Golden Pizza restaurant

Unit 2, Downes & Howard Centre, Mill Road, Ennis

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Golden Pizza

1 reviews

First Timer

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Reviewed 13th November 2015 (visited 13 November 2015 )

I just ordered chicken kebab and chips and first I got just some horriblr wraps price online 4.50 but they charged me 8 e for each disgusting thing ...I paid 18 60 for that and I live just next door !!!! they say online delivery free over 10e order and then charge 3 e !!! worst experience ever ...

Golden Pizza

14 reviews


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Reviewed 27th August 2010 (visited 3 July 2010 )

Golden Pizza is not a bad place to get pizza. They have good food, for a decent enough price. It's a your typical takeaway that also has burgers and kebabs. I like the pizza, the burgers and kebabs aren't bad, and the wait is usually pretty quick. One issue I have though is the staff is not the friendliest lot, nor are they very helpful when they make a mistake. The last time I ordered from them I took advantage of their delivery service. They sent out the wrong order, well, half of the order was right, the rest was wrong. The driver took back what we didn't order then arrived about an hour later with what we were supposed to have. He then charged us for the stuff he took back AND the new stuff - he said it wasn't a mistake and that obviously we ordered something we didn't and we could not get the snack box we ordered, and paid for, until we paid for the bottle of coke and chips that he took back with him. The wife was hungry so I did pay him, but vowed never to order from there again. I rang and complained to the management who hung up. All over the price of a coke and a bag of chips. So a decent pizza place, but their customer service skills are lacking to say the least.

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