Roma Cafe (Kilkenny) restaurant

65 John Street, Kilkenny City

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25 people

Cafe, Casual Dining


Will cater for children

Roma Cafe (Kilkenny) reviews

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Roma Cafe (Kilkenny)

34 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 04th December 2008 (visited 30 November 2008 )

It's a chipper. An OK one but not really a great one. You know the great ones where there is a certain flavour from the chips and/or battered food that hints at a, shall we say, "mature" oil but where a look around the place indicates that hygine and food quality is the top priority. The chips at Roma are just that little bit bland as from fresh tasteless oil. The last time I got chips there was last weekend mainly because I was passing and it was handy more than I really wanted their chips. It's fine but it won't win any awards for it's taste.

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