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Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Cork City

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3 stars - based on 3 reviews
BB’s started as a bakery in Australia with the name ‘Bakers Bun’. Realising that there was something special about their muffins, when they outsold every other bakery item in the store, muffins became their focus. Soon they added fresh, rich coffee to complement their popular muffin and thus BB’s Coffee & Muffins was born.

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BB's Mahon point reviews

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BB's Mahon point

39 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 25th March 2011 (visited 25 March 2011 )

Quite a regular visitor of most of the BB's outlets. Basically, not much more than a small cafe if your looking for a quick coffee, sandwich or pastry. Food is quite nice, can highly recommend the Panini's or Ciabattas, have not tried much else on the menu but it all does look very appetising. BB's muffins, pastries and cookies are very nice, all baked fresh in store. The reason I have deducted points for BB's in the food category, as BB's is primarily a cafe, their coffee isn't great. As a very big coffee drinker, it seems that their "Barista's" lack proper training in producing espresso beverages. The coffee is never tamped properly, well quite rarely it is and the shots of espresso are just poured out. The staff hardly ever monitor milk temperature while steaming, which is a real shame, because most of the time the milk is burnt and this takes from the flavour of a Latte or Cappuccino. Also one that is health conscious (you wouldn't think it from the amount of restaurants I visit), I have to say I like the option to have a Skinnycino or a skinny latte with Skimmed milk, as a lot of establishments are just using low fat milk instead of fat free milk, something small but quite big in my own opinion. BB's is great if you just want a quick coffee or hot chocolate and a little munch before, during or after your shop! - Patrick

BB's Mahon point

16 reviews


Credibility Score:50%

Reviewed 22nd March 2011 (visited 14 March 2011 )

When we are over at Mahon Point doing a bit of shopping - when you need to have a break it is nice to sit down for a moment. So we go to BB's. It is a nice place - it is in the shopping centre so it can be loud. The food is presented well, It looks fresh. It is self-service and some times there can be a wait but they are fast to get you serviced. The value is good. They have a number of meal deal. But I like the Coffee and Muffin Deal. Plus they have the coffee stamp card which is a good. They have a main coffee shop at one end of the shopping centre and a mini coffee dock at the other end. The Coffee is very nice. ***

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