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Milano (Baggot Street) restaurant

1 - 2 Haddington Road, Dublin 4, City Centre South, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 4

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Cheap Eats

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Reviewed 21st January 2010 ( visited 21st December 2009 )

Went here on Monday 21 December for our Christmas work lunch! There were 16 of us and I can honestly say, it was the smoothest service ever! The manager had bent over backwards to accommodate our motley crew with whatever menus (lunch, evening, Christmas) we wanted to order from - there was no problem with us having the Evening menu - which the 'lads' preferred - at lunchtime. We sent in our preorder and food started landing as soon as we sat down. Having said that, there was no feeling of being rushed and we had a leisurely 2 hour lunch with attentive service. Food was lovely, great value and everyone was very very happy. A morale booster!
Most Visited Restaurant

Chez Max (Palace Street) restaurant

1 Palace Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

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Coeliac options

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279 reviews

Reviewed 24th June 2008 ( visited 13th June 2008 )

Fab onion soup, with the extras on the side (thank you - I'm dairy intolerant, so cheese on the side is great, rather than already added!). Gorgeous beef bourgignon, lovely atmospere and as all had gone so well, I just had to try the Strawberry tart - delish! Will visit again!
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Bon Appetit
9 James Terrace, Malahide, Dublin, Malahide, Dublin

We arrived bang on 8.30pm and were told very casually that our table wasn't ready and to go into the bar - not at all impressed by the greeting by front of house. The bar was very busy - we squeezed in between 2 other couples, but couldn't get any service or order a drink for another 15 minutes - by that stage, I asked how much longer we would be waiting for our table upstairs in the restaurant. We were then immediately brought up, but it had left something of a sour taste. The bar had been full of people who'd clearly mostly been there for a long time and we felt very out of place. We'd have stayed in the little bar around the corner where we had had no trouble getting a drink and had comfortable seats, if we'd known! The food was very good (although my fish was cooked to the point of 'mushy' which wasn't a great texture - the mash with chives had more solidity to it). Other than that - we couldn't fault the food but neither of us are sure if we'd go back. Our 3 course meal, with one bottle of €26 wine cost some €186. We've had better for a lot less money. If we did, we'd probably try the early bird or lunch (which we've had there before and it was wonderful).


Le Bon Crubeen
81-82 Talbot Street, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

Stunning steak, frites with a very flavoursome jus, for €12.50. Loved the salad with it. Other half raved about the lamb shank and mash. Both of us ordered the Baileys bread and butter pudding, as there was no way we'd share! Exemplary service - you would never have to ask for anything - it just arrives - fork, more water - whatever - it appears as if by magic. Only snag was getting blasted by freezing air each time the door opened. Love this place.


6-7 Jervis Street, Millennium Walkway, Dublin 1, City Centre, Italian Quarter, Dublin

Gorgeous food and very accurate ratings in terms of spiciness, and a lovely atmosphere - Christmassy, without being ott, tacky Christmas partyish. Only snag was the lack of an early bird menu during December - will definately return to sample that and I'll give a better rating for 'value' then. Service was very attentive.


Glenside Hotel
Dublin rd, Drogheda, Drogheda, Louth

Despite living in the area for 10 years, this was my first visit. There was a good choice at the lunchtime carvery and I went for the lamb shank in red wine jus. It was delicious, albeit tricky to cut the meat off the shank without risking it ending up in your lap! My companion (age 4) opted for chicken gougons and chips. Unfortunately this had to be cooked from scratch so I was finished mine before hers arrived (roasting hot from the fryer). Four year olds do not eat fast - so it was something of a disjointed and slow experience but we had a good ol' chat in between. At lunchtime, on this particular Monday in any case, the Glenside appeared to have an older age group in, many of whom appeared to know each other and who I guessed frequented the place. I might try somewhere a bit livier and a bit more child friendly next time I'm out with my chick (we're trying to avoid the fast food usuals at the moment though!)


Black Bull Inn
Dublin Road, Drogheda, Louth

Had lunch here and it's lucky we arrived lateish - closer to 2pm, as it was still very full with people still arriving. There are great offers on for lunch at the moment. I had the soup of day, a sandwich of my choice and a cup of coffee for €6.50! I think the 3 course hot lunch is only €10.50. My eating companion (age 4!) had chicken gougons and chips (€6.25) and reluctantly allowed me a bite of a gougon! Top class. She ate the lot! Very pleasant indeed!


Milano (Clarion Quay)
Unit 6, Excise Walk, Clarion Quay, Dublin 1, City Centre, IFSC, Dublin

A great value lunch option - my husband, 4 yo daughter and myself came here for a Christmas Eve lunch, before heading home to batten down the hatches! Resaurant was fairly full, but there were 3/4 tables still free. We got one - next to a large family group, including lots of children. All would have been great, except the staff handed out party poppers (no problems with them) and whistles to all customers. Now whistles, I ask you - it was those party blower ones that unroll as you blow - the noise in the restaurant went from comfortable hum to totally deafening. Couldn't hear ourselves speak at all. I would say much paracetamol was needed by staff at the end of their shift! Service was very slow - we had to demand a bill when ordering our 4yo's desert and pay and run (we'd been there almost 2 hours by then). To the food - excellent value menu for €15 including a drink and the kids menu is very wide ranging, has lots for them and is fantastic value (my chick's desert looked yum). We're be back, but not at Christmas - not with those whistles!


Milano (Baggot Street)
1 - 2 Haddington Road, Dublin 4, City Centre South, Dublin

Went here on Monday 21 December for our Christmas work lunch! There were 16 of us and I can honestly say, it was the smoothest service ever! The manager had bent over backwards to accommodate our motley crew with whatever menus (lunch, evening, Christmas) we wanted to order from - there was no problem with us having the Evening menu - which the 'lads' preferred - at lunchtime. We sent in our preorder and food started landing as soon as we sat down. Having said that, there was no feeling of being rushed and we had a leisurely 2 hour lunch with attentive service. Food was lovely, great value and everyone was very very happy. A morale booster!


Jimmy Chungs
Eden Quay, City Centre North, Dublin

Visited here with 2 friends for an impromptu bite to eat at around 7pm on a very wet Tuesday evening - it was jammed! Luckily we got a just vacated table and had our drinks order taken promptly. Unfortunately, only half of our drinks arrived, but we managed to chase down the rest. The selection, quantity and quality of food available was well up there with the best of chinese buffets - very tasty, hugh selection etc. etc. including some lychees to finish! Very pleasant and atmosphere was good in a very haphazard, mixed age group kind o' way. It got very very cold during our meal though - we all had to put our coats on. Maybe it was an attempt to get people to finish and go - as it was approaching 8pm - I don't know, but whatever the reason, we did finish and go. I would try it again though - lovely food. Great place to bring our 4yo some Saturday perhaps - she could pick a bit o this and a bit o that - could work very well!


Fate Restaurant (Bettystown)
6 Bayview, Bettystown, Meath

My husband, 4 year old daughter and I visited, at about 6pm. Restaurant was very quiet but then, we were very early for a Saturday night (while our 4 year old was still able for it!). Food was excellent quality and just €19.95 each for the special 3 course Christmas menu (lovely soup, tender sizzling beef dish and very interesting christmas pudding ice-cream). House wine (Italian, I think) for just €10 a bottle - very tasty. Our 4 yo's home made chicken nuggets were excellent (she let us share one)! We'll be back for sure!


Kanum Thai Ltd
77 Mespil Road, Dublin 4, Ballsbridge, Dublin

I've been meaning to try this little spot since it opened in July. Got there today! Had the Chicken Curry with spicy green coconut milk, flavoured with red chili and fresh basil. I was asked if I wanted mild, medium or hot - and I gave the hot version a try. Really hot and really nice while you're eating it, but doesn't leave you roasted for ages after. Very tasty, loads and loads of chicken chunks and a really big portion. Very good value. I'll definately be paying a repeat visit. Great service too!


101 Talbot
Talbot Street, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

We hadn't been to the 101 in ages so we were all looking forward to it. We arrived for our 6.30pm booking and the place was buzzing, just like our previous visits. We decided on our two options from the Early value menu and were thrown off course when the starter wasn't available. I was somewhat taken aback that they'd none left by 7pm in the evening - it's quite a restricted menu and we couldn't find anything else we wanted as a starter so we had to peruse the a la carte. We ordered a bottle of wine to have also. Ten minutes later the waitress came back to apologise and to say that they had no wine glasses available, but she'd bring some as soon as possible. I have to say, that's a first. She came back with glasses about 5 minutes later, boiling hot from the dishwasher and offered to put ice in them to cool them down. We turned down her offer, as we were having red wine. My linguine with wild boar sausage was lovely and the portion was such that you wouldn't feel over full after it. My companions enjoyed their food also. To be honest though, the service was a let down. This used to be a great value restaurant - not as much so now, with competition alive and well.


Basement Distillery House, Dyer St, Drogheda, Drogheda, Louth

Lovely meal - excellent toulouse sausage, better than I've had in France, tasted the pasta with smoked chicken and it was lovely - delicious. I have a cheese intolerance so a bit limited with starter options. Had a v basic salad. Ok - gave me something to do. Good wine list. Chocolate fondant desert was disappointing - the sponge outer was dense (definately not light) and very dry - when I put my spoon into it, I was able to lift it up in the air! Bigger restaurant than it looks from the outside, although our table near the door felt somewhat out of the atmosphere - we could hear the music from the main part of the restaurant but we felt very much on the fringes - a speaker in the front part would be very welcome.


Thai Spice
3A Talbot Place, Dublin 1 , City Centre North, Dublin

I love this restaurant - the staff are so friendly, the food is fantastic, you're never rushed out and the value for money is very good. Ladies toilet was freezing and that's the only slight chink in their armour. Love this restaurant


Cactus Jacks (Middle Abbey St)
Millennium Walkway, Middle Abbey Street, City Centre North, Italian Quarter, Dublin

There was a big crowd of us (21) but there wasn't a single order wrong, service was exemplary and portion size was enormous! Great value, not rushed out at all which is brilliant at this time of year. Lovely time - will be back for sure!


Chan's Restaurant
Main Street, Bettystown, Bettystown, Meath

I've been here a number of times, most recently the night before St Patricks Day at about 6.50pm (a Wednesday) with our 4 year old. No booking, and there was a mad palavar to take armchairs out, put ordinary chairs in, move tables around - the staff seemed to have to move nearly every stick of furniture to accommodate us - there's only 3 of us! This all seemed to be so they wouldn't have to put us in the other room, down the back of the restaurant (nearer the kichen). Couldn't see why - there were a few people in it by the time we left. Anyway, after about 15 minutes of rearranging, we were seated. It was, unfortunately, another hour before we saw a starter i.e. 8pm - and we had enquired in the meantime. Even then, it was just mine that arrived - which I gave to the 4 year old who was starving and seriously bored by then. Another 10 minutes passed before more of the starter arrived. They were finished before we were able to enquire after the final starter - the staff member looked blank and went off to get it. All in all, it took us 2.5 hours to have a meal - and it wasn't that we wanted to linger (nobody with a 4 year old does that). Our 4 year old had started trying to curl up in a foetal position on the chair to go to sleep between the starter (i.e. mine, that she had) and her dinner arriving. Food was lovely, but the service was horrendously slow and there were others complaining also - mainly the people arriving for take-outs - and from what we could see, they were getting served a lot quicker than us!! I couldn't go back, unless I heard in the meantime that service had improved. The 4 year old used to enquire as to when we could visit, each time we drove past. She hasn't mentioned it once since our last visit. It's a shame, but easily fixable, hopefully.


Mi Casa
Drogheda, Drogheda, Louth

I've been here a few times for lunch and have found their food to be very good - great scones and pastries, fabulous soups, very good cappacinos and the gougons etc. is a very generous portion - enough to feed 2-3 children, so good value.


Eddie Rockets
Skycourt, Shopping Centre (beside Scotch Hall), South Quay, Drogheda, Louth

A cheerful spot on a wet and windy Sunday afternoon in November! Food to suit everyone and the three year old was thrilled with the rocket shaped paints set! Great meal deal with a burger (gorgeous it was), fries and shake or soda (gorgeous strawberry shake) for a tenner - can't go wrong and the kids meal is a bargain. All fish bites were eaten too, so they must be good.


Bar Italia
26 Blooms Lane , Lower Ormond Quay, City Centre North, Italian Quarter, Dublin

I really like this restaurant. I had a delicious salad to start and the fish main was excellent (sea bass). The waiter was attentive and very friendly - chatting about the wine etc. Only thing I don't like is the feeling of exposure when you're sitting in the window! But that's just a personal thing.


The Bistro @ Carrigaline Court Hotel
Carrigaline, Co Cork, Carrigaline, Cork

I had considered this a great option if you're en route to Ringaskiddy for a ferry - it's very close by. However, on a recent return visit, we found the food to be undercooked and overpriced. My sister described it as bad school food. My husbands undercooked sausages were 'fatty' and my daughter, age 3, just didn't eat hers. Very disappointed. My meal repeated for quite some hours afterwards, and on this occasion, that wasn't a good thing.


Mariners Restaurant
St Helen's Great Southern Hotel, Rosslare, Rosslare, Wexford

First impressions of this hotel aren't that great to be honest - a decorative upgrade might be required. But, as we were en route to the ferry port, we were pretty much out of options, food wise (you can see the boat from the hotel!) Nevertheless, we ordered and ate and were very truly surprised with the quality, quantity and value for money - and an adult would be hard pushed to put away the children's portion! Overall - excellent value for money - we'll be back!


La Cuvee @ Eno Wine Bar
1 Burton Hall, Mayor Square, IFSC, City Centre North, Dublin

My first visit was just before Christmas last and was excellent so that was a good start, given the time of year! On this visit, the food and service was just as good (scallops with pea puree were delish)...breads are lovely - toilets are a bit of a hike but that's a small issue really! I thought it was quite good value, to be honest, a lovely relaxing meal.


ely bar & brasserie
CHQ Building, Georges Dock, Dublin 1, City Centre, IFSC, Dublin

Lovely comfortable armchairs make you really relax and unwind! Food is gorgeous (tried the burger as a main), although pricey enough. Selection of breads are very much welcomed and very interesting. No feeling of being rushed either - enjoyed a very leisurely meal and some fine wine!


Chez Max (Palace Street)
1 Palace Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Fab onion soup, with the extras on the side (thank you - I'm dairy intolerant, so cheese on the side is great, rather than already added!). Gorgeous beef bourgignon, lovely atmospere and as all had gone so well, I just had to try the Strawberry tart - delish! Will visit again!


5 Bayview, Bettystown, Meath

My husband and I made our second visit to Relish on a beautiful sunny evening and had a fabulous table and some fabulous food. Starters were duck spring roll (almost ALL duck) and the nicest chicken goujons with garlic mayo I've ever tasted. Delicious. My husband ordered 'Surf and Turf' for his main as he couldn't decide between having a steak and having scampi. Unfortunately, when it arrived, I just had to offer to swamp my dinner for his - the surf part actually consisted of prawns in a Marie rose sauce sitting up on top of the steak - and he hates Marie rose sauce more than almost anything in the world - he literally went green. I must admit, that separately - I love the two component parts, but one on top of the other as presented, I wasn't crazy about trying. In retrospect, we should have said something - as the sauce wasn't mentioned at all in the dish description. I scraped it off the top of the steak and ate them separately, but the Marie rose sauce still sat in the grooves of the steak and really didn't do anything for it (steak was top quality, by the way). I'll be more careful about asking how food is to be served as it really was a shock and it's a shame to pay €28 for something that you weren't expecting. It's still a lovely spot and we will continue to visit - might be a bit more conservative with our order though. I hadn't room after that for desert, so although normally fab, we had to skip it on this occasion.


Fairground Restaurant
Fairground, Bettystown, Bettystown, Meath

I was back at this restaurant last Saturday evening - 11 of us in the group - no prior booking - no problem for the staff! They looked after us really well, there wasn't a single side order out of place, or steak improperly cooked (their T-Bone's are FAB!) - it's a great spot! Try the mixed berry crumble, if it's on the menu - yum!

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