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FXB Monkstown restaurant

3a The Crescent Monkstown, South Co. Dublin, Monkstown, Dublin, Area Code: South Co. Dublin

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Reviewed 02nd July 2007 ( visited 02nd July 2007 )

Wonderful restaurant/pub. The service is always excellent here, and the menu is unfussy yet varied. Food is well presented and usually faultless, though they have been known to slightly over cook my steak on occasion. I have dined both in the upstairs restaurant and in the bar beneath, and I would heartily recommend both.
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Ciao Bella Roma restaurant

24/25 Parliament Street, Dublin 2, City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

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Reviewed 12th December 2006 ( visited 12th December 2006 )

Wonderful pizzas, all those reviews describing them as the best in town are not wrong, and great value for money, especially before 6. Italians throng here too, which indicates to me they must be doing something very right. Also downstairs on Sundays you can catch a live Serie A match with the natives, if you are so inclined. So leave the Chelsea shirt at home...
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Les Freres Jacques
74 Dame Street, Dublin City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

Like half of Dublin - the less well-heeled half I suppose, Les Freres had been on my wish-list for a while. Thanks to their early bird on Mon-Tues, which has 50% off full bottles of wine, I was able at to move it my hit-list and bring it into focus. The early-bird has 3 dishes in each course without supplement. 2 courses €18, 3 courses €23. Service is very professional, and they seemed to approve of our wine-choice, which was much agonised over. The fish cakes and poached egg starters were simple but well-carried off. I found the hake a tad over-done, and in line with other comments, the risotto served with it adds nothing to the dish, in terms of texture or flavour. But it's a pleasant way to drink great wine without the mark-up


Farm Restaurant (Dawson Street)
3 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Dawson Street, Dublin

Despite it's name, the Farm is no bucolic idyll. In fact, in terms of design it's a solar system away from the farmyard. but the food is farm-fresh, which is the improtant thing. We both went for the fish-pie, a generous portion of which arrived with a decent side salad. One of the best fish-pies I've ever had in Dublin, and ideally suited to the current cold snap. The half bottle of Chablis was bit young for my liking, but they do have an extensive drinks list. Service is attentive. The acoustics in the restaurant and the close proximity of other tables will preclude you from discussing anything too salacious, and it can get a bit loud at times. Good value for what it is. Great place for a bite after wok


Dada Restaurant
45 South William Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

The decor and atmosphere of this restaurant are it's real selling points. The food, the hake tagine and lamb tagine were good, but nothing special and the mint tea was below par. Yet we were both completely seduced by the ambiance and were making plans to return with a big group next time. The food may be moroccan, but the service is rather french - it's very hard to catch anyones eye for things like more wine, the bill etc.


The Blackboard Bistro
The Basement, 4 Clare Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I ventured into the arctic depths of an icy Saturday night, hoping to be warmed by a pleasant dining experience. Hope springs eternal they say, just as well too, as the conversation was the heart-warming element of the evening.For a start, the dining area is very small, and the breeeze from the door makes you feel like you're eating in the park. The two serving staff were not able to cope with volume of customers seated for 9. The upshot of this was that we waited 25 minutes with menus in front of us to order. The wine was ok. Starters of mussel soup and foie gras were disapointing. Soup was bland, and vanilla/pear compote with seared foie gras demands some acidic reduction to give it bite. Mains of sole meuniere and hake were passable,no better. The service was truly awful - Basil Fawlty watch out.


The Old Stand
37 Exchequer Street, City Centre South, Dublin

Had a v late lunch with himself. I went for soup and smoked salmon salad. Hard to go wrong with those, but they were spot on. He had the T-Bone, and this is from a man who eats more meat than a bear, 'that's a cracking steak'. Lovely place to stop for a bite and a pint .


La Maison
15 Castle Market Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Wonderful spot, excellent service and food, and doesn't mire you any deeper in recession blues. Wine list is well thought out, and the staff are very helpful


6-7 Jervis Street, Millennium Walkway, Dublin 1, City Centre, Italian Quarter, Dublin

Went for my birthday, nice wine, shame about the food. Its the worst thai food I've ever had in Dublin. Tom yum soup was insipid, prawns marooned in greasy dishwater. My seafood main was merely noodles in coconut milk, no spice discernible whatsoever. Thai style rice was OK, we were so hungry we shared it. Service never asked why we left most of 2 courses. Would happily starve down to my final sinew before I would eat here again.


Carluccio's Caffe
52 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre South, Dublin

The pasta is delicious, though my fruitti de mari needed more garlic and a litttle more oil. But at the end of the day the lighting is so harsh I have flash-backs to the teen-disco era. Nothing wrong with that of course but its not the mood I choose to dine in. Service was brisk but fair, food was (see above), dining room is ... uninviting. Not bad, but could improve.


The Gallery Restaurant at the Church
Junction of Mary St. & Jervis St., Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

We fought our way across the city, battling sharp elbows and Henry St Hawkers, braved the noisy bar and scaled the dizzy heights of the Gallery, balancing shopping bags all the way. Yet our 2 person Magi was compelled to search our conscience - had the journey been worth the (labour) pains? Subjectivity will play the starring role in your answer. If you're content in dealing with 4 different serving staff, having your bread brought to the table beside you, soggy pasta swamped with cream, and incurring severe difficulty in paying the bill - we had the funds, they just wouldn't take them - its the place for you. We felt differently, I wont be back for a while, even if they gave me the food for free.


Seapoint Restaurant
4 The Crescent, Monkstown, Dublin, Monkstown, Dublin

Monkstown in full of dining experiences, and these hard times you need to stand out to survive. Seapoint is not outstanding yet, but it had the potential to be. The food was faultless, starters of asparagus and venison took the edge off our hunger, but not our appetite. The Sancerre was a little young for both our tastes, and at €35, it gives cause for regret. Our mains of confit of duck and baked halibut were excellent. The cheese plate offers at least 7 cheeses but surely they can offer more than Carrs biscuits and a few grapes with it. The dining room is well laid out but due to the hard surfaces the noise can be a problem. Overall a promising start.


Winters Bar
Dundrum Town Centre, Dundrum, Dundrum, Dublin

Agree with previews comments that it's either a place for a quick bite before cinema or else for drinks and then onto a club. The ambience for eating is pleasant and service is prompt and friendly. The food isn't out of this world, but it's decent. If you want to dine away from teenagers and kids, you could do worse


Lemon Jelly Cafe
Millennium Walkway, Jervis Street, Italian Quarter, Dublin

A Sunday afternoon, with Lemon Jelly half full inside, we amble in, seat ourselves, eventually get our own menus and ponder which of the waiters we have to sleep with to get them to take our order. There were 6 of them behind the counter, mostly enjoying each others company. 1 counting tips(can't imagine they were given for customer service)and ignoring anyone who came to the till, another browsed the Sunday papers.We should have gone ahead and fried our own crepe,though no experts we could not have done any worse. The crepe was soggy, and devoid of any sweetness. They got the Darjeeling right,but forgot one cup and the milk.They were quick enough with the bill mind...Appalling service and food!


6 Merrion Row, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Do you want to eat reasonably priced, well presented French scrumptious food? Would you like to see a wine list that doesn't jepordise your mortgage repayments ?Tasteful decor, attentive service and a soundtrack that gently sets the ambience things that attract you to an eaterie?Ok, I lied about the music, it is easy-listening but too much so for my liking, but Hugos does meet all the other criteria. I can't fault them on quality or price. Eat there when you can still get a booking!


Chilli Banana
112 Upper Drumcondra Road, North Dublin, Drumcondra, Dublin

The food is very good - our seafood curry and crispy duck were both up to measure - though the presentation of the duck could be better.What lets this place down is the service - their nonchalance and a couldn't care less attitude leave a bad taste. The wine list ain't the greatest either and the mark-up would make you cry, but that's nothing new in this country.


The Larder Restaurant
8 Parliament Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

A real gem of place, with delicious, simple and reasonably priced food. The tuna steak was oneof the best I've ever eaten, and they cooked it exactly as I'd asked. The wine list is decent and the desserts are to die for.In terms of the quality of the dishes and value for money this is one of the best restaurants I've been to all year.


Millstone, A Dublin Restaurant
39 Dame Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Great restaurant, varied menu, and the steak and seafood pizza that we shared were excellent. Service is a bit slow, and the tables are a little cramped together downstairs but excellent value.


Il Corvo Restaurant
98-100 Upper Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9 , Drumcondra, Dublin

The service is about all to recommend in this place; the staff are prompt and friendly. Shame about the food. My pizza was bland, too much dough and not enough sauce, also way too much cheese with overpowered the other toppings. My companion’s pasta was ok; again the flavours were a little flat. The prices are rather high for what it is. You could do a lot worse; equally there is room for improvement


The Winding Stair Restaurant
40 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1 , City Centre North, Dublin

Went there at the end of a busy lunchtime, and despite a short wait for a table, it's a light, airy venue, which allows you to enjoy a view of the quays without the noise. We opted for the pan-fried plaice with chips and the lamb’s liver. Service was impeccable, efficient and not intrusive. The food was delicious, can heartily recommend this place.


IFI Cafe Bar
6 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Temple Bar, Dublin

If you like your art-house films, then chances are the IFI and it's wonderful restaurant will need no introduction to you. Indeed, you'll probably be a bit sore that someone else is letting the secret out. The IFI is perma-filled with the artsy-boho set, and you'll often overhear discussions on Italian neo-realism being drowned out by talk of the next/last film festival. What you'll also notice is that every table is graced by coffee, nibbles or full meals. Say what you like about students and film buffs, but they know good, cheap eats, and where they find them, they return. The menu here will never win awards for innovation, but it should earn a few plaudits for being consistently well executed, varied and for keepings it's prices within reach of those for whom the Tiger has roared a little less loudly. The fish cakes and the falafel are a personal fav, but I've worked my way through a lot of their fare, and never been disappointed. Excellent venue for people-watching too.


FXB Monkstown
3a The Crescent Monkstown, South Co. Dublin, Monkstown, Dublin

Wonderful restaurant/pub. The service is always excellent here, and the menu is unfussy yet varied. Food is well presented and usually faultless, though they have been known to slightly over cook my steak on occasion. I have dined both in the upstairs restaurant and in the bar beneath, and I would heartily recommend both.


Yamamori Sushi, Tengu
38-39 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

Much better venue than the place on Georges St. Light, airy, calming and conducive to relaxing dining. The service was prompt and friendly, food (we had a Seafood Yaki Soba and a Salmon Teriyaki) was delicious and cooked to a tee, and the two Kirin beers recommended by the waitress were the perfect accompaniment. A wonderful dining experience.


Jaipur Restaurant (Dalkey)
21 Castle Street, South Co. Dublin, Dalkey, Dublin

Great meal, the starters and both of the main courses were flawless. The lassi and the bottle of wine (reasonably priced) too were above reproach. A wonderful place for Indian food.


Akash Indian Restaurant
7 Georges Ave, South Co. Dublin, Blackrock, Dublin

I have only sampled their fare, repeatedly it must be said, on a take-away basis but any dish I have ordered, and our lot have gone through about 10 at this stage, have all been extremely tasty. I agree with a previous reviewer that the prices charged for rice etc are a bit much, but it's the best Indian take-away I've come across. That said, order a good 90 mins before you are really hungry, the delivery service has never been under an hour, and we live 10 mins away.


The Port House
64a South William Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Had a Saturday lunch here recently, and was heartily impressed by the service, food and prices. True, it is a little dark for mid-day dining, and the place was operating at half capacity, which may explain the great service we received in contrast to other reviews on this site that document truly awful service. The waiting staff were attentive and prompt, the food was delicious, well presented and excellent value. A small gripe, there were dishes on the menu, a photocopied page, that were unavailable when ordered, with no prior warning. If you don't have it, don't advertise it, it makes your restaurant look amateurish.


The Lord Edward
23 Christchurch Place, City Centre South, Dublin

If you love seafood, wonderful service, an imaginative and well executed menu and great ambiance, then you have no excuse for eating at home tonight, go there now!!! Was there recently, can't recommend this place highly enough. Ok, if they gave me free eats for life, I could try, but that dream aside, just go and enjoy


1 St Andrews Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

This used to be my favourite Tapas place in Dublin, but no more. I dined there very recently and was dismayed to find that the prices of most of the meat/fish tapas have increased to almost main course prices. Fair enough you might say, but the quality and quantity of the dishes in no way warrants this price hike. The 4 dishes we had were on small side and poorly flavoured. Service was surly and brisk, from the Maire'd to the waitress. A hugely disappointing dining experiences


Ciao Bella Roma
24/25 Parliament Street, Dublin 2, City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

Wonderful pizzas, all those reviews describing them as the best in town are not wrong, and great value for money, especially before 6. Italians throng here too, which indicates to me they must be doing something very right. Also downstairs on Sundays you can catch a live Serie A match with the natives, if you are so inclined. So leave the Chelsea shirt at home...


Dunne And Crescenzi (South Frederick Street)
14-16 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

A wonderful trattoria style eaterie, with a killer wine list. Service is friendly and efficient, although the it can feel a little cramped when the restaurant is full. The food is simply prepared and presented in order to let the ingredients and flavours shine through. A small gripe is that the portions are rather child-sized, but in an era of increasing waistlines, they're probably doing us a favour. The wine list is the real star, and the espresso is one of the best I've had in Dublin.


Juice Vegetarian Restaurant
9 Castle House, South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Excellent vegetarian restaurant, with a wide range of dishes, all reasonably priced. The food was of a very high quality, simple and well executed. The restaurant itself was calm and tastefully lit, and a seat at the front permits shameless people watching as you dine. Service is prompt, helpful and efficient. My only gripe was the service charge, I think they are unnecessary and a sour note to any meal out. But that's a personal bugbear. Overall it was a pleasurable dining experience, no granola or hemp clothing in sight (not that they don't have a place, but who wants to eat with cliches?), and I will be back.


Fallon and Byrne
11-17 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

A major letdown. A prime example of a restaurant that prices out of its league. The setting was the highpoint, the food was so-so, the portions meagre, and the room was icy. On the night I attended people were eating in their coats. The actual meals were ok, no better, they did not have our 1st choice of wine, and the cheese board was poor, in terms of variety and presentation. If and when they decide to bring it to you. We waited patiently for 35 minutes until we asked for it, and were bitterly disappointed. The super-market/deli below is much better, buy there and eat at home.


Chez Max (Palace Street)
1 Palace Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

This place is so French that you feel like you're in a cozy bistro somewhere in a sleepy Provence village. The menu is creative, varied and the dishes, the 6 or so I've tasted are well-executed. The portions are ample, and the owners have made excellent use of the space they have. Everything from size of the furniture to the volume of the music adds to the enjoyment of the meal. The wine list is decent too, and service is prompt and friendly.


La Cave
28 South Anne Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

The wine list is the sole reason for attending.It is varied, well-thought out and reasonably priced.The venue is cramped, you almost feel as though you could inhale your neighbours meal with a sharp intake of breath, and the food on both occasions I have been there is ok, but unimaginative. The shop-bought bread served with anti-pasti and cheeses is a low point. But go for the wine.....


The Purty Kitchen (Dun Laoghaire)
3-5 Old Dun Laoghaire Road, Co. Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Food is always good here, but the service, for food and drinks, is appalling. They either need to hire more staff or have fewer staff who are efficient and polite. That said, the quality of the food does in part make up for the shoddy service, though it can be a little over-priced for what it is. Better to hit the deli next door, where the sambos/paninis/coffee are great, and many of the mains from the Purty Menu are available to take-away

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