The Coburg Brasserie @ The Conrad restaurant

Earlsfort Terrace, St Stephens Green, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

Dublin 2

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The Coburg Brasserie @ The Conrad

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The Coburg Brasserie @ The Conrad

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Reviewed 06th December 2016 (visited 5 December 2016)

This restaurant provides a local alternative to the deeply disappointing Terrace Restaurant at the National Cocert Hall. Reasonable food and value, attractive decor and ambiance. However, if you are planning an early meal before a concert, be warned, Service was extremely slow - we arrived at 6.30pm, giving us ample time, we thought, for a leisurely dinner before an 8pm concert. Sadly, the snail's pace service meant that there was no way we could have eaten dessert in addition to our main course. A beer ordered by obe of our party took an inordinately long time to arrive. This kind of under-staffing is a false economy. Diners would eat and drink more if the place was adequately staffed. I should say that the few staff that were there were very pleasant. This is a miessed opportunity for the Conrad.

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