Fitzgerald's of Sandycove restaurant

Albert House, Sandycove, Sandycove, Dublin, Area Code: South Co Dublin

South Co Dublin

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4 reviews
5 stars - based on 4 reviews

Fitzgerald's of Sandycove

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Fitzgerald's of Sandycove

16 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 26th January 2015 (visited 18 January 2015)

I really enjoyed the food at this hotel , great for Sunday lunch

Fitzgerald's of Sandycove

15 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 03rd December 2008 (visited 3 December 2008)

It's all about the service. Well, that and the setting. Really great location. Pretty standard pub grub but it really hits the spot!

Fitzgerald's of Sandycove


6 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 05th April 2008 (visited 2 April 2008)

I think they must have changed their menu here lately, as it is different to the one listed here. I was with three others when we visited this past Wednesday. I had Leek & Potato soup while my friends had the Seafood Chowder. Top marks all around. Then I have the Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Wrap. Very tasty! There was B.L.T's, Greek Salad Wraps, Smoked Salmon & Prawn Sandwiches also available. My friend has 'Champion the Wonder Chicken' - strange name, but he said it was outstanding. Chicken with leeks, bacon & baked with white cheddar! Well worth a visit again! Well priced too

Fitzgerald's of Sandycove

84 reviews


Credibility Score:55%

Reviewed 28th September 2007 (visited 3 August 2007)

This very famous pub serves only lunch and mainly to retired locals. The food is very traditional(loads of stews, hotpots etc)and is very tasty. Service is a bit slow though.

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