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The Port House restaurant

64a South William Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

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Reviewed 29th April 2007 ( visited 29th April 2007 )

Have been here twice in the last two weeks, great service, refreshing menu and a great selection of wines, great decor (particularly the wash area!) and the 'bijou' proportions of the space only add to the atmosphere!
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E Scent restaurant

Coach House, Ballinteer Avenue, South Dublin, Ballinteer, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 14

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Reviewed 12th May 2007 ( visited 12th May 2007 )

I've not eaten in the restaurant itself, I've only had take away from here twice. Both times it was quite bland and arrived cold.
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Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 14, Dundrum, Dublin

a little pricey but pretty tasty, we got the meat & seafood thali, the vegetarian thali and an extra pilau between three of us, the perfect amount and a good selection, the saag paneer was deelish as was the seafood masala type dish (salmon and prawn) worth checkin out!


Fallon and Byrne
11-17 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Top class service and an adventurous and well thought out menu! Have eaten here a few times now and never been dissappointed bar one steak that was a little tough. Great selection of wines and a sommelier who knows their stuff, refreshing. Save a good few pence by swinging by at lucnhtime as with most really good retaurants.


Luigi Malones Restaurant
5/6 Cecilia Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

Will Start off by agreeing with the person below, the Toblerone Cheesecake is a serious letdown, bland and unexciting with a blob of very odd hard cream substance on the side. Continuing to work backwards, I had the Bouillabaisse which was far too lemony and although they had managed to maintain the individual flavours of the seafood(something most chowder type dishes fail at) it did not leave me feeling satisfied, the portion was huge though (far too big actually). My friend had the burger which was passable and ordered mushrooms with it as he is an absolute fiend for them, he was a bit irritated when they arrived whole and on the side making it very difficult to fit in to his burger stack, buns were only toasted on the outside too. The best part of the meal (the fischer beer according to my friend) was the Nachos Grandé, plenty of cheese, a few beans, could have done with more salsa and guac and less sour cream but generally was the best value, simplest and most satisfying aspect. Just had that terrible feeling of being on holidays and knowing you've just sat down in the wrong restaurant but your stuck there now, a very overpriced tourist food experience, next time I'll go elsewhere!


Rochestown Lodge Hotel
Rochestown Avenue, South Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Best steak I've had in a long time, but I'm a sucker for caramelised onions and it was more medium than the medium-rare I requested, still, juicy and really delicious, most everyone else had the duck which was very nice. One of our party had the salmon which itself was over salty on top of a tasty but again oversalted basil pesto mash, suspicions of a chef who smokes too much!? have to agree that staff weren't great and the place was empty but for us, still, the food is well worth investigating! Nearly forgot, the Warm Potato & Chorizo Salad starter was a pleasant surprise, perfectly appetising.


Madina Desi Curry Co
60 Mary Street, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

One of the best curry houses in dublin, and certainly one of the cheapest! they do a wide range of great quality indian/pakistani style dishes at a seriously reasonable price. It may look a little like a fast food restaurant but they have good table service and food that is easily on par with some of the more central restaurants who serve the same fare at an inflated price. A possible tell tale sign of its quality/authenticity is the number of foreign nationals who grace the place every time I go there. Can't wait to try the Idlis!


Mao Restaurant (Dundrum)
Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 14, Dundrum, Dublin

Now really, nearly €19 for chicken drenched in soya with dry tepid rice... I've said it before but I really could do better at home, nice atmosphere and decent service but for what they serve up Mao's really are pulling a fast one at those prices, I'll go elsewhere for my Asian cravings next time I'm in Dundrum.


Chi Asian Restaurant
9 Georges Avenue, Blackrock, Dublin

Great Asian food! Had a lovely meal here last week, perfect duck with ginger, a delicious seafood curry served in a coconut, that real licorice-y Chinese curry, perfect rice, not a noodle fan but the phad thai was appreciated, Sambal Prawns not great, just a sweet and sour. Great service, good selection of Wine, a little pricey but a serious cut above the plethora of really average Chinese/Asian restaurants!


The Cake Cafe
62 Pleasants Place, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Nice little spot, well hidden. Great for a chat with friends, am curious to try their savoury offerings. Will update once I have, their sweet treats suit my sweet tooth to a tea! A tad pricey but no more so than any other café in Dublin these days. This one has the bonus of actually being a nice relaxing place to spend your time as well as your money.


Tandoori Bite
21 South Richmond St, South Dublin, Portobello, Dublin

Fairly reasonable quality considering it was 3.30am when I ate here. Not the best peshwari naan I've ever had but far from the worst. Nice enough mains but to be fair I didn't have my critics hat on when I was here, frankly, it was my boozing hat, the food hit the spot though. Not a first date venue, more a post-club feed.


Zaytoon (Lower Camden Street)
44-55 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2, Camden Street, Dublin

Aha! Zaytoon me oul flower, didn't expect to find you here! This is without doubt the best kebab house in Dublin, have been a fan since they opened on Parliament Street and when they came to Sraid Camden I was overjoyed. I will say skip past the schwarma offerings from the rotating pole and go straight for the chicken shish or barg (marinated steak). That's where the quality lies. Fresh baked bread and delicious sauces make this a great feed. (even when sober:)


Mao Restaurant (Chatham Row)
2-3 Chatham Row, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Couldn't agree more with Deirdren, have been saying that for a good while! Tasty enough but they have really been taking the mick in the last few years with their prices considering if you gave it a good go you could do as well at home! Best bet is pop in to any of their franchises for lunch and get the Nasi Goreng, a great mixed fried rice with chicken satay on the side. Used to be a fave but I now have to say sorry Mao, the people have spoken.


89 Upper Rathmines Road, Dublin 6, Rathmines, Dublin

Popped in for a quick course here last friday, the new decor certainly is an improvement on the 80s carpets they used to sport. We were very early so were the only ones in the restaurant so difficult to judge what the atmosphere might be like. The food was far superior to any old take away but did not take my breath way. I had the sweet marinated Pork Belly and while this was tasty it could have done with an extra few vegetables put through for some variety. The battered monkfish itself was tasty but the sauce a little unexciting for my taste. The most disappointing aspect of the meal was our dry, obviously not fresh rice, both the boiled and fried. Generally good service but a little claustrophobic, I prefer to fill my own glass of water but maybe that's just me! You may be surprised when I say I will go back to the Zen but hopefully when the kitchen is in full swing and the floor is full.


Bijou Bistro & Wine
46/47 Highfield Road, Dublin 6, Rathgar, Dublin

Had a very nice lunch here after a game of tennis. Four of us shared two of the goats cheese salad which was very tasty although overly laden with cheese and not enough of the delicious roast beetroot as I had hoped when reading the menu. I had a rib-eye steak which was nice but definitely not the medium-rare I had asked for, not a surprise from an Irish kitchen though. My aunt had the risotto which came with a lovely shavings of Parmesan across the top, more than she could manage which meant I ended up pilfering half, yum. My uncle had the salmon which he said was cooked perfectly but the highlight was my cousin's main of rack of lamb, the most tender and delicious lamb he ever tasted by his account, only let down a little by the mash which came with it. Bijou is still the jewel of Rathgar!


The Bull & Castle and F.X. Buckley Steakhouse
5-7 Lord Edward Street, Christchurch, Dublin 8, City Centre South, Dublin

For a nation of 'drinkers' we on average have so little appreciation for a decent drink that it is refreshing to find another (there are not many) bar with a proper and varied drinks menu! As much as this place has got the drinking part down much better than the vast majority o Irish establishments their food fare could do with a bit of an upgrade, as could the comfort of the place if they want people to be relaxed while eating. I found the Mussels and Chips disappointing while one of our group was under whelmed to say the least with his dry Salmon (as per review below). The steaks seemed the best bet but you will be eating perched on a high bench, perfectly fine for sitting back and enjoying one of the fine selections of beers but far from ideal if you have a full plate of food in front of you. Service was a little inconsistent but pretty good overall. The bill was very reasonable but if you're looking for a nice relaxed meal maybe look elsewhere!


Le Petit Cochon
Glasthule Road, Sandycove, Dublin

Superb value for Sunday Lunch at only 25euro for three courses. The food is excellent and very well presented although the portions for the main courses could be a little more substantial, this is however balanced by relatively generous starters. We had a very large group, 18 in all including 2 children and the service was very good, the Maitresse D' looking after us personally through out the meal. Only major complaint would be the price we were charged for chips and a strip of chicken for the children, 10 euro seemed a little much considering. I seem to also remember 10% service charge being mentioned on the menu. This is fine for a group of our size but for a small group or a couple dining I believe service charge should be left to the discretion of those who have been served or at least incorporated into the price on the menu. Would definitely recommend for Sunday Lunch but the a la carte might not suit all pockets.


34-35 South William Street, South William Street, Dublin

Have ben a huge fan of the 6euro lunch offer since Maloti opened! Went for a birthday meal last night and everyone staggered at the choice on the main menu. For starters the Salmon Gulnar and Jhinga Jalpari were delicious, the Palok Paneer ChattI and minced Barbary duck were nice but not very exciting. The sauce on my main of Talepiya (white fish) was too rich for the mild but perfectly cooked fish. The birthday boy’s Lamb Pasanda was delicious. Add to this a great range of rice and freshly cooked naan with friendly and attentive service and you get one of my top two Indian restaurants in the city!


E Scent
Coach House, Ballinteer Avenue, South Dublin, Ballinteer, Dublin

I've not eaten in the restaurant itself, I've only had take away from here twice. Both times it was quite bland and arrived cold.


The Port House
64a South William Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

Have been here twice in the last two weeks, great service, refreshing menu and a great selection of wines, great decor (particularly the wash area!) and the 'bijou' proportions of the space only add to the atmosphere!

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