O'Connors Restaurant

9 Thomas Street, Limerick City

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Tue6:00am - 11:30pm
Wed6:00am - 11:30pm
Thu6:00am - 11:30pm
Fri6:00am - 11:30pm
Sat6:00am - 11:30pm

40 people

Cheap Eats, Seafood, Vegetarian


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O'Connors Restaurant reviews

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O'Connors Restaurant

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 18th April 2018 (visited 18 April 2018 )

We have went to this restaurant for a few yrs now since the change of staff when i say change of staff there was a manager called helen there she is sadly mist the owner has no taken over and it has gone right down hill this is my 3rd time in the last 3mths ordering club sandwiches with coleslaw and it was sour i told the owner she tasted it and agreed so she didnt even offer a refund or even a % so it will be my last time in there her loss as all my family eat it there and I will also be telling friends to avoid going in there.

O'Connors Restaurant

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:30%

Reviewed 05th February 2017 (visited 5 February 2017 )

This was always a regular breakfast spot of mine but my past three experiences have turned me off eating here for good. I am not a fussy eater but I think management should address the following: nnFood is wildly overpriced: e.g. orange juice €3.50, Mineral €3nnThis is the third occasion my food has been cold when servednot me. I was also given the same excuse as the previous two occasions 'problem with the grill'.nnCheap ingredients: if you're going to charge 10 euro for a breakfast at least try and use some sort of quality ingredients. Food is bland, heavily salted and sickly.nnManager did offer me an apology at the end but I am afraid this former food institution of limerick has definitely had its best days. nnAVOID. nnFar better quality / priced places in Limerick. nn

O'Connors Restaurant

55 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 28th October 2010 (visited 25 October 2010 )

Visited here for brunch breakfast on Bank Holiday Mon and won't be returning.The restaurant is pretty big and was fairly busy which we took to be a good sign but realised afterwards it was because there was very little open on the Bank Holiday.They were doing all day breakfasts so myself and my companion ordered 2 fried eggs,beans, tomato, and toast and I orderd the chips with mine and my companion ordered the sauteed potatoes with his.We stated no meat and no mushrooms and the waiter wrote this down clearly. We both ordered orange juice.The orange juice was served after about 5 mins and it was the horrible concentrated kind.Over 15mins after we ordered they came out with 2 dishes, one which was correct and one which was completely wrong.After another long wait they came back with my companions meal but this time it had chips as they had no sauteed potatoes and had loads of mushrooms on and the eggs looked to have been cooked with the mushrooms as they were blackened and heavily flavoured by them.He couldn't wait any longer for his food so my companion ate some of his meal trying to avoid the mushrooms he expressly didn't order.I was almost finished my meal by the time he got his.The toast was like stone cold white bricks.The bill came to near €20 for below par food and bad service for 2 very simple orders. After paying for my meal I politely informed the manager that our meals took a long time and we were given the wrong meal twice.He implied that he would have reduced our bill if I had told him before paying but I wasn't looking for a free meal.He did not apologise and stated that they were very busy.The solution to this is take on more staff for busy periods,with €2.50 for cheap orange jucie they should be able to afford it. I'm sure most people have an ok time here and my expectations were not particularly high for a side-street cafe but I think people should be aware that there is much better value and customer service elsewhere.

O'Connors Restaurant

2 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 27th September 2009 (visited 9 July 2009 )

We decided to sit outside as it was a lovely day. We waited ages to be served, the food took ages to arrive and then we never saw the waitress again. I had to go inside to pay the bill and when i asked a manager for the bill she was very short with me. I mean complaining about someone trying to pay there bill? Come on!!!! Will NEVER eat there again!

O'Connors Restaurant

21 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 27th January 2009 (visited 27 January 2009 )

great food great satff and value for money spot on i will go here again

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