Bon Appetit restaurant

9 James Terrace, Malahide, Dublin, Malahide, Dublin, North Co Dublin

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Coeliac options, Cookery Classes, European, Fine Dining, French, Irish, Tapas, Vegetarian

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Aaron Carrol

chef Aaron Carrol

Bon Appetit is located in the heart of Malahide village and serves the finest in European and modern Irish cuisine suitable for every occasion. Its coates location makes it a very popular restaurant, providing a much needed escape from Dublin city centre. 

Aaron’s extensive qualifications are testament to his dedication to his culinary career. He received his BA in Culinary Arts and a Masters in Culinary Innovation and Food Production Development. Aaron then worked in the Four Seasons Hotel and joined the Bon Appetit team in 2007, working his way up to his current position as head chef.

Previous Restaurants
Prior to now I worked in Cruzzo's in Malahide while I was studying Culinary Arts in DIT. I also worked in Casadelmar Restaurant in Corsica & the Four Seasons Dublin. I've also worked and completed stages in various other restaurants over the years.

Since 2002.

Specialised Cuisine

Signature Dish
I don't really have one! Most of the dishes that are put on the menu begin one way, get tweaked and finish up with a different slant.

Vital Ingredient
Various oils and vinegars.

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Guilty Pleasure
I'm glad the word 'food' was in that question... I've been known to enjoy a bag of Weelies!

Favourite Wine
I would be more of a ale man. I like McArdles and Smithwicks!

Favourite dish to cook at home
My wife and kids love my coddle. I love one-pot wonders when I'm at home. Saves on mess!

Main Inspiration
I've had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful chefs. But there are so many facets to what we do that it would be hard to pick one out as each chef has their own skill set and attributes. That said, my formative years were spent under Andy Turner's wing. So AT can take the bow on that one! I believe that everyone has something to teach you

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