The Coburg Brasserie @ The Conrad restaurant

Earlsfort Terrace, St Stephens Green

Dublin 2

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The Coburg promises style and simplicity with its distinctive local charm and hospitality. The neighbouring Iveagh gardens were once known as the Coburg Gardens, named after the royal family of Saxe-Coburg. During the 1800’s, Coburg, which was a public park, housed a magnificent gas-lit winter garden and stunning iron structure and served as event headquarters for the legendary Royal Horse Bazaar. Adopting the Coburg name inspired our design features using materials such as leather, marble, porcelain, and brass to pay homage to The Coburg Gardens.


Mon10:00am - 12:00am
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150 people

Casual Dining


Accept major credit cards Seafood available

The Coburg Brasserie @ The Conrad reviews

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The Coburg Brasserie @ The Conrad

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Reviewed 06th December 2016 (visited 5 December 2016 )

This restaurant provides a local alternative to the deeply disappointing Terrace Restaurant at the National Cocert Hall. Reasonable food and value, attractive decor and ambiance. However, if you are planning an early meal before a concert, be warned, Service was extremely slow - we arrived at 6.30pm, giving us ample time, we thought, for a leisurely dinner before an 8pm concert. Sadly, the snail's pace service meant that there was no way we could have eaten dessert in addition to our main course. A beer ordered by obe of our party took an inordinately long time to arrive. This kind of under-staffing is a false economy. Diners would eat and drink more if the place was adequately staffed. I should say that the few staff that were there were very pleasant. This is a miessed opportunity for the Conrad.

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