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The Village Bistro restaurant

17 Terenure Place, Dublin 6 , Terenure, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 6

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16 reviews

Reviewed 10th April 2008 ( visited 07th April 2008 )

Definitely a great place for breakfast any time of the day or just to have a coffee and read the paper. Great staff and very quick service.
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Speaker Connolly restaurant

Firhouse Road, Tallaght, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 24

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Reviewed 10th April 2008 ( visited 10th February 2008 )

Prepare to be ignored until you lock eyes with a waitress and then be prepared to wait another 10-15 minutes. The food is good but not a lot of choice. The weekends are definitely not a time for a quiet lunch because it is always packed.
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The Norseman Bar & Restaurant
28 Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin

I thought this place was supposed to be 'tourist friendly'?? My sister visited me from the US and we went in here for a drink and were basically tolerated as she decided what she wanted. As soon as your man got the change back to me he was off and chatting to 3 other girls who were working there about what happened over the week with other customers. I thought it was very disrespectful to be talking about other nationalities when there were a few of us sitting there well within ear shot. Never going back and will advise my friends and future visitors to stay well away.


The Italian Corner
23/24 Wellington Quay, Dublin City Centre, Dublin 2, Temple Bar, Dublin

My sister and I went here late afternoon and it was empty, which is understandable at 4pm. The service was good, but again, the place was empty so it should have been excellent. We ordered the house salad, calamari, and margarita pizza. The dresing on the salad was great although it was just balsamic vinegar. The rocket was less than fresh and it lacked alot. The calamari was great. The margarita pizza was terrible, bland, and like a brick in my stomach. When our waitress asked us how it was, I told her. She never once apologized, she just said, "Well you ordered a plain one," and that she would tell the chef. We ordered the chocolate cake to share and it was stale although the fruit and coulis were very nice. I won't be going back.


The Italian Connection
95 Talbot Street, City Centre North, Dublin

BLAND. The food here was so bland and tasteless. We were seated and ignored for 15 minutes while we looked ove the menu. I would have loved to have ordered a bottle of wine while we decided on what to eat, but no, it didn't happen. We orderd the calzone and spagetti carbonara. My partner wanted extra cheese on his carbonara and had to ask the waitress to grate the cheese over it 3 times, and he doesn't like a lot on his pasta. Chincy. The calzone tasted like a hot dough of nothing. Disgusting.


Milano (Dun Laoghaire)
1 Harbour Square, Crofton Road, South Co. Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Beware of the €9 glass of wine!!! I went in for a 'girls lunch' and came out with a bill over €65! I was recommended a glass of wine by our server which came out to be €9 per glass and it wasn't even that good. We each had the new leggera pizza with the salad in the middle for €12 which was slightly burnt and only had 1/2 a handful of leaves in the middle. No value for money. The cheesecake was dry and the atmosphere was freezing. We will not be going back and they lost very good customers in us because we loved the idea of a salad/pizza and were looking for a new weekly lunch place but were sorely disappointed and will not be returning.


Luigi Malones Restaurant
5/6 Cecilia Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

It was our first time here and it was packed! Luckily we had reservations although a match was on in Croker so that probably explains why it was so busy. The starter salad was very fresh and I love the way they serve a glass of wine. The food was ok, the meat and seafood was fresh but nothing to write home about. The crust for the cheesecake was rock-hard but the filling was delish. Might go back, might not.


Il Padrino Pizza Pasta House
21 Cook Street, Cork City, Cork

The meatballs on the spagetti were excellent but everything else was mediocre. The caesar salad had too much dressing and the bruschetta with smoked ham was bread with a rasher and cheese melted on top. The pizza wasn't anything to write home about. The desserts were good however my banoffi pie had one slice of banana and the crust was rock hard. Ther service was excellent and the atmosphere is very nice although I wouldn't go back.


Restaurant Ten Fourteen
324 Clontarf Road, Clontarf, Dublin

My partner and I had New Year's Eve dinner here and everything was great. The service was incredible and the desserts should be outlawed they're so good. They had two people singing which really gave a great ambiance to the place. Even though my steak was very fatty, it was cooked exactly how I like it. I totally recommend pushing the boat out and eating here.


Lisa's Trattoria
81 Terenure Road North, South Dublin, Terenure, Dublin

After seeing this place everyday, we finally decided to go in. They have tables crammed in every square inch so its hard to get around without knocking into someone or be knocked into. The food was good and the homemade sausages were really good. The desserts were mediocre and a bit overpriced.


Toscana City Centre
3 Cork Hill, Dame Street (opposite Dublin Castle), Dublin City Centre, Dublin 2, Temple Bar, Dublin

The service was very good and our waiter had a great knowledge of all their wines, which is great. The seafood was very fresh and the steak was great.


Le Bon Crubeen
81-82 Talbot Street, Dublin 1, City Centre North, Dublin

We went here and were seated immediately. The service was great but the menu didn't offer much. We were given a lunch menu with the same steak as the dinner menu for €10 less. The desserts were amazing and I highly recommend it.


Scent Garden Restaurant
1st Floor Scholars Pub, Ballycullen Road, Tallaght, Tallaght, Dublin

The food was good and the service was good as well. Nothing spectacular but always solid.


Captain America's Cookhouse and Bar (Tallaght)
Unit A3 Tallaght Cross Dublin 24, Tallaght, Dublin

Went here a few times and each time something's been bad. Like paying €6 for 3 wilted chicken goujons that were lukewarm and onion rings with 4 burnt ones hidden in the middle. We asked for our check and 20 minutes later we're still sitting there waiting. Definately not going back.


The Terenure Inn
96 Terenure Road North, Terenure, Dublin

Definitely do not judge a book by its cover. The steak sandwich at lunchtime is so juicy and the sauteed onions are very flavourful.


The Dawson Lounge
Dawson Street, Dawson Street, Dublin

This is such a great pub with such a great atmosphere. The smallest pub in Ireland certainly lives up to that. The staff are friendly and I've never seen more than one person working the bar but they get you served. I'm American and I've brought quite a few Irish friends here that had never been and its quite a sight. There's even a cushion on the ceiling above the lady's toilet so we don't bump our heads on the low low ceiling getting up.


South King Street, City Centre South, Dublin

I've been here so many times for drinks and the fish and chips are great but I stopped going when I ordered the vegetable soup and it was so spicy my lips were burning. The staff walks by when you're clearly trying to make eye contact to order something or if you need something and remind me of the too-cool-cliques in high school.


JD's Steakhouse
4 Rathfarnham Road, Dublin 6W, Terenure, Dublin

My partner and I made reservations and were seated right away with menus already on the table and ready for us. The 1/4 bottle red wine list is only 2 choices so its not very extensive. My partner had the stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer and they were excellent. They were practically the size of baseballs. I had the medallions of fillet and my partner had the rib-eye and both were excellent. The mushroom and onion white wine sauce on the medallions was amazing. For dessert we had the bailey's cheesecake and chocolate truffle ice cream (forgot the name of the dessert). Both were great and the service was excellent; can't wait to go back.


Pizza Hut
24 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

My boyfriend and I go here a lot unfortunately for the waistline...But I have to say even though they always seem short staffed, the waiters are very nice and always apologetic. Our pizza was taking longer than usual and we were given a free salad bar so that was nice as well. The only part I don't like is the placement of the tables - right at the front door and I always turn those down. Other than that, good stuff.


Tamara Restaurant
Unit 11/18 Belgard Square, Tallaght Town Centre, West Dublin, Tallaght, Dublin

We went in on a busy Saturday night and were seated almost immediately. However, there seemed to be a bit of chaos at the front door as there were a lot of people waiting and when I asked one gentleman if we could have a table for 2 I was told, "I don't know, wait awhile." He didn't want my name or anything. So I spoke with another gentleman and we were seated right away. The service was fair; she really only came over when she had to. The food was incredible compared to the crappy takeout Chinese places. It was really good and nicely presented and I am definitely going back. The wine was a bit overpriced and they probably shouldn't use well known wines and charge 4 times as much as an off-license. The dessert wasn't impressive; it looked like a block of vanilla ice cream with a few toffee pieces on top.


18 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

I love the atmosphere here and the wine bar downstairs is very lovely and intimate. They were extremely short staffed but it was obvious they were working very hard. However a gentleman was bending over backwards to get a waitress to a couple who arrived 20 minutes after we did and no one had spoken to us so that was a miss. I had the pizza and although it was good, I had to cut it myself which I thought was odd and a pain because the table was so small. But my guy had carbonara which he said was good.


The Village Bistro
17 Terenure Place, Dublin 6 , Terenure, Dublin

Definitely a great place for breakfast any time of the day or just to have a coffee and read the paper. Great staff and very quick service.


Marios (Terenure)
103 Terenure Road East, Dublin 6, Terenure, Dublin

I went here after hearing rave reviews from a friend of mine and was sorely disappointed. The restaurant wasn't full but we were told it would be a 20 minute wait so we went and had a drink while we waited for a phone call 45 minutes later. Still wasn't full when we got there. The pizza was good but there was no balsamic or dressing on my mozzarella caprese and I got a funny look when I asked for some. The drink orders got a bit screwed up when my friend ordered a whiskey and coke and literally got a glass of whiskey and a glass of coke. No ice in either. I don't really know if I'll go back.


Speaker Connolly
Firhouse Road, Tallaght, Dublin

Prepare to be ignored until you lock eyes with a waitress and then be prepared to wait another 10-15 minutes. The food is good but not a lot of choice. The weekends are definitely not a time for a quiet lunch because it is always packed.


Wagamama - Stephen's Green
St Stephen's Green Centre, South King St, Dublin 2, City Centre South, Dublin

This place is my favourite! The food is always great, service is great, and you're in and out like a flash! I especially love that you can order by number. We love how several different people can be available to take your order and serve you. The Cha Han is great, cocunut ice cream with nuts may seem simple on the menu but it is very refreshing after a spicy dish!

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