find generally Indian Restaurants are slow. Ive even got takeaways from this place and its nice,


Ristorante Rossini
33/34 Princes Street, Cork City, Cork

Ok Ive been here several times and the only reason I go back is because of the food. It really is great. But be warned the service is brutal and the waiting time very long make sure your not in a hurry. The wine sometimes is well chilled but more often its not and they quite often run out of ice and have to run over to the pub accross the road. One time i was a little peeved when they assumed that the change of over 10 euros was their tip when I never implied that. Food is really really great its just a great shame about the rest.


The Gallery Bar & Restaurant
St Joseph's Road Mallow, Mallow, Cork

I have eaten here a few times. They have good Managers but terrible staff who are forgetful and don't really speak very good English which makes ordering food an ordeal at times. The food isnt exceptional its ok nothing to write home about.


Muskerry Arms
Blarney, Blarney, Cork

I have eaten here on a number of occasions. I have complained maybe 3 times. After my first complaint the staff vastly improved on attitude and service and has remained that way ever since. I complained about the steak and chips recently and got an extremely bad attitude from the Manager. I was told basically by the chef that the steak which was tough and over cooked it just sometimes happens and some of the chips were soggy and some were crispy. We were offered desserts but we don't eat desserts so what the point of that. We paid 77 euro for food well under par it just simply wasn't good enough. Anyway the manager told us that we should take our taste buds somewhere else. They upped the prices recently probably for the tourists got new menus with the same food on it and now we are paying for the new menus. WHERE IS GORDON RAMSEY WHEN YOU NEED HIM TO KICK THE CHEF IN TO ORDER. All I can say is the chef has no pride in his cooking and the Manager could do with going on a course on Customer care. And stop over charging your tourists and regular locals. Anyway I am not going back there.

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