The Blue Bayou restaurant

Raheen Wood Hotel, Athenry, Galway

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The Blue Bayou

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The Blue Bayou

21 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 16th January 2010 (visited 16 January 2010)

I ate in the bar today for lunch. I didnt think much of the place in the past. But today there was a varied menu. I did think the prices were high for a lunch menu, it didnt represent good value. But its getting increasingly difficult to find someplace in Athenry to eat a good lunch. But this was one of them, the food was excellent. Good ingrediants, quality meat. If was to get this standard everytime I would be happy.

The Blue Bayou

4 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 05th July 2009 (visited 3 July 2009)

A large group us ate here on friday nite and there was a wedding on here on the nite. The restaurant was half full when we arrived. The restaurant is quite modern and trendy inside. We all had starters and most of the group were happy with their soup. I had the bacon and leek tartlet and I thought that this was delicious. Most of the group ordered steak as a main course. My fillet was barely warm as was the mashed potato under it when I got it and it wasn't very tender and the price of this was 28euro. I got my steak and my veg was left on another table with other stuff while the waitress was sorting out the wrongly cooked steak which didn't make me happy considering what I had was barely warm as it was. The veg was a bit dry but edible and the onions were very good. The top of the steak was decorated/garnished with very thin strips of burnt onion which I removed as it wasn't very edible. My brother in law ordered his sirloin well done and it came out pink so he sent it back. It was huge however and I was curious so when I tasted his it was really tough so you would need your teeth for this. He was quite happy with it however. One of the girls ordered fillet medium rare and although it was medium rare it was also cold so she sent this back and got a different piece of fillet but it was well done this time...she gave up at this stage and ate it regardless. Her partner wasn't impressed with his steak either but ate it regardless. My partner had chicken provencale and she thought it was bland. The rest of the group were reasonably satisfied overall.. The service overall was acceptable though the girls were very nice and obliging. They did all they could possibly do and it must've been embarrassing for them having to return some of the food. We didn't stay for desserts. Im pretty sure this will be my first and last time here unless things improve or they get a different chef.

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