Bambu Restaurant

116 O'Connell Street, Limerick City, Limerick

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Asian Fusion

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Bambu Restaurant

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4 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 31st October 2014 (visited 24 October 2014)

Fantastic restaurant - food and staff are excellent. We go there almost every week and are never disappointed. Service is very quick and value for money is second to none. Would highly recommend

105 reviews


Credibility Score:60%

Reviewed 18th May 2013 (visited 2 April 2013)

This is aThis is an unusual restaurant as it deals with Thai and Indian dishes – one half of the menu has the Thai options, and the other the Indian. We were surprised at the extent of choices on the menu. We had Chicken Korma and Chilli Prawns, both equally delicious. For two mains, a pint of beer and a soft drink it was €30. Can’t argue with value like that. We loved the meal, the service and the surroundings, but this restaurant is let down very badly by the toilet. There is one toilet to serve the whole restaurant, and the door of it opens out onto the floor where people are dining. I mean when the door is open you can see right in to the toilet itself!! I wouldn’t like to be dining here when the restaurant is full, as people wishing to use the toilet would have to queue up and the only place they could queue is around the tables where people are dining. This was a big turn off, which is a pity as the food was lovely.

4 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:35%

Reviewed 17th January 2013 (visited 19 December 2012)

Very enjoyable each time we visit here. The food is tasty & great value deals are always on offer. A busy place especially early eveining, worth a visit.

5 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:35%

Reviewed 03rd January 2013 (visited 18 November 2012)

I used to work here when this it was the place to be and i can honestly say im so happy I do not work there anymore. The staff were so rude to me when I told them they had given me the wrong order, I then asked to speak to the manager who they said was not available even though I saw him walk into the kitchen, when the girl eventually got the correct meal for me I was happy and was not anyway rude to her she walked to the counter and had a good rant about me to her 2 co-workers I have never been so annoyed and mortified as I was at a business lunch there! Would never go back after that experience!!!!

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 18th December 2011 (visited 16 December 2011)

This was a favourite restaurant of my wife and I until recently. We went there Friday night and we will not be returning. The place was full of staff but most of them they were just hanging around the place talking to each other rather than waiting on the tables.It was an effort to get their attention. My starter was cold and my wife's bruchetta was a soggy mess overdosed in garlic.The main courses were acceptable but not up to their old standard. The desserts were a disgrace.My tiramisu was much too soggy and lacked flavour and liquor.The eaton Mess was a disgrace and was made with tinned strawberries.We deeply regret that we ate there on what was supposed to be a nice night out. I miss the old staff who would always make you feel welcome and happy that you ate there.

3 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 21st July 2011 (visited 9 July 2011)

Always loved this restaurant as a treat,but was sad to see they are now Thai/Italian which is just strange.The decor isn't as nice and s dominated by a graphic design blackboard with typo's!They messed with my favourite dish,Massaman chicken and made it spicier and not as nice.They also stopped doing Coconut Rice.Due to all this,I would not be inclined to go there again,which is a shame as I used to love it.Bring back the real Bambu!

2 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:37%

Reviewed 01st May 2011 (visited 28 April 2011)

Visited Limerick for the night and was very happy to find this restaurant. I'm a big fan of Thai food having toured around Thailand for a long time and this restaurant does it's best to retain all the qualities of a Thai restaurant - tasty food, great value and friendly staff. 3 generous courses for 16euro, a bucket of 6 beers of many varieties for 20euro and large cocktails for 5.50! What would have put me off going in at first was the inclusion of Italian food in the menu - not a good mix? However I sampled the minestrone soup for starters and it was very tasty. It is a good idea for someone who is encouraging their friends/parents to come for dinner who wouldn't be brave enough to go for Thai food! Italian is always safe!

4 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 28th April 2011 (visited 28 April 2011)

i have been eating at this restaurant for over two years and it has always been great value with tasty food, however it has recently introduced an italian menu which i find strange for a thai restaurant. tonight i got my usual red curry and it was awful, laced with salt and missing its usual good flavour, my girlfriend got the green curry which was even worse, watery to look at tatsed nothing like a green curry should, the starter portions have also become smaller in size and to cap off my memorable night i was overcharged compared to the prices on the menu. To show how disappointed i was tonight i have never used this website but felt compelled to share how bad i thought tonights food was, I am not a chef but have made thai food numerous times and it is not hard to get a green or red curry right, when i find a nice thai i will be more than happy to recommend it but sadly bambu is not one that i will be telling my freinds about.

13 reviews


Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 10th January 2011 (visited 4 December 2010)

Back to Bambu and another good meal. The green chicken curry was good. The four course deal is good value - four courses plus a coke and tip for €20! Merry Christmas!

28 reviews


Credibility Score:47%

Reviewed 08th January 2011 (visited 5 November 2010)

It you're looking for somewhere cheap to eat. This is the place to go. The portions are very small and I didn't like the food.There wasn't a lot of variety on their lunch menu. I left there hungry and dissatisfied. The place was nice and the service was good.

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