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Austin Friar St, Mullingar

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4 reviews
3 stars - based on 4 reviews
Berty’s Bar has become the new meeting place in town, whether for a refreshing creamy cappuccino or latte after shopping, a leisurely breakfast or lunch from the hotels now infamous carvery there is something to suit all tastes. At the weekends as the lights go down and Berty’s comes to life and swings with live music.

Offering a Carvery lunch menu daily and a traditional Irish A la carte bar food menu in the evenings. There is always something to cater to everybody’s tastes.

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Berty's Bar @ Annebrook House Hotel reviews

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Berty's Bar @ Annebrook House Hotel

34 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 28th March 2012 (visited 25 March 2012 )

We stayed in the hotel overnight and as it was a Sunday the main restaurant was closed so we made a decision to have dinner in the bar. Initial impression is that Bertie's Bar occupies a large space with little or no atmosphere. We chose two mains - sirloin steak cooked medium rare for my husband which arrived cooked as ordered and half roast stuffed chicken and ham for me. The food was only o.k., nothing special. Ham and stuffing portions were tiny, but tasted fine - what there was of it. The chicken was accompanied by what I can only describe as a mound of congealed mashed potato which had a strange taste to say the least. I did not eat it. Onion rings and chipped potatoes concluded the order. The chips were listed on the menu as "chipped potatoes" and we assumed they would be home cooked chipped potatoes. What arrived were anemic specimens - almost as white as the bowl in which they were served and, In our opinion, they looked and tasted like the commercially frozen variety as were the onion rings. Not a great dining experience but to be fair, the service was polite and pleasant. We were surprised to be told that wine was only served in quarter bottles and that no full bottles of wine were available!! Bertie's Bar is not an establishment to which we will be returning anytime soon.

Berty's Bar @ Annebrook House Hotel

42 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 12th December 2011 (visited 10 December 2011 )

Stayed in the hotel on a deal which had a 2 course dinner in the bar included with my husband and another couple. The bar was quite lively without being too busy for 8pm. I found the starter selection a little limited and went for chicken caesar salad hoping it would be a good version of it, I was very pleasantly surprised - the chicken and bacon were really fresh and tasty and the lettuce leafs crunchy. For the main I went for burger and chips, really enjoyed it and the side salad was really fresh aswell. I had a coffee for afters however 2 profiteroles and 1 pavlova was ordered by the others and they really enjoyed them. Overall the service, food and value was very good. The only negatives were that the lighting is a bit depressing, they could do with some candles etc. Would also prefer a more exciting starter selection. The quality of food would definitely make me come back.

Berty's Bar @ Annebrook House Hotel

3 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 03rd December 2010 (visited 15 October 2010 )

Nice, modern layout with good staff. Food doesn't always hit the mark, but its not bad! Good value too.

Berty's Bar @ Annebrook House Hotel

2 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 19th July 2010 (visited 9 July 2010 )

We eat breakfast here quite regularly and have to say that the quality of the food is excellent. Plenty of brown bread and toast to accompany the breakfast. Value for money is the best though. Really good prices for kids. All in all, really nice place to meet friends and family for a chat and some food.

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