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Ballyseede Castle restaurant

Ballyseede, Tralee, Kerry

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Reviewed 02nd June 2010 ( visited 01st June 2010 )

I cannot praise this enough - it is truly outstanding. Excellent food perfectly cooked and plenty of it. The service was professional, friendly and faultless. The atmosphere is really friendly and homely and Arthur (the wolfhound) provided great entertainment that had everybody in fits which added to the atmosphere enjoyed by all including several transatlantic guests. It was my first visit here and worthy of my top scores which I seldom give - I look forward to coming back. Well done to all involved!
Most Visited Restaurant

Poppadom (Limerick) restaurant

U2C Robert Street, Cornmarket Square, Limerick City, Limerick

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26 reviews

Reviewed 25th October 2008 ( visited 21st October 2008 )

A gem of a restaurant. Excellent food, friendly service, decent menu and a fair price. Try the "extreme kebab" starter - it's an outstanding plate of food. Well worth a visit.
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The Bunratty Manor Restaurant
Bunratty, Bunratty, Clare

What an absolute gem of a restaurant. The menu is excellent and I am already looking forward to my next visit to try some other treats. The quality of the food and presentation is perfect and is backed up by attentive service. Even breakkie the next morning was really good and cooked to order (which is a rarity these days). Well worth a visit!


Haveli Indian Cuisine
Morris House, Douglas, Cork

Really good food and a good choice available Excellent friendly service and I'd love to have a place like this near home. Well worth a visit if you like Indian food.


Farmgate Restaurant and Country Store
Coolbawn, Midleton, Cork

Absolutely perfect in every way. Its been a few years since I was last here and I went with 4 friends for dinner. It is as good as ever - great atmosphere, great food well presented and excellent service from all staff on the night. Not cheap but worth every cent of it.


Ballyseede Castle
Ballyseede, Tralee, Kerry

I cannot praise this enough - it is truly outstanding. Excellent food perfectly cooked and plenty of it. The service was professional, friendly and faultless. The atmosphere is really friendly and homely and Arthur (the wolfhound) provided great entertainment that had everybody in fits which added to the atmosphere enjoyed by all including several transatlantic guests. It was my first visit here and worthy of my top scores which I seldom give - I look forward to coming back. Well done to all involved!


The Nuremore Hotel
Nuremore Hotel and Country Club, Carrickmacross, Monaghan

Packet soup! How can a restaurant with such a reputation serve packet soup for lunch? Even cheap cafes don't resort to this so I am totally puzzled by this. The rest of the lunch was very good but I am still scratching my head trying to figure this one out!


L'Atmosphere Restaurant
19 Henrietta street, Waterford, X91 E983, Waterford City, Waterford

I had great expectations for this place but was really disappointed with my meal. Perhaps I made the wrong choices because the food at the other tables looked good. The tuna starter I got was completely tasteless. I ordered a seafood platter for main course which contained 3-4 morsels of fish that weighed about 2-3 ounces and the rest was a platter of vegetables. It cost €28! Normally a seafood platter is a plate of seafood - this was a plate of veg with a splash of seafood. I complained to the waiter and was then offered a free dessert after he consulted with the chef. I don't eat desserts so declined the offer. When presented with the bill to my amazement I was charged full price. I protested. After a further meeting with the mysterious chef a fiver was taken off the bill - It still cost me nearly €60 for 1 person. Will I go back? NEVER.


Cobra Tandoori Restaurant
69 Main Street, Kinsale, Kinsale, Cork

I thought the food here was mediocre. I had a sheek kebeb for starter which came out of the microwave (These should be banned from professional kitchens). The meat in my main course had too much fat and I could not eat all of it as a result. So overall not a great experience.


Copper & Spice (Limerick City)
2 Cornmarket Row, Limerick, Limerick City, Limerick

Average is all I could say about this. In fairness the food was good but the atmosphere was poor and not helped by the lack of a smile and interaction from either staff. The tiled floor, no tablecloths no candle was lit on my table and bright lighting all contributed to the "cold" greeting and feeling I got. They need to up their customer experience a couple of notches.


The Malt House
Old Malt Mall, High Street, Galway City, Galway

Stopped by for lunch last week. Good busy atmosphere and everybody else's food looked good. However I was not impressed with my seafood chowder mainly due to the lack of seafood - in fact there was none and the rest of it was below average. So I paid €6 for a small bowl of luke warm tasteless vegetable chowder.The coffee was good though.


Limeleaf Restaurant
Henrietta Street, The Quays, Waterford City, Waterford

They need to get their act together. I was not impressed and expected a lot better after reading previous reviews.It's more like an asian fast food restaurant and the open kitchen area does not do it for me. 3 Items I ordered were not available and each time I odered the waitress came back and told me the chef said there was none left. It is one of the most expensive Thai restaurants I have eaten in and expect a more professional service for the money. I have no problem with a dish being unavailable - however the staff should tell you this when giving you the menu. The same thing happened with the wine I ordered. When I got my bottle of red, I had to ask for it to be heated in warm water for a few minutes as it was ice cold. Again not good enough for the price being charged. My chicken satay was tough and chewey and definitely not cooked to order - disgraceful and there is no excuse for this. There was no sign of an owner or manager and nobody asked me if I enjoyed my meal. If they did I would have told them to get their act together if they want to justify the extreme prices. Not good enough.


ECO Douglas Restaurant
1/2 Eastville, Douglas Village, Douglas, Cork

Thanks to menupages I decided to give this a try and I was not disappointed.There is no recession going on in Douglas because the place was buzzing on a Wednesday night. Very extensive menu, great atmosphere, excellent service and an all-round thumbs-up for this lively cozy restaurant. It deserves to be full on a midweek evening! And yes I'll be back.


Oscar Taylor Restaurant
Island View Hotel, Coast Road, North Co. Dublin, Malahide, Dublin

We were very disappointed with an overall poor experience in this restaurant. This food was below average and overall was poor value for money. The mussels were overcooked and half the shells were empty. The lettuce was "limp" in the caesar salads and the dressing was very salty and at €15 you expect much better. For main course I had a trio of seafood which was allright except for the prawn on the plate which smelt unusual. When I discreetely pointed this out to the waiter, he seemed to take it personally and didn't want to know about it. All in all not good and we won't be back.


Kin Khao Thai Restaurant
Abbey Lane, Athlone, Westmeath

Food is good but too pricey. I left here thinking something was not quite right. The price is too high for what it is. I could not fault the food but everything else was just not hitting the mark. The decor is economical, they do not have soup spoons I was told, although soup is on the menu (delicious), the wine glasses are from the bargain basement as are the chop sticks and the price of the wine is way over the top. A lot of good restaurants now have several wines in the €18 - €22 range . . . this one doesn't. They are charging top-notch prices for an overall product that is not quite top-notch. I know my comlaints sound petty but I left there feeling disappointed and a bit ripped-off. I probably will not go back


8 Georges Quay, Limerick City, Limerick

I was a huge fan of this restaurant before it relocated and ate there everytime I visited Limerick, about once a month. I thought they had gone out of business but was thrilled to find it's new location and couldn't wait to go there this evening. Unfortunately I left there very disappointed realising that I was being charged more for less food than before, so it looks to me like the customer is paying more for the new premises. No bread was given, and I really missed the seafood platter which, to me, was the best plate of food you could get in Limerick. Please bring it back on the menu! The menu is now pre-printed and laminated which means it will never change - so what, you may say but it does not entice me back. Nothing wrong with the decor etc. but it has lost it's "unique" identity, value for money and flexibiity regarding menu choices. I'll wait a while before I give it another shot.


Zakz @ Athenaeum House Hotel
Christendom, Ferrybank, Waterford, Waterford City, Waterford

I've got mixed feelings about this restaurant. The food and service were very good - however I was expecting better. In particular, I have a big issue with restaurants of this calibre charging extra for vegetables with the main course - it really should be an all-in course. I ordered veg of the day with my lamb shank which was a large bowl of peas - while I do like but I got bored eating so many of them - why not give a selection??? Also, the wine list is sparse and the bottle I wanted was not available. They need to have a few wines in the €20 price range. In the present climate the objective has to be to get bums-on-seats and that will not happen unless they make a few adjustments.


Bombay Palace
10 College Street, Killarney, Killarney, Kerry

A fairly decent indian restaurant with good food at fair price. It's not the best you will find but is certainly above average. Very good value wines available.


Eastern Tandoori (Cork)
1/2 Emmet Place, Cork City, Cork

This place is on its last legs and has no hope unless it changes dramatically. The bad experience begins with the smelly stairwell. Nothing has changed here for many years. The food is less than average and unexciting. Even the poppadums and chutneys are the same for the last 15 years. Everything about this needs an upgrade. Cork is crying out for a high quality indian restaurant and this one is far off the mark.


Cafe Goa
36 The Quay Waterford, Waterford City, Waterford

Still as good as ever. Excellent top quality food, really tender meat and outstanding flavour. The service is really good with friendly attentive staff. It's easy to see why it is usually busy here. And it happens to be good value too!


Cavan Crystal Hotel
Dublin Road, Cavan Town, Cavan

If I am staying Cavan I usually stay in this hotel purely because of the food. The menu is always good and the food is excellently prepared and presented. They always seem to go that extra little bit with the effort and the chef knows how to play with flavours. Who would ever dream of serving blue-cheese ice-cream with a fillet of beef! Believe me it works.


Mr. Wong Chinese Restaurant
Dublin Road, Mullingar, Westmeath

Great menu with excellent food to match. The staff are friendly and surroundings are very "oriental". Even though everything about this restaurant is high quality, the prices are too high. Most dishes, even starters, are around €2 - €3 higher than most chinese restaurants. One other little niggle is that they ask if you want to leave a tip on your credit card - tips should be in cash and given directly to the server. Apart from that it's a good one and worth a visit


Vine Restaurant
109 North Main Street, Wexford Town, Wexford

Too expensive for what it is. While the food is good and there is a good atmosphere also, it is much more expensive than other, better Thai restaurants to be found in other locations - by at least €10 per head. I will only be back if I see the prices drop.


Spice Indian Restaurant
Monck Street, Wexford Town, Wexford

As good as ever. I have not been here since they moved premises. The food is really excellent and the service is very professional. This is a really good indian restaurant and well worth a visit. I gave them a "5" rating for atmosphere because it was lashing sleety rain on a quiet Tuesday night that you would not put a mother-in-law out in but I thought it was not fair to give a low score. The squid starter was outstanding and my main was every bit as enjoyable. It's good to see a reasonably priced wine list also. I felt I felt I got good value for money in a town where a lot of restaurants are just charging too much. I would definitely recommend this.


Lord Kenmare's Restaurant
18 College Street, Killarney, Killarney, Kerry

This is a really good restaurant with excellent food. I had the seafood platter which is a must for any seafood lover. Decent sized portions also. You can see why this place is always busy - it deserves to be. I will definitely be back and would highly recommend it.


Asian Tea House
15 Mary Street, Galway City, Galway

Best food I have eaten in some time. It was my 1st time here and I definitely will be back. The quality of the food is excellent and the portions are significant. Exellent friendly service also.


The Acorn @ Castle Oaks Hotel & Riverside Mews
The Acorn Restaurant, Castle Oaks Hotel & Riverside Mews, Castleconnell, Castleconnell, Limerick

I had a very good meal here. Everything was cooked to perfection and the service was very professional. Good value also - Starter, plus soup and a large portion of rack of lamb with veggies included for less than €30. Unbeatable value really for top quality food.


Restaurant 58 at Ballygarry House
Leebrook, Tralee, Tralee, Kerry

This is a must for your list. I had the pleasure of staying here 2 weeks ago and dined in the restaurant. The food is excellent and cooked to perfection in a really relaxed atmosphere. The breakfast was equally impressive - freshly cooked to order and served to the table which is becoming all to rare in most hotels today.


Tulsi Restaurant
3 Buttermilk Walk, Galway City, Galway

I have eaten here several times before but had not been for a while. The good news is that it is still as good as ever. Probably the best indian restaurant in Galway and reasonable value for money. Best Naan bread ever and everything else cooked to perfection. Can be difficult to find if you do not know where it is.


Kumar's Taste of Asia
Swan House, Swan Street, Flood Street, Galway City, Galway

This is a cosy restaurant with good indian food and a really friendly service. The owner and his wife always make an effort to make everybody welcome.


The Wild Swan Chinese Restaurant
1st Floor No1, Main Street, North Co. Dublin, Malahide, Dublin

Took my family here last night and had a really good meal. The service is friendly and the prices are very fair. The food is always good and I have no hesitation in recommending this to anybody.


Park House Restaurant (Galway)
Park House Hotel & Restaurant, Forster Street, Eyre Square, Galway City, Galway

Very impressed with this place. Excellent food and service and a good menu to choose from also. Plenty of choice on the set menu. Overall, I could not fault anything. I usually do not eat in hotel restaurants because they are not up to the mark, however this one is exceptional. Top marks all round!


Kashmir Indian Restaurant
Kilderry House, Lower Fairhill Road, Galway City, Galway

Not great. Thought it might be ok going by previous reviews. I expect to get food cooked to order rather than meat that is pre cooked and reheated in whatever sauce - I will not be back.


Radhuni Indian
East Douglas Village, Douglas, Cork

What a pity. My main course was inedible because of the fatty tough meat. I left most of it on the plate after attempting to chew it. When asked if I enjoyed my meal I explained the problem. No apology was given, not so much as a peace-offering, and the final insult was when they attempted to charge me full price for the main course. Even though my previous visits here were ok I will NEVER go back. They scored a "1" for food because the starter was ok. However they need to attend a training program on customer service - hence the zero score for service.


TK Thai II - Currently Closed
69 Orwell Road, Rathgar, Rathgar, Dublin

Nice restaurant with good food and excellent service. It is difficult to rate the atmosphere because I was the only customer in the place on a Tuesday night. A bit pricey - €52 for 1 without wine is too steep. Here comes my rant - it's about the desserts - why do they not create their own special desserts instead of the frozen mass produced gunk that too many asian restaurants are inflicting on us. These are especially out of place in this restaurant as the rest of the food is really good. They would probably do better if they allowed for the dying tiger and eased back the prices a bit!


Green Chilli CLOSED
18 John's St, Kilkenny City, Kilkenny

Unfortunately this place is well below average. The surroundings are very dreary. For example an old "super ser" gas heater is used to keep the customers warm which makes me wonder what conditions are like in the kitchen. I'm sure I heard the "ding" of a microwave before my starter was presented to me - the texture of my kebab confirmed this. These things should be banned from professional kitchens. The meat in my main course was mostly inedible because of the amount of fat and gristle in it - my dog would have rejected it. To be fair however, the nan bread was excellent and the pilau rice was nicely spiced. This place could do so well as it is well located with NO indian or chinese competition worth talking about in central Kilkenny.


The Robert Paul Restaurant @ Arlington Lodge
John's Hill, Waterford City, Waterford

One of the best restaurants I have eaten in and I look forward to any opportunity to stay and eat there. The quality of the food here is second to none, the service is excellent and there is a very warm, homely atmosphere created by all the staff. Not bad value either, in fact hard to beat when you consider the quality of food. Also,the breakfast is superb - it is cooked to order and served to your table which is sadly becoming extinct in most hotels today.


Poppadom (Limerick)
U2C Robert Street, Cornmarket Square, Limerick City, Limerick

A gem of a restaurant. Excellent food, friendly service, decent menu and a fair price. Try the "extreme kebab" starter - it's an outstanding plate of food. Well worth a visit.


The Ambassador Restaurant
3 Cook Street, Cork City, Cork

One of the most expensive chinese restaurants I have used. I was not impressed to see an automatic service charge of 10% added to what are already expensive prices. The menu did not clearly state that this 10% would be added which left me feeling ripped-off. The food was good however but not special enough to justify the price - €60 for starter, main & bottle of house wine

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