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Green Nineteen restaurant

19 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2, Camden Street, Dublin, Area Code:

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Reviewed 04th November 2012 ( visited 29th October 2012 )

Here for a post-marathon bite to eat, and impressed as always. Went for the burger and chips for starter and had the ham for mains (very hungry). All well cooked, no pretence, happy leaving, as was everyone else in the group. Still the best value restuarant in town.
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Eden restaurant

Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

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Reviewed 08th September 2009 ( visited 23rd June 2009 )

great starters and service. walnut pear and blue cheese salad was divine, sea bass equally good. main courses good, i went for a tajine which was tasty. starters are what stood out and will defo go back for lunch. good wines and service too. sat outside, atmosphere was quiet and relaxed.
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33 Harcourt Street, Dublin, City Centre South, Dublin

I can put most negatives down to teething problems, but they'll need to iron them out quickly. We went for an early breakfast . Between us we had the steak and eggs, Full irish breakfast, huevos rancheros, and granola. Steak and eggs - perfect, no complaints, €16 a reasonable price for 12lb rib (no strip). Fry - far too small. For 10.50 you have put more than one sausage and one egg on the plate for starters. Cheap sliced brown pan is not on either. Granola - unbelievable. Huevos rancheros - very good. Atmosphere and view were great, staff were excellent; they brought us mimosos to apologies for a slight mix up in order. They didn't have real orange juice so just charged half-price for bottled replacement (we hadn't said anything about this).


Keshk Cafe Restaurant
71 Mespil Road, Dublin 4, Ballsbridge, Dublin

Last table available was a bit squashed but staff quickly managed to free up another; service was excellent throughout and the food was great. Greek waiter particularly good. We ordered three starters, they only brought two; when we asked for the third they assumed they had made a mistake and only charged us for two on the bill - we told them that there was no mistake, that we should have been charged for three, but they left the bill at two. This is on top of the free coffee and baklava as it was one of our birthdays. For €42 + our bottle of wine we got 3 starters - prawns, falafel and baba ganoush - all excellent; the main courses were mousaka and lamb chops and roast potatoes - spuds were excellent. A mezze option for starter might be worth their while - that was the only thing we would have changed. Wineshops around corner - Try Oddbins small wineshop before Donnybrook Fair if looking for a good deal on wine before your meal


Jewel in the Crown (Ballsbridge)
41-43 Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4, Ballsbridge, Dublin

Takeout: Pros: Chicken Madras was very tasty; chicken was cooked well and it was spicy as it had advertised; sauce possibly a littly oily. Cons: Small portion size; far too much sauce and too little chicken. I had to pay extra for rice (2.10). Basmati rice; - by far my favourite - it cost me 10.75+2.10 (12.85), so not good value for money.


An Bhialann
120 Ranelagh, Dublin 6, Ranelagh, Dublin

Excellent restaurant. Strangely enough, all of the restaurants in Ranelagh are quite niche - this one does all the basics with a few suprises and it does them really well too. Lobster was sublime, surf n' turf (fillet steak and prawns) was excellent too. Service was extremely friendly and we both felt that we got great value for money. Will be heading back there next week.


Neon Asian Street Food
17 Camden Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Less spicier food is good, the spicier end of the menu was not. Too much chili and curry paste added just for the sake of it - why not just serve a bowl of curry paste with veg and rice? Hot curry isn't eaten just for the sake of it, it should taste a lot better. Paste was cheaply made, far too much of the same type chilli thrown in, even the heads of it. I had the Chu curry (24). Portions were good. OH's Penang curry had less of the paste and a very good coconut sauce and was more enjoyable as a result. Free ice-cream was a nice touch for dessert. Nice atmosphere. Will come back again but just for something light as it is reasonably good value. Will stick to other places for spicier stuff.


35 South William Street, Dublin 2, South William Street, Dublin

Was here for the third time on Wednesday, first time for lunch, was very impressed again. Service was good, quiet enough for the time of day. Rosary cut (side of ribs) was a big cut and v tasty, chips were fantastic, €10 all in was a reasonably good deal. OH had baked potato, came with all the garnishings, was big and tasted great. Homemade ketchups good too.


Bombay Pantry Fairview
38 Philipsburgh Avenue, Fairview, Dublin

Ordered a takeaway - so for the record I marked Atmos and Service 4 though don't really figure in a takeaway. Not sure how other people are marking it for their takeaways. Have had Bombay Pantry in Rathmines too, and to be honest I don't know how they are getting away with 100gram portions of meat. Food was grand, nothing amazing, (Bombay Chicken) but wasn't full after. Cost them about €2 to make, spices and sauce + small chicken breast + cup of rice; sauce tastes good, chicken fine, but won't be making a habit of going here. 1 for Value and 3 for food.


Quattro 4 Pizza
8 Sussex Tce, Sussex Road, City Centre South, Dublin

Food was good, everything else was great. Wine was filled to top, only €4. Chicken portion a bit small (12.95) but tasted good; tagliatielle very good too. Tiramisu was a big portion, tasted great. Coffee good too. Service was excellent, very friendly & informal, atmosphere was very relaxed, no one was stressed, running around panicking, excellent value, especially in comparison to the nearest restaurants. Will defininitely be back.


Green Nineteen
19 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2, Camden Street, Dublin

Here for a post-marathon bite to eat, and impressed as always. Went for the burger and chips for starter and had the ham for mains (very hungry). All well cooked, no pretence, happy leaving, as was everyone else in the group. Still the best value restuarant in town.


Le Bon Crubeen
81-82 Talbot Street, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

Fantastic meal with great service and atmosphere. We picked up a great deal on menupages, and wondered if the restaurant would be as good with the change of head chef. It was impressive all round. I have the beef salad which had a bit of everything - apple, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes salad, and of course fried beef pieces. Worked out really well. OH had such a tasty risotto, and I'm not a risotto fan. Had the Rib-eye steak, perfectly cooked to order, fries were as good as anywhere. OH's fish was great too. Excellent selection of wine by the glass. Music was good, live band not intrusive at all, great singer - and fantastic service was the highlight - she even went out to pick up a tourist map and brochure for two swedes at the next table. Back soon.


Jamie's Italian
Pembroke District, Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin 14 , Dundrum, Dublin

Disappointing overall. Far too laboured - trying to get waiters to pretend to be someone they are not; trying to be so cool and trendy that might work in london but just doesn't feel right here. Waiters pretending that this particular part of the dish is their favourite (read PR's favourite) when they are clearly lying. Our waiter was great, friendly, efficient and got the job done, but leave the styles chez vous Jamie. €16 for fried turkey - which although tasted good, was essentially 300g fried turkey take away style flat on a plate which came with no sides - sides weren't required for any of the main courses we were informed. So I ordered the polenta chips for a side, another €4.25. The starters while varied and tasty were miniscule, for 8.25 a pop it's too much. The atmosphere is how I would imagine a Nando's to be, but it was a Sunday afternoon and full of families - not complaining, but I would write home about it. Can't charge these prices for what is been offered - main reason for low marks.


Konkan Indian Restaurant Clanbrassil Street
46 Upper Clanbrassil Street, Near Harolds Cross Bridge, Portobello, Dublin

Usually step in for takeaways; the food here is great - decent sized portions for meat unlike Bombay Pantry, Saba and co, the chicken madras, what I had this time, is my favourite, full of flavour; Vindaloo is a bit dry but still packs its punch. Definitely recommend.


Chez Max (Baggot Street)
133 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre South, Dublin

Service was the best I have had in Dublin in a long time. Restaurant was quiet except for Tubbers and a gang of friends around the corner. Atmosphere was fine for 7 on a Wednesday evening. Duck was excellent, really cooked well. Unfortunately, as with many restuarants, there wasn't enough on the plate to fill me fully, but luckily my girlfriend had some spare chips from her moules frites to sort me out. Mussels were good. Soupe à l'oignon also good. Tarte aux pommes was a on the small side. For 5.95 restuarants should really be increasing quantity here. Coffee and tea good, bill was 59.95 which also included two glasses of red; a little on the expensive side but I'm not complaining. Will be back.


Seagrass of Portobello Bridge
30 South Richmond Street, Dublin 8, Portobello, Dublin

Just blown away by the value and quality of food, as well as great service, all together in the one restaurant. I was surprised it wasn't packed - it has a great byob/w policy and an early bird menu for 19.99 - 3 good quality early bird dishes here - as well as this, it doesn't cheap out on an ice-cream sorbet dessert but gives a fruit crumble or chocolate dish. I went for the main menu as I couldn't resist the steak and wasabi sauce; had the mussels for starters. All were great. The Hungarian waiter was excellent.


Marios (Ranelagh)
39 Ranelagh Village, Dublin 6, Ranelagh, Dublin

Very average. €15.50 for a chicken dish that didn't come with a proper side - 2 slices of cucumber, some lettuce and tomato. I had to order extra chips at €3.25. Chicken was reasonably good with spinach and ricotta, but pasta was fairly average - tomato sauce wasn't seasoned well enough. Service was polite and friendly. 4.5% VAT reduction not yet implemented. Won't go back in a hurry.


Di Bella Cafe
Hogans Place, City Centre South, Dublin

joint best pizza in dublin, have only ever had pizza here, diablo is the best. pizza cooks in 3 mins, the proper way. can't believe that a lot of the delivery companies get away with charging so much more for less quality. we used to usually get the takeaway and eat at home, but it closes earlier now and all weekend so only get the odd one now. last one was still great though. but lads get a delivery service together you will rake up dublin!


Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin

great starters and service. walnut pear and blue cheese salad was divine, sea bass equally good. main courses good, i went for a tajine which was tasty. starters are what stood out and will defo go back for lunch. good wines and service too. sat outside, atmosphere was quiet and relaxed.


Kinara Restaurant
318 Clontarf Road, North Co. Dublin , Clontarf, Dublin

best indian sit-in in dublin. great food and service. pilau rice unbeatable in this part of the world, perfectly spiced. have eaten here a few times, went for the jhinga prawns and lamb, lamb is top quality. way better than anywhere on brick lane! well priced n spiced.

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