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The Old Bake House (Clare) restaurant

Main Street, Milltown Malbay, Clare

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Reviewed 07th July 2010 ( visited 12th June 2010 )

This place is easily the best in Miltown Malbay and its immediate surroundings for a casual meal. The food is always good. I would personally recommend the Indian lamb kebab starter and the ratatouille main meal. They are both fab! I've never eaten here at night (just for lunch), but there is a selection of wines and meals written up on the wall that make it sound like it would be equally great for dinner. I highly recommend it.
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14A restaurant

French Church Street, Cork City, Cork

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Reviewed 03rd February 2010 ( visited 31st January 2010 )

I found this place to be a bit hit & miss. I wanted to really like it, as the waitress was so keen and friendly, and there were so many things on the menu that I wanted to try, but ultimately I was disappointed. I went there for a relaxed Sunday lunch. First off, the place was cold. The waitress was hilarious, and very enjoyable to deal with. She advised my friend against what she ordered – saying she didn’t think it was done very good there –and recommended something else. She was slightly pushy (telling us the 2nd choice was too boring) but it worked for us ? I ordered an omelette, and like in so many places in Ireland, it was totally overdone. I was very disappointed but kind of expected it as it is the norm in this country. However my friends were happy with their meals, and I would give it another go. If only for the waitress! Also, they were giving their tips to a Haiti fund, which I thought was very nice of them.
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Kai cafe and restaurant
20 Sea Road, Galway, Galway City, Galway

Ate here last night for the first time and highly recommend it. I had a goat’s curd starter and a wild halibut main with lentils, and both were fab. Everyone with me enjoyed their meals, with 1 person saying the chicken liver pate, which came as part of a charcuterie starter plate, was the best he’d ever tasted. It. The crushed potatoes they serve with some of the meals are also to die for. The menu is small – 5 options for each course, as well as cheese options. I also loved the décor and atmosphere. Will definitely be back!


Tulsi Restaurant
3 Buttermilk Walk, Galway City, Galway

I'd like to highly recommend Tulsi. I've always enjoyed the food there but hadn't been back in years. A small group of us went there last night and had a lovely experience. The service and food were fab. They do an early bird menu until 7.30 (not sure about weekends). It's €16 for 2 courses and tea/coffee. And there's a big choice in the early bird too so you won't be stuck for choice. Top marks!


Tasma Indian Restaurant
Dublin Road, Oranmore, Galway

I really liked this place when I casually dropped by for a quick bite to eat. The food and service were great, and there was even a 15% reduction on the bill at the end. Not too sure why, but I think it was just a weekend offer. Will definitely try it again.


Ristorante Rinuccini Restaurant
No 1 The Parade, Kilkenny City, Kilkenny

I would recommend Rinuccini, particularly for special-occasion meals. It’s a small intimate restaurant opposite the castle, with outstanding and fuss-free service. It is pricey, but we went for the early bird, which was great value. The service was smooth and non-evasive. They took our coats for us, and bread and water came down to the table quite quickly. I could not fault the service at all. Each table that was emptied while we were there was smoothly redressed without us noticing. A must if you like Italian!


Péarla na Mara
Bridgewater Court Upper , Fairhill Road, Galway City, Galway

I was fairly disappointed with my recent visit for evening dinner. It was our first time there, and we went because we had gotten a good deal on a voucher for dinner & dessert for 2 with a bottle of wine. The main issue I have is with the service. It started off fine, but then we were left waiting for our main meal for absolutely ages. I would say it could have been 30 minutes. The restaurant was very quiet at the time, and yet no waitress approached us or seemed to care enough to find out where our meals were. Personally, I think our meals took so long because when the kitchen forgot our order, no-one followed up on where they were. A new waitress came along around the time we got our main meals, and she seemed to be the only person that cared about whether we actually enjoyed our meals. Even after that, waitresses walked past ignoring that fact that we had finished eating. The atmosphere wasn’t great either - it was very quiet, the layout is very open, it’s very well lit, and the décor is minimal = it felt too clinical. The food itself wasn’t very interesting. I guess it just wasn’t special enough for a restaurant meal. I won’t write the place off totally yet – I will probably try it for lunch or breakfast. But never again for dinner.


Poppadom (Limerick)
U2C Robert Street, Cornmarket Square, Limerick City, Limerick

We had a lovely meal here recently. The service was great, and the food tasty. They do BYOB, with a €4 corkage charge, which is great. They didn't charge us for each bottle we brought either, which was nice. There are plenty of early bird/set menu options. There weren't very many people there, whcih affected the ambience a bit. Hopefully the business isn't suffering and they're not on their way out.....


Busker Brownes
Cross Street, Galway City, Galway

I was quite unimpressed with my lunch recently, and usually Buskers is great for food. I had the deep-fried brie salad and my friend had the goat’s cheese salad. Both arrived out without much salad - mine only had a small bit of lettuce, 2 tomato slices, seeds, and dressing. That was not a salad, just deep-fried brie with a salad garnish. And even worse, with the centre of the cheese still cold and hard. Very disappointing.


Cornstore (Limerick)
19 Thomas Street, Limerick City, Limerick

I went here for lunch on a Sunday and found it excellent. The food was great, and so was the service from the waitresses and manager. We ordered from the set lunch menu of 2 courses for €14.95. The choice was great and it was such good value. I had the goat's cheese crostini and the baked salmon with mangetout and hollandaise sauce. It was amazing. My sister had the prawn piri piri and the lamb special. She said it was the best lamb dish she ever had! Both the salmon and the lamb were melt in the mouth. The service was attentive but not intrusive. The staff were also happy to chat if we asked them anything. The only fault was that the jug of water wasn't chilled. There was no hassle getting ice from them though. The only real complaint I would have is that the kid's menu is €9. There's a great choice for the kids, and it does come with a drink and dessert. But as most kids don't eat all that much, €9 was a bit much. Especially when it was €15 for the adults. They do a baby bowl for free, for under 2s, which does soften the blow. I'll definitely be back for more!


Freddy's Bistro
Theatre Lane Lower, Glentworth Street, Limerick City, Limerick

I found Freddy’s Bistro to be a lovely quaint restaurant with good food. Not all my friends agreed though. I went with a group of friends for a birthday dinner, and we ordered from the set 2-course menu for €20. While not all of us were very impressed, I was lucky that everything I had was great. I ordered a starter of mushroom risotto and a main of mild fish curry, which were both very good. The fish doesn’t seem to be on the menu anymore so I can’t say exactly what kind of fish it was. It was really good though. Two friends had 2 other kinds of fish and they weren’t as impressed. They found theirs to be either uninspiring or dry. One friend had the carbonara and really liked it. The birthday girl also got the sticky toffee pudding, which I loved. I would go back for that pudding alone.


The Glasshouse Restaurant
Riverpoint Building, Bishop's Quay, Limerick City, Limerick

The Glasshouse is a place for good food and a nice atmosphere. We were welcomed warmly and it was quite relaxed and friendly. We all ate from the Xmas set menu. It was not exactly as advertised on the web site and the back of the toilet door :) For example, it was hake instead of sea bass. Not a major problem though, and they were able to do a vegetarian dish when the option on the set menu didn't suit. However when we asked for no shitake in the wild mushroom risotto, we were told it couldn't be done. Very strange, as surely risotto has to be made fresh for each table? We got over that also however, and the risotto was delicious. Though it came out so quickly that it had to be recooked so it could be eaten at the time that everyone else ate at the table…. We were there during the winter water crisis, and unfortunately there was no water in the sinks. Understandable of course, but there were no disinfectant wipes or anything provided in the toilets, so you basically could not clean your hands… not good. However in general the service was friendly and welcoming and the food was good, so we got over these small things.


The Townhouse Dining Room
Above The Townhouse Bar, The Latin Quarter, Quay Lane, Across from the Spanish Arch, Galway City, Galway

I’ve eaten here a few times and always liked it, so I decided to come again for a birthday meal. Unfortunately opinions were quite mixed this time. We were mostly very impressed with the starters, for example, smoked haddock in creamy cheesy sauce, tapas for 2, deep-fried brie, and creamy mushrooms with rocket. The smoked haddock starter was a special and was totally divine. Unfortunately we were very let down by the mains. Nobody was amazed by them. And to top it off, there was a mix-up with the order and we got an extra steak instead of a pasta dish. And the waitress blamed us! She said one of us must have taken a pasta dish even though we had ordered a steak. I don’t think someone would forget ordering a steak, especially when you have to say how well you want it cooked and what sauce you want. It wasn’t handled very well at all, and we were kept waiting until we asked where the pasta dish was. It was being cooked, but we hadn’t been told. We weren’t charged for that pasta dish at least, which was nice. However once again we weren’t told, we just noticed when we checked the bill. And we also noticed we were charged for an extra bottle of wine that we didn’t have…. Big no no. The general opinion was “not impressed”. Some even felt the bar food downstairs is better so must be coming from either a different kitchen or from different kitchen staff.


The Huntsman Inn
College Road, Galway City, Galway

I have mixed feelings for this place. It is expensive for pub grub. For example, I had great bruschetta (mushrooms on foccacia with parma ham so not your typical bruschetta), but it cost me €7! I also had the cod 7 chips for €14! The batter on the cod was nto crispy so I didn't enjoy it at all. It would be difficult to get me back there.


49-50 Thomas Street, Limerick City, Limerick

I'm a big fan of Aubars food, and hate that they no longer do food on Sundays! But what can you do... Anyway, the food is always great here, and the menu seems to change regularly. This can also be a bad thing of course, if you love a particular dish and then they stop doing it :) The food always comes out looking, and tasting, great. The soup is pricey at €5.50, but at least it is always delish. They are now doing a 2 course meal for €15, plus tea or coffee, which can be good value, depending on what you order ;)


Marco Polo not live
O'Connell Street, Limerick City, Limerick

I have mixed feeling about this restaurant. On the plus side, the decor is lovely, the staff is capable, the pizzas are very large, and my friend said the baby calamri was lovely - not rubbery at all. They also do great & reasonable lunch menus. They have a loyalty card too, and it gives you a €5 voucher, valid for 6 months, when you spend €50. You can also carry over amounts until you build up to the €50. On the negative side, we were given what they call a pre-teen menu for my 4 year old niece. We thought this was the kid's menu, and at €10 thought it was a bit steep. After ordering, we heard another table with a 2 year old ask to change the menu for the kid's menu! So they have 2 children's menus, but seem to have a policy of handing out the more expensive menu first, no matter how clearly the child is not close to being a teenager! :( Very calculating and disappointing. The kid's menu is actually €5, but as my niece had already chosen what she wanted and it wasn't on the other menu, we had to stick to paying the €10. It does include a drink and dessert, but a lot of parents would be happy to do without those.


Legends Restaurant @ Temple Gate Hotel
The Square, Ennis, Clare

We ate here for the early bird menu as we were staying in the hotel, and found it good. It was nothing amazing or anything, but a good price for a 2 course dinner. The choices were the usual kind, but it all tasted quite nice. The atmosphere was a little stuffy, which didn't match the type of food very well. They could do with making it a little more relaxed or upping their game with the menu. The same evening there was also a large hen party, which we were sat right next to. As they were naturally noisy, I thought this was a little inconsiderate, especially as the rest of the restaurant was quiet.


Joes Café
The Dell Centre, Lahinch, Clare

Joe’s Cafe is a great place for a casual bite to eat. I decided to stop in Lahinch for lunch one day, and didn't want pub grub. I was pleasantly surprised to come across Joe's Cafe. It's relaxed and child friendly, and with a large menu. A large menu is normally a bad sign in a café/restaurant, but it didn’t do this place any harm :) I had the hummus with pitta bread to start, and then the goat's cheese salad. Both were great. The hummus also came with seeds and sun-dried tomato on top, which went with it perfectly. The salad had plenty of everything, especially red onion and rocket. Highly recommend. My friend had a pizza, which was only ok, but I do really feel that unless a place specialises in pizza, this will mainly be the case.


The Old Bake House (Clare)
Main Street, Milltown Malbay, Clare

This place is easily the best in Miltown Malbay and its immediate surroundings for a casual meal. The food is always good. I would personally recommend the Indian lamb kebab starter and the ratatouille main meal. They are both fab! I've never eaten here at night (just for lunch), but there is a selection of wines and meals written up on the wall that make it sound like it would be equally great for dinner. I highly recommend it.


Restaurant Gigi's @ The G Hotel
The G Hotel, Wellpark, Dublin Road, Eyrecourt, Galway

I had a mixed experience when I ate in the G hotel lounge as part of their cinema deal - a 2 course meal and a cinema ticket. The cinema deal itself is nice - you can get a starter and main or a main and dessert from a set menu. I ordered the goat's cheese and asparagus tagliatelle and a dessert. Unfortunately there was no goat's cheese in the dish :( It was quite tasty, in a carbonara kind of a way (without the bacon of course), but it didn't have any goat's cheese! I should have complained when I realised, but I figured that was just the way they did it. Plus I was with a work crowd so didn't want to seem to be moany. However when some of the girls with me got the same dish as I was eating dessert, and I could clearly see the goat's cheese, I complained. I was sooo disappointed. The waitress was very good about it and did seem to really talk to the chef about it. But I was fobbed off with an excuse and offered a drink instead - but I was going to the cinema so had no time to stay for a drink. A drink doesn’t really cut it anyway. I'm not saying I wouldn't eat here again with the cinema deal, but it would not be my idea to go back. The dessert was very nice. Some of the people with me had the burgers and fish, and all enjoyed it.


Paddy Burkes (The Oyster Inn)
Clarenbridge, Clarenbridge, Galway

I would not recommend this place for food at all. I don't know if I went on a bad day or what, but the food was bland and overpriced and the portion was small. I was very disappointed as I'd heard it was great and had wanted to go for ages. We ate in the pub, not realising there was a separate restaurant. I'm not sure which menu they gave us, as the one we saw didn't match either of the ones on this web site. I had the salmon acapulco. It consisted of a small fillet baked in foil, with a little red onion and avocado on top. It was served with a portion of dry tasteless mash. I could have done better myself, and I'm not a great cook. And I was charged €16 for it! There wasn't a herb or sauce in sight, or a portion of veg. And they should be ashamed of their mash potato! My friend has the steak sandwich, and she was very happy with it. The kiddies menu is varied and good value, at €5.50. However nothing will get me through the door again.


Basilico Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
Oranmore, Main Street, Coach House Hotel, Oranmore, Galway

Basilico has been a favourite of mine for ages and I love having a great local Italian restaurant. Unfortunately I was very disappointed on my recent visit and reluctantly need to update my review. I originally gave this place a 4.5. Both the service and the food weren’t great. I’ve heard Basilico has opened up in Clarinbridge, so all I can think is that maybe they’ve moved some of their experienced waiters and kitchen staff over there to get it up & running, to the detriment of the Oranmore location? The quirky waiters have mostly been replaced by run-of-the-mill waiters & waitresses. The service was rushed and impersonal at times. They were very busy, but that’s no excuse. Our pre starter arrived out with our starter, and was disappointing. It was just 3 small slivers of cheese and pear. Very unimpressive. Unfortunately my starter arrived out cold. When I mentioned it, I was asked if I wanted another one. Of course I want another one…… No real apologies for it either. To make matters worse, when the (delicious) hot version arrived out, it was half the size of the original. Moving onto the mains. My boyfriend found his to be quite bland. And I have to say, mine was also. I got the prawns in a basil cream sauce. It wasn’t very inspiring at all, and to make matters worse, there were clumps of pasta stuck together in it. We were both gutted it had gone so badly, especially as we were there as a present for my birthday. We usually love the place! We Irish are not ones to complain, but thankfully the waitress asked us at the end of the meal (but not before….) if we’d enjoyed it. We were truthful and were surprised to be told that the main meals would be free. This was a lovely gesture, but unfortunately, I still won’t be rushing back.


Brannagans (Galway)
Above The Townhouse Bar, Quay Lane, Just across from the Spanish Arch, Galway City, Galway

The restaurant seems to be closed, so this is a review of the bar food in the Townhouse. From the quality of the food, I think it is the restaurant chef that is doing the bar food, and hopefully this will not change if the restaurant reopens. This was my second time eating in the Townhouse, and it doesn't disappoint. The last time we simply had toasted sandwiches with salad, and it was easily the best toasted sandwich I've ever had. Even the salad was great. This time I went for the soup of the day, which was French onion. It was really good! It had a slab of garlic bread with cheese in it, like a giant crouton, and still came with lovely brown bread. I would definitely come back for that soup alone. For the main I had the veg and goat's cheese pie. They do 3 types of pies - spicy lamb, chicken mushroom & leek, and the goat's cheese one. Unfortunately the main ingredient was butternut squash, which I don't like at all. But the pie was certainly homemade and tasty. The person with me had the Cajun chicken burger and really liked it. The only issue was it was too big :) Even the chips were great and really looked and tasted homemade. I would highly recommend this place, and it is certainly better than your average pub grub. Even the service was nice and friendly. I can't fault it really. Of course it is still a pub, with TVs, so you have to expect some noise…


Mustard Gourmet Pizza & Burger Bar - Closed
1 Middle Street, Galway City, Galway

Mustard is one of my regular haunts simply because the food was soooo good. However they've recently updated their menu, with some great dishes now gone, including one of my favs - spiced mini lamb burger! Gutted. One of my other favs was just not as nice as before either :( - pizza with goat's cheese, sweet peppers, and Parma ham. And to top it off, they no longer have Krombacher beer :( Things were not going good, and especially with the service. We arrived at a quiet time of the day - 5pm. We were given a jug of water straight away, with no glasses, and were left sitting there for ages. We used the wine glasses for the water, and eventually grabbed someone to order some wine. But then of course we weren't given any wine glasses! We ended up having to steal them from nearby tables. Not impressed.


Main Street, Oranmore, Galway

I found the food in Yen to be nice and tasty, but the service to be overbearing. We went to Yen on a friend's recommendation. We arrived just as they opened, so were the first customers. This affected the atmosphere, as the place was dead except for the odd take-way. They have a mixed menu, which may not be the best thing when you expect a Chinese menu – they also had some Thai and Japanese food. I got a Thai tom yam soup and my friend got Japenese deep-fried chicken. While my friend loved the chicken, I was disappointed with the soup. It did not seem to be a very traditional version - it had no mushrooms and it had beef, along with chicken and prawns. It was certainly tasty, but I'm not a meat eater so I didn't like it too much. Plus it came out in a bowl that you'd have your cereal in - so it was not presented very well. For the main, I had the prawn chow mein and it was fabulous! It was just the right level of crispy and juicy noodles, with plenty of prawns and veg. I will go back for that again for sure. All in all, the food was quite good, but unfortunately the service was very overbearing. We were asked at least 3 times if we liked the food, and never got more than halfway down our glasses before our drinks were refilled. It was just too much as we were being constantly interrupted. Maybe the waitresses were bored, but they ended up annoying us in the end. Think we’ll go for take-way the next time….


Shamrock Chinese Restaurant
Ennis Rd, Limerick City, Limerick

This restaurant is a hidden gem in Limerick, especially for its prices. It's possibly too hidden, as it's always really quiet (except for the takeaway, which is always kept going). I've eaten in the Shamrock many times over the years, and the food is always top notch. The service is always great too, and they always have time to be nice. I nearly always have a child with me, and this is never an issue in the slightest. The food is great value, it's just a shame so many people aren't aware of it. I think it must just be the location, as it's nowhere near the city centre, but on the Ennis Road on the way into Limerick. Sometimes we’ve been the only table in the restaurant. What’s good about this though is you never need to book :)


French Church Street, Cork City, Cork

I found this place to be a bit hit & miss. I wanted to really like it, as the waitress was so keen and friendly, and there were so many things on the menu that I wanted to try, but ultimately I was disappointed. I went there for a relaxed Sunday lunch. First off, the place was cold. The waitress was hilarious, and very enjoyable to deal with. She advised my friend against what she ordered – saying she didn’t think it was done very good there –and recommended something else. She was slightly pushy (telling us the 2nd choice was too boring) but it worked for us ? I ordered an omelette, and like in so many places in Ireland, it was totally overdone. I was very disappointed but kind of expected it as it is the norm in this country. However my friends were happy with their meals, and I would give it another go. If only for the waitress! Also, they were giving their tips to a Haiti fund, which I thought was very nice of them.


Banna Thai
15 Maylor Street, Cork City, Cork

I really enjoyed my meal in Banna Thai. It was my first time there as I don't live in Cork, and it was great. It is a small restaurant and I was there with a group of friends. We were well catered for. We all enjoyed our meals, with the only complaint being the level of spiciness. I would not fault the restaurant for this though, as you are allowed to specify the level of spiciness - mild, medium, spicy, or hot. So it really is your own fault if you tell them the wrong level. I had the tom-yam goong (spich & sour prawn soup) and it was fab. I also had the prawn red curry and it was delish. Some of my friends had pad thai (sp?) and raved about it. We also found the service to be very good, and left very happy.


Texas Steakout
116 O'Connell Street, Limerick City, Limerick

I don't often visit the Texas Steakout, as while I find the food good, I feel it's overpriced. However we decided to treat ourselves on NYE and were delighted to find they now do a set menu. We got a 3-course meal for €30. The food was of its usual good standard too. It was very busy as usual and as expected on the night, and did start to feel like we were in a crowed room. Which is what we were in really, but usually you wouldn't notice too much in a restaurant. The service wasn't too hectic, but passable. At one point we were served baked beans as a side dish with a fajita. We had to explain that we had ordered refried beans. Rookie mistake on the waiter's part. Also, once the desserts had been served, we had to actively work at getting more drinks off them. It's nice not to have waiters always asking if you want a coffee etc, but ask once at least, please :)


109, O'Connell St, Limerick City, Limerick

Chocolat is a great place for a cheap & cheerful lunch or for early bird or dinner set menu. It's such good value for money you'd have to go to believe it. There's no lunch over a tenner, and the most expensive set menu is €20 for 3 courses. I was there twice over the Xmas. One for with a small group in a party mood, and the restaurant was buzzing. The service was great, and the food good value. The portions weren't overly big but definitely plenty to fill you. And they do the aromatic duck salad (main & starter) made popular by their sister restaurant. One downside I'd have is that the upstairs area feels like a cafe - all very good if you're there for lunch, but not so good when there for dinner. Also, personally I also thought the wine prices were not in sync with the food prices - one as dear as €400!!!

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