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153 Upper, Salthill

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Canton Kitchen

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 28th July 2017 (visited 28 July 2017 )

Worst Chinese meal I have ever had, the chicken was rubbery, obviously brought in precooked. My husband had duck and did enjoy it. I have worked in many restaurants, even a few Chinese ones and have never experienced such a dreadful way in dealing with a customer with a complaint. I took about 3 chopsticks of food, called the waitress to address my complaint. Apparently the chef said it was ok and I was charged for it to my horror! I'm still inthe disbelief, its always been a golden rule in catering that you don't charge a customer for something they haven't eaten! A serious need for customer care courses are seriously required at that establishment ......n

Canton Kitchen

65 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 15th May 2010 (visited 9 April 2010 )

This chinese has to be my favourite in Galway because the food is consistently good. There is tables to sit down but the menu prices are 20% more expensive so I would recommened just getting it for takeaway as there is not a great atmosphere as a sit down restaurant. It is more like a waiting room for people getting their takeaways. They do really good chicken curry and 3 in 1's and szechaun veg too.

Canton Kitchen

4 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 20th April 2009 (visited 11 March 2009 )

Consistently the best Chinese in Galway, always good quality meat never worried about chewy chicken as in so many places in Ireland. They really have god quality food and at the same price as all other Chinese restaurant. Have never eaten in here always get takeaway so not sure about the atmosphere as a place to eat I wouldn't imagine fantastic but the quality of the food will make up for it.

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