Gastro Bar and Grill restaurant

7 Tullow St., Carlow town, Carlow

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Gastro Pub

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Gastro Bar and Grill

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Gastro Bar and Grill

1 reviews

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Reviewed 10th November 2013 (visited 28 October 2013)

My friends and i were looking forward to meeting up for lunch as we hadnt seen each other in a while. we walked around looking for somewhere nice to eat. we looked at the menu in the window of gastro. there was lots of lovely things on the menu something for all of us. when we went in we were seated and given a menu completly different to what was on the window. that was understandeable because it was a bank holiday but there was very little choice and the prices were very steep for some of the options. we made our order. two of the girls ordered burgers and were informed it would take about ten mins to cook the burgers. we were given our drinks. we waited and waited and after ten minutes still no sign of food. twenty mins still no food. thirty mins still no food and the waiter came over and asked us were we okay for drinks. no explanation or apology for the delay. finally after about forty mins our food arrived. still no apology for the delay. the food was nicely presented but a bit over complicated for what it was. comes across as trying to be fancy when the food is average. very little atmosphere and a negative experience overall. i have eaten here before when it just opened up and there was plenty of theething problems but would have though they would have been resolved by now. won't be going back anytime soon

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