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Novo restaurant

Harry Street, St Stephens Green, Dublin, Area Code:

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Reviewed 14th July 2010 ( visited 08th July 2010 )

Had a really lovely meal here last week with my sister. The staff were really lovely, very friendly and helpful when deciding what to choose from the menu. Food was delicious and the wine was scrumptious and not too expensive. We had enough Menupages Points to avail of the "Buy one Starter, Main Course & Dessert and get another free" so felt like we got a right bargain. Great spot if you wanted to explore the delights of Grafton Street either before or after your visit. Will be returning for sure.
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Tante Zoes restaurant

1 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Temple Bar, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

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Reviewed 10th July 2007 ( visited 10th July 2007 )

Have only been here twice but I intend to rectify that very soon. On both occasions the food was excellent and the wine to die for. A tad pricey but to be fair it's worth it. Staff very friendly and the decor are cool.
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Sparks Bistro
Smithfield Square, Smithfield, Dublin

My first visit for lunch here last week certainly will not be my last. Myself & my sister had a realy enjoyable afternoon and were very impressd with the food. The wine list unfortunately was very limited and we struggled to find one we liked. That said, we decided it wouldn't stop us from revisiting as the food was so good.


Reeds on the River at Courtneys
Main Street Lucan, West Dublin, Lucan, Dublin

Went along having seen the other reviews on Menupages and was just as happy as most of the other comment-taters. The decor is really lovely, all wooden floors and warm yellows. Menu nice & varied, nice selection of wines & beers. Food was very good. I ate every bit of my Lamb shank and had to refrain from licking the plate. My other half really enjoyed his Lemon Chicken but thought it could've been a little more plentiful. Dessert was Banoffi pie shared and was gorgeous. Staff were lovely, all smiles & not too attentive. Price was very reasonable. Looking forward to my next visit already.


F.X. BUCKLEY Steakhouse Pembroke Street
1A Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Night out with my sister, very enjoyable. Food was very good, wine absolutely gorgeous but a little pricey. Service excellent. We were there quite early so the place was fairly quiet but as it filled up we noticed how close the tables were to each other. Where we were sitting (near the window) would have been better suited to 2 tables instead of 3. That's the only complaint we had.


St Andrew Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Went along for my first visit with my sister and really enjoyed our evening. The service was excellent, offers of wine tasting when we couldn't decide which wine to buy, offers of more toast for my pate starter and just good old fashioned service with a smile. Food was delish and we ended up after our meal in their bar area where the atmosphere was fantastic The decor was real old fashioned and just beautiful.My first visit will not be my last.


FXB Monkstown
3a The Crescent Monkstown, South Co. Dublin, Monkstown, Dublin

Decided on the spur of the moment to call in for a bite to eat as we'd been here before a few times and food was always great. Alas I was never so disappointed with a dish in a long time. We had bread with dips for starters which was delicious. I ordered the grilled lemon sole which was really a let down. It certainly didn't appear to be grilled, more like steamed. It was swimming in some kind of butter (i think) which found it's way onto my mashed spring onion potatoes. There was an unbelievely bad taste off the fish which I genuinely thought was "off". My other half convinced me that the taste was just the salsa verde that was sitting on top of the fish. I actually couldn't eat it and I love fish. We ended up swapping meals and although his Thai Beef Salad was tasty, my experience had unfortunately been ruined. It won't stop me going back though, as I said, I've eaten here before and was always pleased. I'll put this down to either me or the fish having an "off" day.


The Westbury, Grafton Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Traded in 3000 points (thankyou Menupages) for a delightful meal here with my sister. The service was top notch, really friendly yet professional. Food was just delicious, Goats cheese tarlet was to die for. Steak was incredibly tender and desserts were truly scrumptious. Wine was a little on the pricy side and small bugbear of mine was the 15% service charge. That said, I will be back for sure.


TGI Friday (Dundrum)
Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 14, Dundrum, Dublin

Dissappointed with our Sunday evening visit here. Place wasn't too busy but looks like it may have been (place sittings not set, floor a little messy). We were handed a menu before our bum's hit the seat and as a result did not see the special offer menu of 2 courses for €15 which was on our table but under the menu! Anyhows, we ordered wings to share to start with and a pint of Miller Beer. The beer was the flatest beer I' ve ever had in my life and the wings were not as plentiful as the celery that accompanied them. The Burgers we ordered arrived too soon after our wings, (the celery was still only on it's way down) on plates that looked like they had only been wiped clean. The burgers however were delicious and I enjoyed every mouth watering bite but the fries were only ok. Sparse enough on the plate and very little of their special stuff they shake on the fries. Total for 1 starter to share, 2 burgers and 1 beer was €45. A tad steep I think when what we ordered was on the special menu and we could have got for €30 plus the beer. Won't be rushing back. Oh and the loo was out of toilet paper.....a pet hate of mine!


Chuan City Chinese Restaurant
Long Mile Road, South Dublin, Crumlin, Dublin

Third time to eat here and already planning trip number 4. Was fairly busy when we called in at 19.15 (probably because they have a great value menu until 22.00pm) and the waiter even said to us we may be waiting a while. We siad we didn't mind, we were there to catch up and intended staying a while anyway. Beers arrived after about 10 minutes and our starters after about 25. Worth the wait, the Yuk Sung was delicious. Both our main courses really hit the spot and my friends dish was as hot as it said on the menu, which makes a nice change. Ice cream to end the evening and really nice friendly staff helped to seal the deal. As I said, already planning the next trip!


Main Street, Leixlip, Kildare

The previous owner of The Annadale in Lucan is now the proprietor of what's now called The Alannadale. We loved the Annadale so went along to see if all was the same as before and were glad to see that they were. Service was top notch (although it was quiet enough) and the food was very good. I did think though that it was a tad overpriced. Having been elsewhere in the city centre only a week ago, the price difference was noticable. (We got a great meal for 2 there at a very reasonable price) Wine too expensive but a good selection. Would call more often if there were some kind of specials going on


Harry Street, St Stephens Green, Dublin

Had a really lovely meal here last week with my sister. The staff were really lovely, very friendly and helpful when deciding what to choose from the menu. Food was delicious and the wine was scrumptious and not too expensive. We had enough Menupages Points to avail of the "Buy one Starter, Main Course & Dessert and get another free" so felt like we got a right bargain. Great spot if you wanted to explore the delights of Grafton Street either before or after your visit. Will be returning for sure.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK Liffey Valley)
Unit 40B, Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, West Dublin, Liffey Valley, Dublin

Called in last night for quick bite. Had to wait few minutes for a table as the place was really busy. Had the order taken pretty quickly considering how busy the staff were. I ordered Cheese & Bacon burger and my partner ordered the Chicken Burger, both ordered fries and water and Heiniken for drinks. Seemed to take a while for the food to arrive but that may well have been cos I was starving at this stage. Food arrived ans alas the order was wrong. Two Cheese & Bacon burgers instead of one and a Chicken burger. We called the waiter who went to check with the kitchen and he told us it would be about another 6 minutes or so. My partner decided not to wait and opted to eat the Cheese & Bacon. The waiter said he'd give him another glass of Heiniken on the house as an apology. It never arrive however but as my partner said , it was the thought that counts. Food was delicious and we had a voucher that entitled us to all of the above for €20, so really good value. Will defo come back.


Di Bella Restaurant (Lucan)
Griffeen Centre, West Dublin, Lucan, Dublin

I live very close by to this Restaurant and would visit it a lot more if it wasn't for the "creche like" feeling about the place. I realise it's a young area and most people in the area have young children but the experience we had on our last visit was enough to put me off ever going back. Which is a shame because the food is absolutely delicious. We had Brueschetta for starters which was to die for and while I scoffed the most delicious pizza I've ever had, my hubby had a really tasty pasta dish with chicken , chillies and garlic. The Italian wine we had was tasty and not too expensive and the staff were attentive without living in your ear. Unfortuneately the place was over run with kids literally running up and down the place and screaming and shouting (parents were oblivious). It really did put us off. We honestly had to shout at each other to be heard above the noise. Call me old fashioned but I thought Friday Night's out were for adults.


Cactus Jacks (Middle Abbey St)
Millennium Walkway, Middle Abbey Street, City Centre North, Italian Quarter, Dublin

Must admit I was disappointed overall with my trip to Cactus Jacks. The staff were nice, accommadating us without much fuss on a Saturday evening with no reservation. The food however left a lot to be desired. For starters we shared chicken wings which arrived less than 5 minutes after we ordered, obviously not made to order. They were tasty but definately not cooked fresh. My main course of Fahita's was basically an enormous plate of mixed peppers with reheated steak. Some of the steak was so hard that I can only presume it was fried over and over again. The dish only tasted of whatever spice they had sprinkled on it while cooking it, couldn't taste the individual flavours at all. My partner had an Enchilda with pretty much the same result as myself, no way was it cooked fresh and same taste of herbs/spice as mine. Certainly will not be returning.


Luigi Malones Restaurant
5/6 Cecilia Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

Myself and my sister went here for the early bird menu and both of us thought it was really good value. We arrived just after 6 and the place was quite busy. A little noisy to be honest as there were lots of young kids and babies whose parents didn't seem to mind their offspring banging their spoons against the plates & tables. Tables are also too close together which makes it feel like your having your meal with total strangers. That said, service was very good, staff were friendly without overdoing it and as busy as the place was, never felt under pressure to vacate the table once we'd finished. We both enjoyed all our courses with a really nice bottle of wine. Value was excellent as we had gone for the earlybird but also had a voucher for €25.00 which I got from Menupages for trading in some of my points! Will return again for sure but maybe leave it till a later time in the evening to avoid the "crech" like atmosphere.


7-9 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Called in last night with two Korean visitors who I was hoping to impress with a taste of home for them. We were not disappointed. Food was excellent and very authentic. Staff were friendly and very acommadating. Decor of the restaurent was pleasnat and overall we had a really enjoyable evening. The bill was more than reasonable considering the amount of food and drinks we got. Will call again soon.


15/17 Ballsbridge Terrace, Dublin 4, Ballsbridge, Dublin

I like this place, it's ok but I don't think it really lives up to the hype. Yes the food is good, but so it should be for the price they charge. I do like their selection of wines but again I think they are overpriced. I would come back here more often if it wasn't so expensive.


The Bull & Castle and F.X. Buckley Steakhouse
5-7 Lord Edward Street, Christchurch, Dublin 8, City Centre South, Dublin

Very Disappointed. Spent a few minutes reading other comments on this site before deciding this is where we would eat.All sounded fine, alas the experience was far from fine. I ordered Surf & Turf which was a small portion of prawns which could have been truly delicious if only they were hot. My wedges were merely luke warm. My partner ordered Haddock & chips and what he got was closer to a whale covered in greasy batter thrown over his incredibly greasy chips. The reason they seemed so greasy I think is because they too were only luke warm. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I visit beer halls in Munich at least 3 to 4 times a year and I can tell you this, the standard here is abysmal in comparsion.


Pattaya Thai and Chinese Restaurant
9th Lock Road, Nangor Road, West Dublin, Clondalkin, Dublin

Had been dying to try this for some time so went with an old friend last week. The restaurant itself is really nice, very authentic design and oriental music playing. We were in time for the early bird which is available until 8.30 (mon to thurs I think) so decided to take a look at that menu. I was disappointed with the level of variety though, only about 5 or so dishes for the main course, none of which really took my fancy. I decided to look at the main menu thinking I'd get something there that I would enjoy,ie salt & chilli or tom yam dishes. Alas nothing there tempted me so I went back to the early bird. Ordered a dish which was marked by 3 chilli peppers, cos I do like things hot, but to be honest we ended up asking the waiter if there was any chilli in it at all! He was really nice, very chatty and service was good. Unfortunately for me though, the food just didn't quite hit the mark.


Kudos (Liffey Valley)
Clarion Hotel, Dublin 22, Liffey Valley, Dublin

This is right beside where I work so I call in quite a bit. Food is consistently good but service at times can be slow, not the fault of the staff, just the fact that they don't always seem to have enough people on and when you're on a 1 hour lunch break that can be a pain.


Lemongrass (Liffey Valley)
Arc Bar, Liffey Valley Centre, West Dublin, Lucan, Dublin

Have been here lots of times on girlie lunches / nites out and on a few occasions with my other half. Have never been disappointed. Food is always fantastic and I always seem to get just the right wine to accompany my meal. Staff are very accommodating and have often let us order from the early bird even though we may have been 5 or 10 mins too late. It's a tad pricey but I think it's worth it when the food and service is consistently good.


The Purty Kitchen (Dun Laoghaire)
3-5 Old Dun Laoghaire Road, Co. Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Dined here a few weeks ago with some over sea’s visitors. Don't know why I was expecting a restaurant but I was. I didn't get one though; it's actually a pub with a dining area. The table was really far too small for 4 people and we were told when we sat down at 19.40 that we had to be finished by 21.00, as the table was needed for someone else. Food was good though and all four of us were happy with our dishes. Will call back again but for a more casual night out.


F.X. BUCKLEY Steakhouse Crow Street
2 Crow Street, Dublin 2, City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

Dined here with a business colleague on Thursday evening. Overall we were both impressed. The food was delicious and the wine superb. Service was good but I did feel it was overpriced. A steak was €32.00 but didn't include veg. Now I think that's just mean! My only other gripe was at the end of the evening while settling the bill with credit card; I was asked (or told that the Credit Card machine asked!) was I including a tip. I replied no because I was leaving the tip in cash but I just didn't like the fact that I was asked. Overall, good food but a little pricey/cheeky for my taste.


St. Stephen's Green, St Stephens Green, Dublin

Went here recently on a night on with work. Was pretty impressed with the decor and how they’ve managed to arrange the place. When you go in first you're met by a really long bar, just in to the left in a huge eating area and lo and behold in the midst of that is a stairwell leading to a nightclub! I thought the place was fab cos you got to spend the whole evening in one venue. Normally on work nights out we all end up getting lost on the way to the nightclub, not here though. Only complaint was that the food service was incredibly slow, and some people were not happy that what was stated on the menu was in fact what they got i.e..... Chilli Chicken had NO chilli in it at all. That said, for a group night out, it hits the spot!


The Peacock Restaurant @ Finnstown Country House
Newcastle Road, West Co. Dublin, Lucan, Dublin

Have been to this place on various family occasions over the years and have never been disappointed. Fantastic big old style house in beautiful surroundings. Really good service and excellent food. Nice place to go for a quite drink with your loved one, especially in winter with big fire roaring in the hallway as you walk in. And they don't seem to mind you taking a wander round the place either. Will continue to go back here again & again.


Rolys Bistro
7 Ballsbridge Terrace, Dublin, Ballsbridge, Dublin

Recently visited Rolys for an early bird meal. First time to visit but most definitely won't be the last. Delicious Food, excellent service, a little expensive but well worth every penny.


Tante Zoes
1 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Temple Bar, Dublin

Have only been here twice but I intend to rectify that very soon. On both occasions the food was excellent and the wine to die for. A tad pricey but to be fair it's worth it. Staff very friendly and the decor are cool.


La Banca Ristorante
Main Street, Lucan Village, Lucan, Dublin

Had heard a lot of good things about this place so were really looking forward to trying it out. Alas, it was not one of the better meals that I’ve ever had. I found it very overpriced for what you got. Service was quite slow even though the place was not busy and I just felt the whole experience left a lot to be desired. Will not be rushing back.


Princess Garden of Lucan
Esker Hill, Lucan, Lucan, Dublin

This is an ideal place to go for a girl’s night out. The buffet is an excellent choice for fussy eaters with plenty of dishes to choose from. The staff replace/top up the dishes very regularly so was surprised to see that some reviews said the food was cold. Have been here on different nites out, with the girls, the other half, friends etc and have always enjoyed the food. The only problem I have is that I can't stop going back for more & more & more....


Zaytoon (Parliament Street)
14/15 Parliament Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Kebabs here are really authentic with the breads cooked in a type of clay oven. The meals are quite good value BUT the chips are always horrible! Have never known the staff to be anything other than friendly and smiling. It’s in a fantastic location too with great seating at the window so you can watch the crazy world that is Temple Bar go by.

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