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Pablo Picante - Clarendon Market restaurant

4 Clarendon Market, Between Clarendon Row & South William Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin, Area Code:

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Reviewed 20th March 2012 ( visited 09th March 2012 )

This place comes very close to perfection in my books, their Cali Carnitas is the best burrito I have had in my life, they are massive so they keep you full for the day and the taste of the slow cooked pork is ridiculously good. Student deal is really good, its just a pity that it doesnt include the Cali Carnitas, even so, it is very very cheap, with a good selection of beers. I love this place
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Pizza Hut restaurant

24 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

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Reviewed 17th November 2007 ( visited 04th September 2007 )

Ok at best. The pizza is ok but the place isn't really worth a look. The service is standard but it doesn't have a nice feel to it. For what you are getting it is very overpriced. Would not go back by choice.
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El Bahia Moroccan Restaurant
37 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Arrived here on a Thursday for the early bird, which they were doing all night. Two courses for 15 euro was a great deal and the whole meal worked out as about 35 euro for 2 people. We tried the soup and the lentils, the soup was amazing and the lentils were fairly tasty. for mains we both tried the tajines. The Chicken version was amazing but the meatballs were kinda just meatballs in a nice sauce, nothing overly special. Overall the service was good, the value was brilliant and the food was mostly very good. I will be going back.


Rigby's Deli and Dining Room
126 Leeson Street, City Centre South, Dublin

I have to say I really enjoyed the no menu idea, even though it wasn't the best food id ever had, id still go back for some surprises. We were given a choice of two starters and two mains for the early bird, both starters were very tasty, we tried the fish and the chicken. For the main we both went for the meat which happened to be pork, there was some chops and some pork belly, the belly was very tasty but the chops were a bit dry which made them feel pretty regular so I was fairly disappointed with that. I got the cheese board for desert and it was really tasty but at 9 euro I kind of regret getting it. The service and atmosphere was great, its pretty funky that its also an art gallery, also the bring your own beer was a definite win for it. overall I found it a cool spot, will return but not to frequently because I wasn't that impressed with the value.


Millennium Walkway, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Italian Quarter, Dublin

Good value, drink and burrito for €10, the burrito was very good an filling, wasn't the best burrito I have had but it was up there. Also very much liking the fact that you can get Desperados for €2.95 great beer, you would normally pay €6 for it. The margarita is nice but doesnt taste like they put a lot of alcohol in it. Will probably come back, still have to try out a few more burrito places first though.


The Cedar Tree
11a St Andrews Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Arrived here on Saturday for the lunchtime deal. The place was fairly empty so there wasn't much of an atmosphere at all but I did find the style of the place quite nice. I got the Arrayess which was very tasty and beef Shawarma, both of which were very tasty. My girlfriend got the Mezze Veg, which tasted nice but she wasn't too impressed with. The dish itself was basically a number of reincarnations of the Chick Pea so she was a little disappointed. Overall a good experience but will be staying well away from the mediocre vegetarian option. May return


Buenos Aires Grill
Unit 2 Castle Way, Golden Lane, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Came here with my girlfriend on the bank holiday Monday using the menupages deal. I went for the flank steak which was extremely tasty, but my girlfriend went for the rib-eye, this was insanely good, cant really fault the food here in anyway and with the deal its very good value. It was quiet enough maybe due to its location so there wasn't much of an atmosphere. The service wasn't bad but it wasn't to great either, when are drinks were finished no one came to see if we wanted more and we had to ask for desert twice, apart from that it was good. The value is very good with the deal but it is expensive otherwise. Overall my girlfriend and I were very happy and will be going back.


35 South William Street, Dublin 2, South William Street, Dublin

Five of us arrived here on the Thursday before the Heineken Cup final, Was cool to see Cian Healy having some food and resisted the urge to say hello. Three of us shared the Flank and it was beautiful, very tasty and not tough for the cut of meat that it was. Million dollar fries were absolutely awesome, but at 6.50 each they are best to share. Service was good and the beer they had was tasty too. Cant really fault the place so I'm looking forward to coming back. Found it the best out of the whole franchise too. Looking forward to trying the London Broil!


Bon Appetit
9 James Terrace, Malahide, Dublin, Malahide, Dublin

Had the early bird here and it was absolutely delicious, cannot say anything bad about the food because all three courses were amazing. Unfortunately though it was a Sunday evening and the place was filled with large families, this included kids running around and crying and when my girlfriend went to the bathroom she said it smelled like used diapers. Will definitely go back, just hope the atmosphere is better next time.


Pablo Picante - Clarendon Market
4 Clarendon Market, Between Clarendon Row & South William Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

This place comes very close to perfection in my books, their Cali Carnitas is the best burrito I have had in my life, they are massive so they keep you full for the day and the taste of the slow cooked pork is ridiculously good. Student deal is really good, its just a pity that it doesnt include the Cali Carnitas, even so, it is very very cheap, with a good selection of beers. I love this place


60 Dame Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I must admit I had my reservations coming to this place, I had heard all the hype and also heard that the place is generally jammed and the service was poor. I was pleasantly surprised however, there was plenty of room. My girlfriend and I both ordered half chickens which were surprisingly very reasonably priced, cheap even. The butter chicken was really tasty but the soy garlic chicken was truly incredible. The sides were quite good and they have a nice selection drinks, that howling gale ale and aspall are very tasty. The only thing I would really fault this place on is that we could have been looked after slightly better. We had to flag down the waiter for a few things, which is kind of frustrating. Over all though, great experience and will be returning numerous times


O'Sheas Merchant
12 Lower Bridge Street, City Centre South, Dublin

Went to see the Munster match here and get some food, I got the seafood special which was divine, unfortunately the portions were very small, when they said a side of chunky chips, that means six! My girlfriend got the breaded fish which she said was pretty horrible as it was way too oily. I would put this place down as hit and miss. wont be returning


Cafe Azteca
19 - 21 Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

This restaurant was unfortunately empty when we arrived. Overall I was impressed as the food was good, seemed authentic but not the best Mexican I have ever had. Wide variety of Chillies including chipotle and a few varieties I have never heard of. I will be going back to try them out at the very least. We were well looked after and so we enjoyed the experience even though we were the only ones there.


Octopussy Seafood Tapas
7 West Pier, Dublin 13, Howth, Dublin

Arrived here for a lunch time meal with my family after my graduation. The place was empty so I was a little worried but it came recommended by a friend. The seating consisted of high stools or a small little whole in the wall, we chose the whole in the wall and it wasn't very comfortable. When the food arrived we forgot about the bad seats because all the seafood was excellent. I have never liked seafood chowder till I came to this restaurant, all the dishes were in their own tasty creamy sauce and everyone of them was delicious. The waitress was friendly and the meal itself ended up being very cheap. Will return here. Id say this place would be awesome to go to with a few friends before heading out for some drinks


Bombay Pantry Fairview
38 Philipsburgh Avenue, Fairview, Dublin

Got take out from here on the way home and I was very pleasantly surprised by the food and price of the meal. Although not the best Indian food I have ever had, it ranks pretty high up on my scale and when you combine that with the price, you are onto a winner, meal for two cost 15 euro, which included one starter, both courses were very tasty and the naan was very tasty. will definitely be getting food from here again


Milano (Dawson Street)
38 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre South, Dublin

Went for diner here with my girlfriend on Sunday and was very disappointed with all aspects of the restaurant. I was under the impression that Milano was typical Italian restaurant with a casual atmosphere, when we arrived, the place seemed more like a canteen than a restaurant. It was only half full but everyone seemed to by trying to talk over the group next to them. The service was equally as poor as we had to ask for menus and were completely neglected by the staff, having to flag them down for every order, none of which seemed to be in any rush to carry it out. The table was only wiped and not cleaned, we didnt end up using the cutlery for our pizzas as they were not clean and even the glass I was given for my beer wasn't properly cleaned. We both chose pizza's from their light range, the ones with the wholes in the middle and we were both equally disappointed, mine was bland and my girlfriends pizza was undercooked. Will never return to this restaurant as it was the worst dining experience I have had in a very long time


Planet Spice Indian Restaurant &Takeaway;
8 Mary St Clonmel, Clonmel, Tipperary

Arrived in Clonmel to visit a friend who is working there, we all decided to go for something spicy so this seemed to be the best place for it. Ordered the Phal, was warned that it was very spicy, much more spicy than the Vindaloo, but I had to go for it. I was not disappointed, so spicy, it was a challenge to finish, but a good challenge. They were very kind and attentive in the restaurant, so much so that when a friend ordered a beer that wasnt on the menu, they went to the shops and bought some for him. Also when they found out we were from Dublin just up for a visit, they gave us free desert! If I go back to Clonmel, I will definitely eat there.


Kinara Restaurant
318 Clontarf Road, North Co. Dublin , Clontarf, Dublin

Absolutely excellent food. I came here with my familly for an evening meal, greated at the door by a very friendly employee who showed us where to go. The portions were perfect along with the quality of the food. Everyone was completely satisfied, the only thing which dissappointed me was the small variety of beer available, also once I got my beer it didnt taste very fresh. Overall a great experience, will definately go back.


7-9 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Arrived here for lunch last week and was treated very well on arrival. I only decided to go in on a whim at lunch time because I was starving. I decided to go for the lunch time bento box. I was in complete awe by the amount of food that was provided for a mere ten euro. 6 dishes for 10 euro and so much food that I couldn't even finish half of it. The food itself was nice, the katsu curry had a nice taste to it. The miso soup and sushi were quite good as well but i didn't really take to the squid. Although the food wasn't amazing, I will definitely go back for the value.


Jimmy Chungs
Eden Quay, City Centre North, Dublin

I came here for a friends birthday. I have to say I was surprised at how good it was. the overall value was amazing. There was a huge selection of very tasty starters, had to go up for two plates. I have to say I was a little dissappointed with the main courses, they where only average. But this was quickly solved by their amazing deserts. One word of warning for this place, Dont eat for a day before you go there. I over ate and wasnt even able to finish a beer afterward. Will definately go back.


The Oar House Fish Restaurant
8 West Pier, North Co. Dublin, Howth, Dublin

Dined here for the first time for my brothers birthday. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. After seeing Lobster on the menu I had to get it. 25 euro for a half Lobster was brilliant value, especially given the size of the lobster. It was a small whole lobster minus the claws that was given to me. It was extremely fresh and very filling. Everyone else enjoyed their meal and the only thing I was disappointed at was the fact that they didnt sell any beer. Still very good place and I will definitely go back.


Hard Rock Cafe
12 Fleet Street, Dublin 2, City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

Went here for a birthday not too long ago. The food was quite expensive, the portions weren't as large as I expected (the picture of what you are getting is twice the size of what you get). Nice enough atmosphere, friendly staff but for an American place, I wasn't completely full leaving.


Pizza Hut
24 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Ok at best. The pizza is ok but the place isn't really worth a look. The service is standard but it doesn't have a nice feel to it. For what you are getting it is very overpriced. Would not go back by choice.


Eddie Rockets (O Connell Street)
O' Connell Street, City Centre North, Dublin

I do like the place but you could also call it a glorified fast food chain. It's fast food restaurant. The food is great but is also very expensive for what you are getting. I love the atomic hamburger but you're paying nearly 7 euro for somthing that takes them about 5 mins to whip up. Really good place but overpriced "Eddie Rockets, empty your pockets"


Wagamama - Stephen's Green
St Stephen's Green Centre, South King St, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Astounding restaurant. This is my favourite place to go to in Dublin. I try to get there once a week. It is a large restaurant just off Stephens Green shopping centre. The atmosphere is brilliant. The staff are lovely, the food is amazing and the hakutsuru sake is the beez neez. Recommend everyone go here.


O Sheas
19 Talbot Street, City Centre North, Dublin

Nice cheap pub grub. Its a little bit cramped but it makes up for it with atmosphere and food portions, when I ate there I ordered the fajitas and was very impressed, I had good fun and for a Dublin city restaurant it was very cheap. I will go back.


The Upper Deck duplicate
Harbour Road, Above the Waterside Pub, Howth, Dublin

I dined here for my previous birthday, I was very happy with it, the portions where massive, I only dented my macho taco meal, which they don't appear to do anymore. I really enjoyed the diner and was happy with the prices too.


Jaipur Restaurant (Malahide)
5 St James's Terrace, Dublin 15, Malahide, Dublin

I have been here twice and will go back to it too. Both times I was very happy with the food and atmosphere. Both times I ordered the chicken vindaloo, I was very impressed with it the first time, it was a perfect meal but the second time I thought it wasn't spicy enough, it was still very good just not as spice as it should have been. The prices are fair also.


Oscar Taylor Restaurant
Island View Hotel, Coast Road, North Co. Dublin, Malahide, Dublin

I came back here with my family and we ate up in the restaurant upstairs. We went for the early bird menu which was extremely good value. I enjoyed the meal thoroughly and we went down to the bar downstairs and had some really cheap pints. Oscar Taylors is very good value for Malahide

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