Chinese Gourmet (Longford) restaurant

The Kiosk, Dublin Street, Longford Town, Longford

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Chinese Gourmet (Longford)

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Chinese Gourmet (Longford)

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Reviewed 15th June 2012 (visited 1 May 2012)

When this restaurant first opened it was probably the best in Longford. However it has really gone down over the years. One thing about the place is that you have a feeling that the staff hover over you, the second you put your fork on the plate they are over to take it away, which may sound very attentive but you feel like you're being watched the whole time and it's really annoying. The food used to be a lot better too. Everything in the dish tastes the same, a carrot tastes like a mushroom etc. But maybe it's because there is a lot of msg in westernised Chinese food. It has really nice decor etc, just if the staff laid off and stopped watching your table and maybe they focused on the taste of the food, this place could be what it used to be

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