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3 stars - based on 3 reviews
From wherever your are standing on the High Street in Kilkenny, a few minutes walk will get you to the most famous of all the slips, the Butterslip Lane and to Petronella, the city’s most recently opened Restaurant-Cafe. Over four hundred years ago horse drawn carriages trundled down this thoroughfare. The charming slip with its pretty name is steeped in history and worn with footfall and remains so today.
Duck under the archway and just on the right Petronella is becoming a regular for those who have discovered her. Guest Book entries already bear testament to culinary experiences from both near and far, the last entry from a diner from Seattle says ‘as a chef I can truly recommend the cuisine and it blew me away. The presentation was classy and flavour profiles were ‘spot on’. No less important is the nine year old from Meath who recommended the ‘great chips and good orange’.
Petronella seats fifty customers. Situated over two floors, a specially commissioned impression by local artist Brock Butler of the figure herself hangs in the stairwell and is already becoming used to the photographs. Whatever the season and whatever your taste and however much
time you have to spend, both the menu and the layout are tailored to suit. Tables are thoughtfully spaced and many have remarked on how easy it is to dine alone if preferred but few can figure out why. Window seats upstairs draw the eye to the timelessness of the lane below. Original stone walls and overhead beams draw comments all of the time and the romance and ambience are pulled together in the specially chosen background music.
Petronella is easy to drop in to but harder to leave.

The cornerstone of the culinary experience is in the welcoming and attentive staff and the
individuality of the customer. Requests and enquiries from diners form part of the spirit of a collective dining experience. Petronella’s doors open at 11.30am with lunches until 3pm
followed by those who drop in for coffee and tea until 5pm when the early bird begins,
with last orders at 9pm. Throughout the day all of the menus drawon our chefs’ wealth of experience and the personal touch of the owner whose daily presence and past years spent in the restaurant business and no less in the area of tourism, continue to be relied on. Whether in conversation or having a direct hand in for example baking Petronella’s own in house bread, his plans are to soon introduce both an old Scottish Island bread recipe to the menu and a much loved Halloween brack as soon as the Autumn sets in. Already customers have remarked on ‘the delicious tea and crackling biscuits’. The chefs’ modern approaches to current demands such as the individualized nature of, for example, gluten free or vegetarian menu, are continually researching newdishes such as Potato Rosties &Smoked; Salmon, frittatas with quinoa salads and crème brulees with ratafia biscuits. Petronella has just opened but is already warming to the coffee concerts and other musical events planned for the months to come. Locals’ pride in their interest in sharing their knowledge about Petronella becomes
apparent when they come to dine. Petronella Restaurant-Café looks forward to always
dipping into the archives on her namesakes remarkable history as the first woman to be
burnt at the stake in Europe. Situated around the corner from where Petronella met her end
is where you are invited to dine and where new histories will begin.

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1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 22nd July 2017 (visited 21 July 2017 )

Lovely restaurant - Was really impressed - Portion sizes were just right, food was really tasty, menu not overly expensive. In a cool old building with loads of history - The owner gave us a flying history when we were leaving, as well as lollipops for our kids - who weren't even with us! Vegan and vegetarian menu was really long - and sounded really tasty, far more options than you would usually see for a non-meat eater. I had the Brie and the chicken - both delicious and my dining mates had fish and really enjoyed it.


2 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 22nd August 2016 (visited 20 August 2016 )

What a fabulous place! The owner is a lovely lovely man and could not have done more for us. Food was gorgeous and wine very reasonably priced. I believe the death by chocolate was literally to die for but I had the ice cream which was fantastic.


12 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 28th March 2016 (visited 26 March 2016 )

Dined here Easter Saturday night. Overpriced and under par. The "vegetable " soup tasted like very salty mushroom soup! Zero heating, made worse by the big stone walls and draughty windows. We were numb with the cold. Unbelievable disregard for diners comfort. Could not wait to leave. Diners at the next table had their winter coats and scarves pulled up around their necks the entire time. Luckily our Easter break in Kilkenny was saved with an exquisite dining experience in The Left Bank the following night. and an equally enjoyable dinner in SOL restaurant on Good Friday. We love Kilkenny and visit regularly but will not revisit Petronella's restaurant again.

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