di Luca Trattoria restaurant

10 Harcourt Street, St Stephens Green, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 2

Dublin 2

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di Luca Trattoria

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di Luca Trattoria

1 reviews

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Reviewed 25th November 2016 (visited 25 November 2016)

Absolute rip off this place, tried the lunch time menu today, Rigatoni consisted of 2 spoons of penne pasta with about half a sausage worth of meat in it. €12!!!! Outrageously overpriced and not great at all. €6 for a 300ml bottle of Peroni and your walking out of there feeling violated. (and straight to the nearest stall to buy more food as your still starving). Do yourself a favour and avoid these absolute charlatans.

di Luca Trattoria

27 reviews


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Reviewed 18th November 2016 (visited 17 November 2016)

OK, so went here last night for dinner! Believe me none of the pictures you feature are anything near what we were served. For starts, I had warm soup, flavour was OK but temperature left ALOT to be desired. For mains all three of us had the venison Ragu, I asked for mine not to have any cheese shavings on it. Three ragus arrived all with chesse, so mine had to be returned, the two that remained at the table were served in cold bowls, pasta was good, but I am quite sure it was beef mince that was cooked in a stock cube mix and served, my ragu arrived as the other two had finished, I had requested that my bowl be warm, well, it was quite obviously microwaved!!! Condiments are served in little open bowls so that everybody's fingers can be dipped in for their salt and pepper. I requested a salt and pepper mill, and was told that they had none so a small coffe cup was brought out with Saxa salt in it??? When I told the waitress about why I requested the mills (due to the complete UNHYGENIC manner of using your fingers) she informed me that the chef was very passionate about serving salt and pepper in this way and that they were changed ONCE daily, charming!!!!! Within minutes all salt and pepper bowls were removed from all tables. The wine was good, however expensive. The menu on Di Luca's website is not the menu that we were presented with. In a nutshell this is one place that I will not return to, under any circumstances! The food is appalling to say the least, €99 for three people, dare I say a happy meal would have tasted better and would be better value for money!!!

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