Restaurants in Dublin

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  • Horse & Hound (Dublin)

    Unfortunately I'd have to recommend that people considering this…

    (Posted 08/03/2020 by steizgr864910703)
  • YO Sushi Clarendon…

    has been closed for several years - location is now a nail bar. Please…

    (Posted 20/02/2020 by waider)
  • Empoli

    visited this restaurant on Monday 17 February with my family of 4.…

    (Posted 19/02/2020 by Malaholywood)
  • Dada Restaurant

    The food is absolutely delicious and the staff and atmosphere are…

    (Posted 11/02/2020 by Meelah)
  • That's Amore -…

    Just perfect

    (Posted 09/02/2020 by greg1982)
  • Carlo's Restaurant

    Just perfect

    (Posted 09/02/2020 by greg1982)
  • Hong Hop

    Just perfect

    (Posted 09/02/2020 by greg1982)
  • Le Bon Crubeen

    Just perfect

    (Posted 09/02/2020 by greg1982)
  • Hartley's Restaurant

    Lovely food and very well presented but service was not great and…

    (Posted 20/01/2020 by granite)
  • Konkan Indian Restaurant…

    First visit to Konkan and will definitely be back. Went for the early…

    (Posted 29/12/2019 by Tina Moran)
  • Michael's Italian

    Lovely lunch food top notch, fish & sauces excellent, very busy lunchtime,…

    (Posted 16/12/2019 by MartinIrl)
  • Camile Dublin 15

    Girls’ night in usually means Prosecco and a curry. Camile was…

    (Posted 13/12/2019 by bernadettekane1792726347)
  • Siam Thai (Malahide)

    So cosy. Really nice food.

    (Posted 20/10/2019 by dfdunne)
  • Jaipur Restaurant…

    Great food. Service brilliant.

    (Posted 20/10/2019 by dfdunne)
  • Pho Viet Vietnamese…

    Healthy, fresh food at a good price. It was very busy early on Saturday…

    (Posted 07/10/2019 by rhona.oconnor)
  • Fade Street Social…

    My wife had booked here for a table of 5 a month ago. When we arrived.…

    (Posted 08/09/2019 by fieldsaf1804761)
  • Emerald Court

    They messed up my order (which was confirmed previously over the…

    (Posted 27/08/2019 by barbara.beyahabo95576053)
  • Forty Foot Bar…

    It was awful never again staff and food were awful

    (Posted 24/08/2019 by bernkealy5861694282)

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