Frequently Asked Questions

How should users structure reviews?

Users should be as honest and frank as possible about a relevant dining experience. The purpose of the site is to inform users of both good and bad dining experiences. Our users depend on honesty in reviews, be they good or bad. We want to both inform users and give constructive criticism to restaurants so that they can improve on any negative areas. Additionally, reviews give users the chance to compliment restaurants when they would otherwise not do it in public or at the time of dining. If you really want to be exact, you could add comments under our key rating scores, which are quality, service, value, and atmosphere but we will leave that up to you!

We ask users to avoid the type of comment listed below, which could mean a review might be amended or not posted at all.

Are reviews moderated?

Yes, they are - we have a team of moderators that read each review before it appears on the web site. We endeavour to put all reviews live on the site within 12 hours during the working week and within a maximum of 48 hours should you post your review over the weekend.

Are reviews always posted - even the bad ones?

Yes, 99.99% of all of reviews posted appear on our web site.

There are some rare occasions when we cannot put a review up in full (i.e., where a line is removed) or at all - irrespective of the rating. There are a few reasons why, as follows:

  • If we believe the review is a planted sales pitch from a restaurant, it may be held back until we can establish its authenticity
  • If the review contains content which is for commercial purposes, i.e. which promotes and/or generates revenue for another business
  • If the review infringes any proprietary or other rights of third parties
  • If the review contains any libellous, tortious, or otherwise unlawful information it will be removed
  • If the review identifies or describes staff or uses their name
  • If the review names another restaurant, e.g. "our place, Mr. Mans Restaurant, down the road is much better"
  • If the review is about a dining experience which took place more than 3 months ago
  • If the review exceeds 2000 characters which is our limit.
  • If the review is not about a dining experience (we do get a few!)

Amendment to Policy, October 2008:

Up until mid-October 2008, we did have a system in place where on rare occasions a restaurant might try to make it up to a customer who had a bad dining experience. In those instances, the review, which had been put live on the web site, may have been put on hold (removed) until after the restaurant had put the situation right with the user - we believed this was a fair system for both user and restaurateur. If the outcome of this was still negative, the original review was reposted, or if the outcome was positive and the user wished to update their review, this was also posted. However, following recent user feedback, this option no longer exists and bad reviews will simply stay intact, even if a restaurant is trying to rectify a situation with a user. We are sorry if this amendment to policy disappoints you and we hope it will not hinder your ability to continue to enjoy the web site.

Do you remove a review if a restaurant asks for it to be removed?

No - even if they are our paying customers! All reviews stay intact (apart from in the few specific circumstances outlined above), so restaurants please do not ask.

How can users have a review removed?

You cannot. However, when users log in to the web site and visit their "My MenuPages" membership area, a review can be amended, edited or re-written by the original poster.

How can a restaurant have a review removed?

They cannot - restaurants have no facility to amend a review - however, they have a "right to reply" which will appear directly under a review which they wish to comment on. These comments are also moderated and are subject to the same review conditions as listed above under "are reviews always posted".

What happens to reviews if a restaurant closes down, is sold or changes hands?

If this happens or where a restaurant has reopened or is now being run by a different company and/or owner, the old reviews will be taken down, e.g. Brown's Restaurant has now reopened as Bentleys Restaurant on Stephen's Green - so users can no longer see the old reviews for Brown's.

Equally, if a restaurant is sold, keeps its old name but is now genuinely owned by a new owner, company and/or business, we will remove the old reviews, having checked out the claim. Authentication includes checks with the Companies Registration Office.


We do offer a concierge booking service to book restaurant tables. Our bookings department is open Monday to Friday 9am until 5.30pm. If you wish to book a table outside of these hours, we will attend to your booking on the following business day. If you want to book a table directly with a restaurant, feel free to do so but make sure you mention MenuPages, as restaurants know to look after MenuPages customers with great care.

MenuPoints Offers

Users earn MenuPoints each time they review or book a restaurant online. MenuPoints accumulate on user's accounts to allow them to avail of special membership rewards, which include free meals and drinks offers. To join MenuPoints, simply register on the site and start reviewing! There are a small number of T&Cs for the use of MenuPoints, as follows:

  • Only one MenuPoints Voucher can be used per booking.
  • Users who book directly with the restaurant must mention the voucher and offer when booking the table.
  • Users must bring the voucher to the restaurant and produce it when paying the bill.

Offers are valid whilst they are live on the web site and the site reserves the right to change offers from time to time. Please note MenuPoints do not expire.

If MenuPages believes that a user is abusing the MenuPoints scheme then MenuPages reserves the right to terminate the user's account.


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