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McSwiggans reviews

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1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 03rd April 2014 (visited 3 April 2014 )

Had lunch special today the 3rd April in mcswiggans. It was cod potatoe and veg. Very tasty and good. However I was looking for the mash potatoe so requested more and I said to bar person who was a bit taken back I thought that I presumed I would not have to pay for the extra mash. The lunch came to 11.25. I was charged 2.00 for the extra mash potato. I was not impressed at all and told barman I would never be back. I was a frequent customer for years.

6 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:32%

Reviewed 10th May 2012 (visited 1 May 2012 )

could do with a better selection of vegetarian options, veggie options are quiet dear considering they have no meat its just veg, should reduce the price a bit

19 reviews


Credibility Score:71%

Reviewed 06th April 2012 (visited 5 April 2012 )

Availed of the early bird which has two courses for €20. Nice selection on the menu, something for everyone. The food was great, could not fault it and our argentinian malbec helped wash it down well. The atmosphere was fine, service was efficient and great value for money. The only thing I would fault is all the stairs! I will return!

9 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:28%

Reviewed 27th October 2011 (visited 8 October 2011 )

Great choice on the menu - something for everyone. Good hearty portions and top quality food at fair prices. Service was friendly and professional and the surroundings pleasant. What more do you want?!

11 reviews


Credibility Score:32%

Reviewed 19th September 2011 (visited 19 September 2011 )

I agree with the previous comments, lived in Galway for three years and this restaurant was my favourite treat! However, from visits made back there within the last two years the service has changed significantly, young students waiters with a lack of understanding on proper service are now the norm. The food portions have decreased and the food is not hot enough to serve in my opinion, how hard is it to ensure that food is placed on a hot plate??? it is such a shame to see this restaurant failing. After my last visit to this restaurant today i can honestly say that i will not be returning. Disappointing visit.

3 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:21%

Reviewed 09th December 2010 (visited 28 November 2010 )

it used be my familys favourite but the service has just went downhill and while other places are decreasing there prices, these are always increasing an the portions seem to get smaller every time. i do like the food as i ordered the duck when i was there this time and it was really gud, just very plain on its own. my mum is a regurlar in here 2 and finds the same problems.

10 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:29%

Reviewed 24th November 2010 (visited 25 September 2010 )

This used to be my favourite restaurant but i think the service has really went downhill, I think because this hotel is quiet popular they dont feel the need to value customers. I have decided not to dine here anymore because of this, We would have used this restaurant for many years for every birthday, anniversary and special occasion but the lack of service and respect to customers has made me stop eating here. The food is quiet nice but again quiet expensive for what you are getting, when you order the steak all you get is the steak and then you have to add on any veg or potato side which can really bring up the price, this is with all main courses. The Atmosphere is quiet busy but sometimes too busy in the sense the service can be really slow.

8 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:12%

Reviewed 21st September 2010 (visited 15 September 2010 )

We visited this resturant on reccomedation of the cab driver from our hotel - He was soooooooooooo right!! the resturant was fairly busy but even so our waiter was lovely & very attentive. the food arrived promptly & was extreemly well presented. I had Monkfish in garlic cream sauce to start (WOW!!!) then Baked Cod (Yummmmmm) for main course & then ice cream. My only complaint was that I was so full I got stomach pains - but the food was too nice to leave! I would reccomend this resturant to anyone who likes good food - just make sure you're really hungry!!!

10 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:50%

Reviewed 12th August 2010 (visited 10 August 2010 )

We were recommended to visit McSwiggans while on a recent trip to Galway, on the basis that it was able to do what so many other places fail at-combining a great pub and a great restaurant. We had booked a week or so in advance, but were still taken to a table for 4, which I find can sometimes be somewhat lazy service-especially as all four settings were still there. I had pate for starters, which was a great flavour and consistency, however, the toast served was not very fresh-tasting. My partner had smoked salmon which was plentiful and of exceptional quality. For main course, I opted for duck, while my partner had monkfish. We also had a side of vegetables. The food was good, but over-heated. It was as if it had been blasted underneath a grill or in a microwave. This was evident by the film of sauce that existed on the monkfish and the dryness of the duck and accompanying potatoes that stuff the duck. Service was polite, courteous and efficient- Overall, quite good, and would recommend, but as a pub restaurant, and not necessarily a restaurant.

2 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:19%

Reviewed 09th August 2010 (visited 31 July 2010 )

Absolutely LOVE this place. Its amazing and the food is gorgeous. Me and my boyfriend went here on our first anniversary and it was perfect. Staff and everything are great.Huge restaurant too

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