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Burtown House, Athy

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The Green Barn is located just inside the front gates of Burtown House, set in the front parkland overlooking our walled kitchen garden. It is easily accessible as a quick lunch stop, or for a more relaxed luncheon style affair or for dinner on Friday nights (8pm last service) and Saturday and Sundays (last service 6.30pm).


Fri12:00pm - 8:00pm
Sat12:00pm - 6:30pm
Sun12:00pm - 6:30pm

80 people

Coeliac options, European, Irish, Pizzeria, Sunday Lunch, Vegan Friendly, Vegetarian

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The Green Barn

1 reviews

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Reviewed 25th March 2018 (visited 24 March 2018 )

Went to the Green Barn for dinner this evening. I normally do not write reviews but I am so angry about the whole experience I have to give this feedback. We had eaten in the Green Barn before and like most people always found it expensive but left feeling reasonably satisfied.nThis evening was a different story. We arrived and we were greeted warmly and asked had we come far, we said no, that we had just come from Athy. We sat down and were told that there was a new menu, which was no issue. We eat out a lot and were happy to try it. I decided to go for the scallops and cod and my wife had eaten a big lunch so just ordered the potato cake. We ordered a cheese board to share after.nWords fail me to describe the scallops that arrived, the poor waitress was mortified serving me. I was served two scallops, each no bigger than a 20c coin (at best) with a vegetable wafer and some purée smeared on the plate, cost of which was €10. I was blown away at the tiny size of this plate of food. Maybe I’m spoilt, we eat fresh scallops every other weekend out west, but this was so disappointing. I wasn’t sure what to do but the more I thought about it I just got more and more annoyed. I called the waitress and told her how dissatisfied I was. She was sympathetic and said the owner was in the restaurant so I asked to speak to him / her as I felt it wasn’t the waitress’s fault and best to talk to them directly. What came next is the part I am most annoyed about. A women came to our table but didn’t introduce herself. She then said “can I help you?” This really got my goat up as obviously the waitress told her I wasn’t happy, so I thought overall this was a strange way to approach the situation. I told her I wasn’t happy with the starter, that it was grossly over priced for such a small dish, to which she replied “scallops are expensive, you do know that?” This annoyed me, as she was basically insinuating that the issue was my lack of understanding of what I had ordered, not the fact that I got a ridiculously tiny plate of food. Scallops are expensive, everyone knows that. I told her I got two scallops, to which she then admitted that normally there would be three scallops in the dish, which really wasn’t much good to me, as regardless it was still a tiny plate of food. She then said she would “comp us”, which also left me a bit annoyed as I wasn’t looking for a free meal, it was like this was what she assumed we wanted, whereas an apology, and an acknowledgement of our feedback would have been enough. I agreed regardless that she should “comp” the scallops as it was so disappointing. The rest of the meal was ok, service a bit slow but again we expected this having eaten here before.nnOveral disappointed in the owners attitude. I will never go back to the Green Barn which is a shame as it is a wonderful setting. Just to be clear, they took the scallops and my wife’s two glasses of wine off the bill. Appreciated, but again this wasn’t the issue, would happily have paid if I thought I was getting good value.

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