The Ross Inn restaurant

Rossbeigh Beach, Glenbeigh

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The Ross Inn

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Reviewed 19th August 2010 (visited 4 June 2010 )

While touring in West Kerry with a three friends for a day, we ended up in Rossbeigh and starving as we were, went into the Ross Inn in the hope of a good hot meal and a respite from the shocking weather outside. However on entering the bar, we were confronted with a cold, dark, empty and soul-less pub, and while the barman/owner tried to make us welcome, it was sadly not enough to satisfy our hunger or worries about what we were about to receive. We each ordered a full lunch, as by that time we were absolutely ravenous, so two of us had soup and sandwiches and the other two ordered fish & chips and chicken & chips. The food took a long time to arrive at our table and when it finally did, the 'soup' consisted of warm water with practically raw veg in it, and the chips were sooo greasy, as soon as you held one between your fingers, the grease poured out of them. When we politely tried to point this out to the barman, he told us that it was perfectly good food and if we didn't like it then he would call the 'chef' out of the kitchen so we could have it out with him. (Is this really a good way to treat unhappy customers?) Then, to add insult to injury, they had the audacity to charge us nearly € 40 for the 'pleasure' of getting stomach-ache! Definitely not a place I'd recommend to anyone and don't ever intend to re-visit it while under the current management.

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