Acton’s Pub & The Orchard Cafe @ The Brooklodge restaurant

The BrookLodge Hotel, Macreddin Village, Aughrim

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Acton’s Pub & The Orchard Cafe @ The Brooklodge reviews

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Acton’s Pub & The Orchard Cafe @ The Brooklodge

3 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 29th August 2013 (visited 5 August 2013 )

We arrived at about 4pm, and didn't expect to find them still serving food. We do visit Brooklodge a few times a year to visit the market, and stay the night and eat in the Strawberry tree. We've been going there for 9 years now, and up until this year we haven't bothered eating in the pub as the food was not appealing. It was way too organic for us, the only bread on the menu was the brown Guinness bread they served at breakfast, and at dinner, and if you're there for breakfast and dinner, you don't want that same bread for lunch - organic or not, there is only so much of it you can take. So we were exceptionally surprised to see they now serve Panini and normal sandwiches on normal bread, no 'organic' in sight! This pleased us immensely as we had the kids in tow and they do prefer main stream food. They even have introduced chips on the menu! This is a first for us at Brooklodge! They were good too, my Panini had an authentic Italian taste, the kids enjoyed their soup and chips immensely. Other than the sticky table and the lack of buzz - it wasn't clear if they were still serving or had closed up after lunch - it was a surprisingly good family lunch. We were extra surprised as on all our previous visits we had been hungry on arrival but weren't able to order food as it was so restrictive and expensive. There is no shame in mainstream bistro-style pub café food, and there is no shame in 'non organic' food too. So thank you Brooklodge for finally compromising your beliefs and relieving our hunger. We'll be back. Next, can you look into that greenish organic bacon you serve for breakfast, as it really isn't very appealing.

Acton’s Pub & The Orchard Cafe @ The Brooklodge

5 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 27th October 2010 (visited 3 October 2010 )

Had a super meal in Actons. Beer battered fish and great chips served in paper cones. Quirky but fun. Very friendly atmosphere and very child friendly.

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