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Trocadero restaurant

St Andrew Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin, Area Code:

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Reviewed 15th December 2008 ( visited 27th December 2002 )

I went here for an anniversary, the standard of this restaurant is amazing & so beautiful. The food was lovely 7 the service was amazing. I would definitly go back.. If you're lucky you might spot a few celebs :)
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Eddie Rockets (Terenure) restaurant

Terenure Road East, South Dublin, Terenure, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 6

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Reviewed 19th August 2008 ( visited 31st May 2008 )

I've been going to this Eddies for years now with my friends! Its so close to home. Foods lovely but the staff could be a bit more pleasant! Its a nice place to chill with your friends.
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Salamanca Fusion
38 - 40 Parliament Street, City Centre South, Dublin

I brought my partner here for her birthday dinner on the 27th July. TBH I was a little disappointed with the food. Shed wanted to try the tapas menu but for what it was we felt it was very expensive so we opted for the chefs choice mains as these looked more interesting. She got the BURBON AND SOY GLAZED CHICKEN SERVED WITH SALAMANCA FRIED RICE and I got the FIVE SPICED HAKE FILLET CARROT, ORANGE PUREE, & MASH. The burbon & soy chicken was beautiful and she really enjoyed this. I felt the hake was nice but a little tastless and the plate came with orange and carrot puree with no mash? The puree wasnt great and the meal overall I would give 2/5. The service was also slow as the restaurant wasnt overly busy for a Friday night.


Blue Orchid Blackrock
Newpark Centre, Newtown Park Avenue, South Co. Dublin, Blackrock, Dublin

I went to the one in Stepaside Village on a Sunday evening around 6.30pm. I wasn't sure about going inside as it looked empty. Though when I left I was delighted I took a chance!! Although it was quite it had a really nice relaxing atmosphere. The menu is excellent value & great selection on the menu. The staff were most helpful, polite & courteous. I would definitely return again & recommend this place for any kind of dining - Night out, a date, afternoon meal.


Primavera Restaurant
7 High Street, Ennis, Clare

I have to say I was very disappointed with this restaurant after reading previous reviews. When we got there it was empty except for one other couple, which says a lot on a Saturday night! The waitress seemed a little unsure & I felt sorry for her as she told us she was having a bad day! I ordered the only bottle of Rose on the menu & I warn you now, unless you like drinking vinegar DON NOT order this - €19.95 down the toilet! Plus the online menu priced it at €18. Rip off! The waitress asked us did we want to order & I said I haven't read the menu can yu give us a few minutes & she smiled & went off. No joke literally two minutes later she comes back asking are we ready to order?! I said I've barely opened the menu can you give us a few minutes please. So she apologised & went off. So needless to say when she came back two minutes later I was shocked! I was so put off I ordered the first thing I saw on the menu - for starters I had the breaded Brie which obviously wasnt fresh because when I cut into it was still hard in the middle, I couldnt believe it! I sent it back & when I finally ate it it was beautiful, I love Brie, not normally frozen though! For my mains I ended up ordering the chicken Fajitas. The chicken was nice, nothing to rave about & the wraps were served cold and to be honest tasted a bit rubbery, I ate one & left the rest. When i think of it I should have complained! I go all the way to Ennis for a night out with my partner & get this substandard meal. I wont be going back!


Bar Italia (IFSC)
Lower Mayor Street, Custom House Square, IFSC, City Centre North, Dublin

I was here for lunch with a Colleague just before Christmas. The restaurant was very full and as a result very noisy. The food however was beautiful, I had the Bar Italia pasta al pomodoro fresco e basilico. However the portion size was very small & I was still hungry when I was finished the meal. It is a nice, convenient restaurant for lunch but I wouldnt recommend it for dinner.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK Liffey Valley)
Unit 40B, Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, West Dublin, Liffey Valley, Dublin

This place wasn't given a chance off the mark in my opinion! I think we just caught them on a bad day. Apparently it wasn't advertised that Liffey valley was shut on New Years day so they were understaffed & unprepared for the people filing into the restaurant. I had the low rise chicken burger, which was absolutley gorgeous, the chips were amazing & I never say that about chips! But I'd heard so much about them! Their chilli mayo was gorgeous also. The only bad thing I have to say is that it was slow but they were understaffed & it was New Years day, they did their best. We had ordered cokes with our meal and they came out with some oily substance on top & tasted watered down. The server changed them for us and explained it may be because of the water situation ( I think he meant unfiltered - Ice) but I'll leave that up to you to decide ;) Enjoy


Dante (Blanchardstown)
Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Dublin 15, Blanchardstown, Dublin

This is a lovely restaurant. We wandered in for a quick bite to eat last week, late evening. It was quiet when we got there but got busier as time went by. It was a bit chilly by the window but that could have been because I was starving! The beautiful aroma of food cooking was suffocating! We were seated quickly & our order taken almost immediately. I ordered the Bruschetta Pomodoro for starters which is one of my favourite dishes. I was a little disappointed by the menu as it stated garlic pizza bread, but I went for it anyway. t was in fact a Focaccia which is Italian Pizza Bread which just shows my ignorance of the Italians food! It was delicious. For my mains I had the carbonara which was very very creamy and rich, but beautiful. The food was so good I even stretched to desert, which was recommended to me by my partner. So I chose the Chocolate Brownie which was served with icecream. I found this altogether very festive. The whole atmosphere at this little restaurant was very friendly, warm and inviting. I'll definitley be going back.


Rickshaw Chinese Restaurant
Kill Lane, Dublin 18, Deansgrange, Dublin

I LOVE chinese takeout & this little place was introduced to me by a friend - the name is cool! So I had to try it! I got the Beef in black bean with boiled rice for mains which was lovely but the beef was a bit on the chewy side.. The Kung Po sauce & rice crackers were ok, but the Salt & chili chicken was unreal! OMG i love this dish! I would def recommend it to anyone mmmm Its a little out of my way as its in deansgrange & i live in D12. But wil definitley consider it again!


Eddie Rockets (Dundrum)
Dundrum Town Centre, Unit K (cinema block), Level 2M, South Dublin, Dundrum, Dublin

I love this Eddies. Go here alot, but I was there on saturday last with a few of my friends, the standard of the food & service is FANTASTIC & they are so attentive - making sure we had everything, things were ok with the food etc. Well worth the money for fast fab food!


Monto Caffe
45 Sundrive Road, Crumlin, Crumlin, Dublin

I was here on sunday for a takeaway breakfast roll - which might i add was gorgeous! However I went in and ordered, the waitress didnt seem to want to serve me so walked off and shouted serve her!!!! Then she was told to serve me & left me waiting 15 minutes for a breakfast roll - to go?!!!!! They hadnt even started to make it - I was fuming, I saw people who came in after me leave before me. The only good point about this place is it's cheap & the food is good! Which I guess is the point really!!


Yamamori Sushi, Tengu
38-39 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

I love Yamamori Noodles, so I was dying to try Yamamori Sushis Gyuniku Yaki Soba. It was perfect, the atmosphere was lively but not overbearing. I'll definitley be returning!! 5*


The Morgue
Main St, Templeogue Village, Templeogue, Dublin

I bring my mam here most sundays for a roast dinner. It's such a family day, everyone off to the pub for a nice family outing. It is noisy, but in a good way, it has a great vibe. The food is always gorgeous & they do half portions for seniors & kids so its a win win situation. It also has a great history to it, check out the web.


Taco Taco
Unit 19 Epicurean Food Hall, Liffey Street Lower, City Centre North, Dublin

OMG I LOVE THIS PLACE!! I used to eat here all the time for lunch when I was that side of town, everything about this authentic Mexican eatery is perfection! I would love one of their burritos right now!


Victoria Chinese Restaurant & Take Away
4 Main Street, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, Clondalkin, Dublin

I dont think I've ever had a nicer chinese!!! This restaurant is so nice & the food is always perfect! I love their blackbean dishes! If you're a chinese lover you'll love the Victoria in Clondalkin Village!!


Zaytoon (Parliament Street)
14/15 Parliament Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I've been here loads of times for lunch & its a great little place for a decent kebab, I would definitley recommend the chicken shish.. yum!!


ely bar & brasserie
CHQ Building, Georges Dock, Dublin 1, City Centre, IFSC, Dublin

I organised our christmas annual event @ Ely CHQ. Our evening consisted of a cocktail reception which was amazing, Dinner & Wine tasting. The food was beautiful. But the co-ordination of the wine tasting by the staff was a little more that exsaperating. I was asked by 3 seperate waitresses what way I would like it to happen. After planning the whole event for the past week with the manager & supervisor of the restaurant. The service for this was quite slow, hoever I have been told that the company ha had wine tasting there before & it was excellent! So maybe they were just under pressure. Still the customer comes first & we were spending quite a bit of money there so you would presume we would be a priority! Overall it was most pleasent & I would recommend this restaurant for any occasion..


TGI Friday (Dundrum)
Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 14, Dundrum, Dublin

I have been in this restaurant or "Glorified Burger Joint" as some refer to it a few times. I've always liked it, typically because the food is fast & my boyfriend rarely tantalises his tastebuds with anything new! On this occasion however, I chose the new Garlic Chicken Primevara. I was quite disappointed at how bland this was. It wsa supposed to have sundried tomatoes, but instead it had diced tomatoes which I'd already just had on the bruchetta, which I might add is one of the most beautiful I have ever tasted! Which is probably the only reason I'll return.. oh & for the chicken wings!


Arc Cafe Bar
Liffey Vallley Shopping Centre, Fonthill Rd, West Dublin, Liffey Valley, Dublin

This is a typical pub restaurant, not very exciting. However as I was here with my family, I had an enjoyable evening.


St Andrew Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I went here for an anniversary, the standard of this restaurant is amazing & so beautiful. The food was lovely 7 the service was amazing. I would definitly go back.. If you're lucky you might spot a few celebs :)


Acapulco Restaurant
7 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre South, Dublin

I have wanted to go for dinner here for a number of years & finally got the chance to go at the end of september. The food was beautiful. I love mexican cuisine. The atmosphere was fun & lively & I really had a lovely evening here. I would hope to return again soon.


Yamamori Noodles
71-72 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I have been to this restaurant & my favourite dish is the Chicken Teriyaki. Beautiful Food.. Great atmosphere & friendly staff! I would definitly recommend for lunch or dinner!


Luigi Malones Restaurant
5/6 Cecilia Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

I have been here a few times now with my Boyfriend; I find this restaurant bautiful to sit in & have some drinks, but the food isn't great. The chicken wings were a bit greasy & my past was ok, the chicken was like rubber. On my 3rd time here I probablry won't return!


Milano (Baggot Street)
1 - 2 Haddington Road, Dublin 4, City Centre South, Dublin

I was here on friday Night for a Christmas party dinner with a set menu, OMG the sundried tomatoes are to die for & the dough balls beautiful! Lasagne was looking a bit sorry for itself & didn't arrive with the said salad!! This was my second time at this restaurant & was probably under pressure with C'mas partys, however, the customers should come first!! I will eat here again because me previous experience was better than the last!


Eddie Rockets (Terenure)
Terenure Road East, South Dublin, Terenure, Dublin

I've been going to this Eddies for years now with my friends! Its so close to home. Foods lovely but the staff could be a bit more pleasant! Its a nice place to chill with your friends.


Chrysanthemum Chinese Restaurant
Unit 1 Old Orchard Inn, Butterfield Ave, Dublin 14, Rathfarnham, Dublin

I have been at this restaurant twice now; once for a family meal and the other for a meal with my boyfriend. It has a lovely atmosphere. The food is beautiful and very reasonably priced. It is a restaurant for all occassions

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