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Odessa restaurant

13 Dame Court, Dublin, City Centre South, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

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Reviewed 05th October 2011 ( visited 15th September 2011 )

This was the first restaurant I ate at in Ireland and it was beautiful. The portions are a great size and the menu has tons of variety. We went for brunch and the eggs benny and floretine were beautiful. Great capucinno, too! The staff was pleasant and the decor is cozy & posh at the same time. I would for sure return!
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Queen of Tarts (Temple Bar) restaurant

3 - 4 Cow's Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin, Area Code:

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Reviewed 05th October 2011 ( visited 01st October 2011 )

If you want REAL cheesecake in dublin , you can only find it here. it's super sexy and delicious. both locations have nice staff and the same selection of sweets so you cant go wrong. a friend had the pea soup lunch special and loved it too. yay!
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Lemon Jelly Cafe
Millennium Walkway, Jervis Street, Italian Quarter, Dublin

i ve been here a few times but usually for coffee or dessert. the carrot cake is good but i much prefer a cream cheese icing and theirs is butter ;( we went tonite and had a meal - i had the abbey way crepe with olives, cheese, tomato, spring onion and my friend had the jervis way crepe with bacon, cheese and mushroom. they were both really nice the servers are always nice too and am i the only who has noticed no girls work here? i mean i ve only been here 4x but i ve never seen female staff - just an observation i ll be back :) update : we went in today (easter sunday) and the manager made it known he's closing at 5. he is CLOSING THE DOORS at 5. it was 430 and i asked if he'll kick us out at 5. he said yes so we left. they be gettin a star taken down, matey.


Pinocchio Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar
Luas Kiosk, Ranelagh Village, Dublin 6, Ranelagh, Dublin

The food was good - I had an antipasti to start and sausage & beef skewer for a main. my friend had a really yummy bean and sausage soup with a salmon main. the ricotta cheesecake was just ok but that was my fault - i knew italians dont do baked cheesecake! after moving to ireland from italy 2 yrs ago i can say that this is the only place i ve found food that i was happy with in an italian restaurant BUT the service was a bit lacking. we did wait awhile to have our order taken in a near empty restaurant (we were one of 3 tables) as the two staff members were more interested in their personal conversation than anything else. we also had to ask for the early bird menu, which i didnt like. if you dont want people to order off an early bird then dont make one available. all in all it was good.


The Oar House Fish Restaurant
8 West Pier, North Co. Dublin, Howth, Dublin

a friend and I went here for lunch and I was kind of put off from the when I first arrived. They didn't have the sparkling water chilled so it had to come with ice ; any sparkling water drinkers know why this bothers me. But I let it go :) We went on to look at the menu but had to ask the waitress for the wine list which was strange considering we'd had our menus for the last 10 mins. She then asked if we wanted to order starters while we decided on our mains. my friend got the calamari and I got a veggie antipasti plate. (there was a regular or cajun style calamari to choose from but this wasnt asked during ordering, which is too bad cos my friend would have liked the cajun, had he knowns :( After we got our wine, my friend asked about the specials...which the waitress had to go and find out about. It was 2:45 in the afternoon at this point so I'm not sure why she didn't know them. There was a starter special but even if we wanted it, it didnt matter cos we had already ordered ours. This is specials need to be read as soon as people sit down. She listed off another 4 or 5 specials from the back of her docket book but not one price. Lesson 1 in serving ; don't make the customer ask 'how much?' We ordered off the menu anyway, with my friend getting paella and myself getting pasta... don't ask me why. there just wasnt anything else that stood out. When I asked her what seafood was in the pasta she didnt know. Between the wine and specials and so on, I think that waitress went inside a good 5 times during the whole ordering process. Our starters were ok - I asked for more bread with my hummus (3 pieces of thinly cut crostini with a large ramiken full of hummus didnt make sense to me) and it took a good 10 mins to come out. Onto mains. The paella was good and the pasta was just ok, as expected. For dessert, my friend had the lemon tart which was good but had a very dense crust. I had the toffee apple cake and im 99.9% they were store bought - the apple cake defo looked like a tray bake to me. All in all, the food was ok, the atmosphere sitting outisde on a sunny day was lovely and the waitress, while not on top of her game, was nice. Would I go back? Likely not before trying the other restaurants on that strip, or before making a repeat visit to Aqua, a few doors down.


Cinnamon Smithfield Cafe
Coke Lane, Smithfield, Dublin

i really like the decor of the place and it has a very cozy feel but my sandwich was a bit un-delicious. it was to have hummus, roastedpepper and artichoke in it. it came with all that PLUS raw red onion and was covered in oil. they obviously use jarred roasted pepper, marinated in oil which is fine but.... dab the peppers. they made the sandwich so oily that i nearly had to eat it wth a knife & fork of have my hands be covered in the stuff. the service was just ok. the waitress brought me a jug of water (do people not need ice anymore) since i was going to have a coffee later but didnt want to stay. they said they have wifi and it wasnt working. rather than trying to unplug & replug, she told me " if the connection isnt there it isnt there." i went down the street to coffee society for my coffee


Legends Bar (Lunch Menu) @ The Arlington Hotel
Lord Edward Street, Temple Bar, Dublin

we went for lunch the other day and it was alright. we had the wings to start (HUGE portion) and my friend had the beef & guinness stew which he liked but i thought the veggies on the side looked a bit sad, and i had a burger which was good and came with a bucket of fries and a few onion rings. the only thing i didnt like was when i asked the waiter/mngr to have my burger well done, he told me that " burgers in ireland arent made to order. theyre ALL well done." he mustve heard my canadian accent and assumed i was an idiot. my irish restaurant manager friend had to bite his tongue.


Ashtons GastroPub
11 Vergemount, Clonskeagh Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin

I stop here sometimes for lunch on my way to work and i ve always been pleased with the food. they have 5 or 6 sandwiches to choose from that come with salad and fries and they are REALLY nice sandwiches considering they're around the 8 euro mark. the service is ok - i often see ppl sitting with empty plates for a good 20 mins before anyone notices (and the place is empty) but aside from that and the fact that seem to be over staffed (ie 4 waiters standing around chatting with 4 customers in the whole place at 3pm) it's better than lots of other places i ve been too


Busyfeet & Coco Cafe
41- 42 South William Street, South William Street, Dublin

yea, no. me and two friends went here last week and were disappointed. first off, the tried seating 3 of us at a 2 top. i would rather you say you have no room, than try squishing us together to make a buck they had a burger & pint deal for a tenner but when my friend wanted to add bacon and brie to his burger (obviously willing to pay for it) he was told no, the deal was ONLY with a plain or cheddar burger. well maybe they should put that note under the types of burgers instead of BURGER & A PINT 10EURO!. tell us which burger next time. the burgers came after about 25 mins... and looked like something you get at McDs. I would actually rather have eaten a whopper w/ cheese from BK than this cos at least it would then be half the price,a fraction of the time and taste twice as good. I got up to ask the waiter for a side of chips. he says " no we dont do them. and theyre not healthy. you shouldnt be eating them." well, one little fella just got on my bad side, and that's not good for anyone. he told us earlier he was new there but i think what he meant was that he was new to common manners. i told him he shouldnt give input like that to customers and he actually followed me to my table stating his case until i had to tell him to go away. we asked for the bill and were told we had to go to the till to get it. when we went up the girl asked us what table number we were at. uhhhh i have no idea cos guess what, i dont work here. we paid and got out. wont go back.


Dax Cafe Bar
23 Pembroke Street Upper, City Centre South, Dublin

we went for dinner tonite and it was nice - but that's mainly due to the location and ambiance of the place.i had a burger (which threw me off by being in a ciabatta but thats ok) i asked for well done and it was more medium but again, ok. my sister had 2 starters ; 4 dips & bread and something that was described more of a salad but came as a hand ful of leaves with a jar of goat cheese and some bread . we were a bit concerned that the server didnt say " hey, one of the dips to come with your forst starter is goat cheese so.... dont bother getting both. get something else." but he didnt...and a good server would. for dessert we had a lemon tart which was soooo nice and a brownie...which wasnt. it was more like a fondant - very rich and didnt seem to be baked at all! the bill with a bottle of sparkling water came to 42 euro. we had a voucher for 40euro but to be honest there was a note under the voucher fine print that said " dont forget to tip on the pre-discounted price" and that annoyed me. i ll tip what i want when the service is good, thank you. again, i ve been a waitress for 15 yrs. id go back for some drinks but the food didnt win me over.


The Arch Bistro
Above the Glenside Pub, Landscape Road, South Dublin, Churchtown, Dublin

The food and service here are always great. Aside from the 3 course menu you can also have the early bird from tues-fri 5-630 or on sat 5-6, which is 2 courses for 18 or 3 for 21. The sunday roast is always gorgeous with creamed and roasted potatoes, veg and yorkshire pudding. The place is always buzzing for sunday lunch! As for the wine, another reviewer was mistaken as the house merlot and ungi blanc, both from France are and always have been 21euro per bottle. Don't miss this place when you're in d14!


Dante (Dundrum)
Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 14, Dundrum, Dublin

we went in for the 12.50 for 2 course meal and that should have been a warning right there. i have the bruschetta which was done on 'garlic pizza bread' (ie a mini pizza) with halved cherry tomatoes and a blob of pesto. very disappointing. my friend just had a main, the pasta aribiatta. when she asked for a piece of bread to scopp up her sauce, the waitress was dumbfounded and brought our waiter over who looked equally confused. what's so hard to understand about " can i have a piece of bread?" he just said " bread?" and i said " maybe you have a piece of garlic bread..." he says " oh ok but i have to charge you. it's like...3 euro." once someone tells you the price of something you cant be a cheapass and back out but it was too much for bread. when it arrived 5 mins later it was again, a mini pizza. just a plain one but still not ideal for sauce scooping. restaurants that serve pasta should serve bread with it. that's my 2 cents. by the way, the bread ended up being 3.45. for my main i had lasange with a salad. it was ok - like high school cafeteria standards. the salad was actually nicer than the pasta. someone has to explain to me why with a soft drink they give you a long straw and with a glass of water they give you two short straws that sink into the abyss of the glass. who did the math on this? the server was ok - he was trying but seeing as how the 2 course meal deal comes with a 5% service charge, you could tell they werent too bothered. come to think of it, the 5% charge should have only been on my meal and they put it on the whole bill...hmmmm. i wouldnt go back.


60 Dame Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

i liked... - the lemon & feta dip - the croquettes - the chicken crunchies - the nice waiter - the stemless wine glasses - the decor - the prices - the location i didnt like... - the same benches they use in jo burger - the honey & vinegar dip ..too runny - the tiny water glasses ; im thirsty, people! - the NOISE. i dont want to have to wolf down my dinner so my friend and i can move to a quietr place for dessert and actually talk to eachother - the fact that our waiter forgot our starter...and our dips - the waffle crisps ; very blah - the limited menu - having to wait for the waiter to come by again so i could ask for cutlery as my chicken got cold


Bobo's Gourmet Burgers (Wexford St)
22 Wexford Street (Beside Whelans), Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I finallly went in here tonight with a friend and we got the 10euro meal deal : a plain or cheeseburger with fries and a drink. the fries were good but shoestring so reminded me of mcdonald's and just looked skimpy on the plain. the burger was nice but also a bit dry. i added a piece of pineapple to it (yeah that's right) which was 1.50 extra, as are all the looks of the way the menu is printed that includes condiments like mustard and relish - i refuse to believe that they actually want to charge you 1.50 for a spoonful of something you can buy a bottle of for the same price. the bring you coke in a can, so at least you know you're getting a normal amount. we also got garlic mayo for our fries which was yummy. i really recommend doing the meal deal as if you don't, you'll end up paying 2.50 for a drink, 9-12 for a burger and 4-6 for a side. onion rings are 5 euro - eek! the ambiance is cozy but it's a very small place and on nights like this, they reallllly need to watch that floor as it's slippery as hell and someone will break their ass one day. waitress was nice but not overly so.


137 Rathmines Road, Dublin 6 , South Dublin, Rathmines, Dublin

i finally made my way over here after hearing how amazing the food is. i got the burger with applewood cheddar and fresh apple inside and it was yummy. my date got one with rocket and some sort of relish - i totally finished mine and he didnt. pffft we shared onion rings which was a good portion and we couldnt manage to eat all of the burgers go from 10-12.50 euro and don't come with a side but you wont really need one. the decor is cool but i dont like the layout with the benches alla wagamama. but in such a small space it was likely the only layout to accomodate so many people. the service was nice but a bit too casual and that's what im taking a star away for. hair should be tied back, armpits should always be covered,and so should chests. also if you have to carry 4 glasses, a drink and a jug maybe use a tray instead of holding onto everything with your dear life as you zig-zag thru tables. ps - the menus are attached to children's book. if you wanna read before your meal, i suppose!


The Market Bar
Fade Street, City Centre South, Dublin

The best thing about this place is the decor and location followed closely by the delcious food! It's a tapas bar with tons of options. Over my three visits there, I've tried the patatas bravas, fish stew, beef stew, goat cheese crostini, sausage & chicken skewers and nachos and they were all great. I've tried patatas bravas in a few other places and they've been the best here. The portions are also amazingly huge. The service has alternated between great and ok but it's always a comfy place to eat and chat for awhile.


Ciao Bella Roma
24/25 Parliament Street, Dublin 2, City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

The pizza is ok but really living in Italy I could get the same thin crust lifeless pizza for 5 or 6 euro - why it's 13 euro here is beyond me. It's a nice place for a date and the service is ok - much of the staff is actually Italian which is nice too but really you're not missing much if you don't go, especially because the food just isnt worth the money. Even if the pizza were AMAZING it wouldnt be worth 13 euro. I realize that they can't charge the same they would in Italy since pizzerias are a dime a dozen there but knowing I've paid half price while living in Florence ruined it for me. Also, mineral water shouldnt be served with ice ie tap water or machine water ice ; that defeats the purpose.


The Port House
64a South William Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

From the outside I would think this place was a packed pub with loud music and sticky floors but I was very wrong. It is beautifully decorated and offers an enormous list of wines and ports. The tapas menu is nice and afordable too however I can't say the same for cocktails which are way overpriced. We went at 9pm on a thursday night and whlie it was full, it was still cosy and we only waited 5 mins for our table. The food was nice and we had a great time. The waitress was nice but somewhat rushed us, as she was busy but aside from that she was pleasant The only suggestions I would make would be to not store the desserts in the cafe style showcase in the front and to not dare charge 9.50 euro for a mojito.


Juice Vegetarian Restaurant
9 Castle House, South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I first went into Juice one afternoon after seeing the FREE WiFi sign on the door but that is the last great thing about this place! It has really great decor, pleasant staff and some great deals for dinner & lunch. They have great early bird specials (such as any 3 courses for 15euro from5- 8pm on weeknights and any 2 courses for 10euro from 12-5 ) I'm not sure why they're never really 'busy' Aside from vegetarian they have nut free and vegan options and the dishes I have tried have all been delicious. Their smoothies are soooo good too! yes : goat cheese crostini, asian noodles with egg, pasta in tomato or cream sauce with veggies, tiramisu, cheesecake they have some sandwiches that are good in theory but need a bread change methinks. The wheat bread used for them is too flimsy - and for the eggs florentine, as well. All in all it's one of my favorite places in dublin. It's great for an afternoon with your laptop, a lunch with friends or a date night. Loves it!


13 Dame Court, Dublin, City Centre South, Dublin

This was the first restaurant I ate at in Ireland and it was beautiful. The portions are a great size and the menu has tons of variety. We went for brunch and the eggs benny and floretine were beautiful. Great capucinno, too! The staff was pleasant and the decor is cozy & posh at the same time. I would for sure return!


Acapulco Restaurant
7 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre South, Dublin

The food here is really yummy - although I would recommend getting the tapas size because the rice & corn that comes with the meal size is rather bland and not worth the extra cash the decor is really cozy and the food comes out fast but the first time i ate here, the waitress looked a bit bothered to be working and other costumers noticed this too. i've been here a few times since and it seems to be this way - that the place is almost empty and the staff is extremley bored, conducting personal conversations, talking on their cell phones behind the bar, etc. i didn't to know that a waiter and waitress were dating but now i do - cos they were kissing instead of bringing me the bill i asked for 15 mins ago. aside from that, i pop in for a 6euro quesadilla now and then.


Havana Tapas Bar
Georges Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre South, Dublin

I liked this place for its ambiance. Again, the WiFi sticker lead me in and the first few times I just had a latte (which comes with two yummy chocolates) but I have since eaten there and while the sandwiches at lunch are nice, I would in the future skip the veggie platter for dinner. It included an omelette, mushrooms (which were soggy), patatas bravas (which reallllly didn't compare to the market bar and tasted like the were cookes hours ago) and a tomato salad. I was somewhat disappointed. Later I opted for a chocolate brownie and it was beyond lackluster ; being burnt and what not. Nice staff most of the time and nice atmosphere but since they went under new ownership (or so i heard that was the case) , things have gone downhill. if you must eat, check out the early bird special til 7pm update : i went in for a chai latte that was more like hot water with some milk in it. i wont be back.


Cafe Moda
192 Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines, Dublin

I love this place. the staff is nice, the couches are comfy and you can get a hot drink and cake for 4euro! one of my new faves,short & sweet.


Yamamori Noodles
71-72 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I actually went here with a craving for a sushi but ended up having a huge bowl of tofu ramen instead and it was soooo yummy! i had miso soup to start as well and ate 1/2 my date's edamame beans. he has a sashimi platter and noodles with prawns and loved it as well. they're a wee bit costly but i don't mind when the food is good. it's a really nice atmosphere and all the servers were smiling and friendly which is a big plus! check out the mural of the naked ladies in the pool - very cute if you go on a fri or sat night, i think it's best to make a reservation


Village Cafe
Rathmines, Rathmines, Dublin

I live quite close to this place and my friend suggested we meet up for lunch. It was 2:00 so of the 6 page menu we were able to choose from one (the others were wine, dinner from 6:00, brunch on weekends, and dessert & coffee) I went for the goat cheese and olive tapanade ciabatta and my friend had the steak sandwich. they were both really nice and came with green salad and fries. we just didnt like the packets of mayo they brought us. presentation is a huge thing in a restaurant and plastic packets say 'mcdonalds'. the waiter was nice but one thing i noticed was the overpowering fish smell when i walked in. perhaps someone had just ordered the cod & chips or at least i hope that was the case cos if it always smells that way i might visit much less. cute decor, nice food, good stuff.


Olesya's Wine Bar
18 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I've passed this place a few times and it from outside it looks nice. Today a friend and I went for lunch after she saw the 'soup & sandwich for 9euro" sign. The sandwich choices were meatball, rosemary chicken or goatcheese & veggie. The soups were vegetable and mushroom. Instead of soup you can choose potatoes for 1euro extra. I wanted a perrier (which btw came to 3euro for a small bottle, a bit much methinks) and my friend wanted a sprite to which the waiter replied " we don't have soda." "oh you dont?" i said. " no...this is a wine bar." excuse me, gaston. she had a 3euro orange juice instead. when lunch came it looked nice even though my wooden serving board was cracked in half. it's the same as serving a drink in a chipped glass, to me. my friend had the chicken sandwich and i had the goatcheese. i gotta say wet lettuce and soft cheese don't go well together as it was one white, drippy, mess. it tasted nice but i hated having to choose between eating it quickly before it fell apart or resorting to fork & knife. the potatoes were 'bland' my friend said and i would have to agree, serve those puppies with some lemon perhaps. aside from the special, the menu is limited. perhaps it's an afernoon thing ( we went at 3pm) but nothing really jumped out at either of us. nice decor, nice enough service and nice food but i dont think i need to visit again


The Steps Of Rome
1 Bird avenue, Clonskeagh, Clonskeagh, Dublin

I went here on a date the other nite and it wasnt really what i expected. I had heard about it but after seeing the pizza under hot lamps, I was a bit turned off. my date had some sort of meat and potatoes with salad which he enjoyed and I had eggplant parmigiana. It was good - I was surprised! The staff is casual but nice - it's that type of casual where you feel at home (or least I did since Im Italian) and not where you feel ignored, the way other casual staff can make you feel. It came to 35euro for two of us (i had a coffee and sparkling water and he had a glass of wine) and yes since I lived in Italy before here, I cringe when i have to pay more than 8euro for a plate of food at an italian restaurant but it was nice. the two things that bothered me were a) the afore mentioned pizza hot lamps b) the size and ambiance of the place. it was very cramped and felt more like a coffee shop than a restaurant overall i'd likely go back


Queen of Tarts (Temple Bar)
3 - 4 Cow's Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin

If you want REAL cheesecake in dublin , you can only find it here. it's super sexy and delicious. both locations have nice staff and the same selection of sweets so you cant go wrong. a friend had the pea soup lunch special and loved it too. yay!


Cafe en Seine
39 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Dawson Street, Dublin

I went here for the first time today and everyone knows by now the decor is lovely. our service, as not. she was very pleasant but it must have been her first day because she seemed very shy ; speaking so quietly we had to lean in to hear her or ask her to repeate herself, she didn't know the soup or the ice cream of the day, she forgot our chips and we had to ask for our bill twice. she wasnt the only one though ; another waitress took our glasses before we were done our drinks TWICE,a male waiter was as timid as the first girl and the guy who brought our desserts, cupped the entire rim of my glass with his hand to move it....i have to drink from there, thanks. my date had a steak which he said was too fatty (and for 15 euro should really have come with aside aside from 6 green beans) and i had the seafood chowder with chips ; nothing else on the menu jumped out at me. the food was fine. for dessert he had ice cream (they only had vanilla - or so the waitress said - then again she said 'i think we have just vanilla cos that's the most popular one') and i had the brownie. it was a bit dry but without ice cream on the side, most brownies are. our bill was around 50 euro as i also had a sparkling water and soda and my date had a jucie and coffee. btw cocktails are 5.50 sun-thurs and 8.50 otherwise. the atmosphere was ok but i was expecting more and the food wasnt as good as it should have been (chowder shouldnt be watery). i might return for an after dinner coffee but that's it. the service really threw me off.


Bewley's Café
Grafton Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

this has become one of my favorite places as i find myself there at least three times a week these days. I prefer to sit upstairs as it's less crowded - even when all the seats are taken. the coffee is lovely but i go for the cakes! any sweet you choose, will be yummy. i have yet to eat a meal there but for now, im nore than happy having this be one of my chat with the girls places to sit for an hour or two on a rainy evening. the service is fine but not overly friendly, depending on who you get!


19/20 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Aside from the fact that they cater to those with special diet needs (which I don't even have) I don't see the fuss about this place. I don't like the cafeteria style way of ordering but I'll let that slide. Last nite I got the hummus plate which came with pita bread, olives and a salad of my choice. I wasn't turned on by any of the salad choices but opted for the kidney bean and aubergine. It came with 4 salty olives (I'm Itallian btw and love olives usually) and a massive helping of hummus with two half moons of pita bread that were hardly enough in comparison . It was such a shame to waste all that hummus! Seeing as how a bottle of water was over 2euro, I didn't want to know how much extra pita abread was. My date had the same salad as me, with leafy greens, rice and ragout which he said was just 'ok' and didnt finish. The place was full, though so maybe i'm missing something but i wont be going back to find out


Kafka (Dublin)
236 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6, Rathmines, Dublin

it's very cute with little candles and cushions everywhere. the waiter was nice - professional but not stuffy. my friend started with a bruschetta that was huge in size and yummy, too. then a pesto pasta with potatoes and olives. she really didn't like the fact that the olives had pits and to be fair i rarely see kalamata olives in pasta dishes, too. also she said it was too pesto-y. her words were " there's only so much pesto one person can have." she didn't finish it. i had a burger - yeah that's right. i made a vow to never eat italian food in restaurants unless im in italy. after living there for the last 2 years i cant eat it here - and ive tried 3x. those choice of sides were salad and fries and i asked for salad....and got fries. the waitress took the plate back. in the future one should bring me a side plate to put my burger on while the salad is being made so im not left empty handed. ive also jsut left the fries on the table in the past - what good are fries once they've been served? one thing that threw me off was seeing the chef make the salad with his bare hands. im sure his hands were clean but it just turns me off cos i ve worked in restaurants. anyway the salad was yummy and the burger was too. all in all it was a nice meal with a good atmosphere and i'll likely return.


The Humble Bean
68 Aungier Street, City Centre South, Dublin

I went in because I'm cheap lately and saw the 3.70e for a hot drink and scone sign on the window. They were out of scones, which is ok cos i dont love them that much anyway and could get a muffin instead. i went for the blue & strawberry. it was dry. the cappuccino was tiny and the 'free' wifi only comes in 20mins increments on scratch cards. to be fair, the waitress gave me 2 cards but i was still annoyed at that system. the staff is lovely, and it's a cute, cozy place in a good location and i may go back to try the food sometime but i wouldve been smarter to head home to rathmines and spend my 4euro on a good coffee and nice piece of cake elsewhere


Wagamama - Stephen's Green
St Stephen's Green Centre, South King St, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

i don't get it. Everyone has been telling me this place is amazing but I was disappointed. My date had the yaki soba and i had the yasai yaki soba ie two noodle dishes with lots of stuff in them. we also shared a side of veg & prawn gyoza. i found it all to be lackluster. let me rephrase - it was good but not 30 euro good. the noodles were dry. i had to keep adding soy sauce but we know, that brings about a salt issue so i couldnt really enjoy my meal. the gyoza were good but again, just not 7 euro good. i dont like the layout of this place either - it's just a cafeteria style set up which gets very loud. i know the life story of the dutch woman sitting next to me and wish i didnt. the staff were nice but i found it odd that after the 'quality check' a server came up and asked if we wanted anything else...while we were both still eating. it's ok - but i likely waga wont be going back.


Corfu Greek Restaurant
12 Parliment Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

the early bird is two courses for 10euro or after that you can have 3 courses for 15 euro... oh btw coffee/tea counts as the 3rd course. so in short you're paying 5 euro someone you would usually pay 2.50 for. I wasn't impressed by the casual nature of the staff. not to mention the waiter didn't even know what the house wine was aside from the fact that it was red or white. when we walked in, my friend told the waitress " we had a booking for 3 but there will be four" to which she replied " good, more money for us then." think it, sweets. don't say it. food: the starter was ok. some poor version of bruschetta that was lackluster but i ate cos i was starving. my mousaka was cold. the bread they brought us was simply white sliced bread that had garlic butter but was untoasted... handy having a tesco nearby i guess. my friend who has a lactose allergy asked for the chicken dish without the cream sauce to which the waiter said " that will be so boring." " yes well... i cant have cream." " ok fine but dont complain about my food not being afterwards." to which i had to then step in again and say " she has an allergy to dairy. thank you." in short i hated the service so much that i ll never go back. learn to deal with people before you open a restaurant, folks. ps is baklava greek for " oil with a side of oil" ? no thanks.

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