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(Posted Yesterday by sheila_fitz)

Jewel in the Crown

41-43 Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge

Great food & excellent service - just a pity that so few people there to enjoy it.

(Posted Yesterday by jsw)

Charming Noodles

105 Parnell Street, City Centre North

I was here before and i enjoyed my meal. So i decided to buy a voucher because I thought it would be good value. However I was not greeted pleasantly as each customer should. Staff were rude and unenthusiastic. The food and the service was just as bad. I will not return.

(Posted Yesterday by suzie.gilmore)

Dobbins Restaurant

15 Stephen Lane, City Centre South

Had a great night at dobbins last night using a menu pages voucher. The food was outstanding and the staff couldn\'t have been more helpful, will definitely be back soon!! Delicious!!

(Posted Yesterday by hockeygirl_00)

Geisha Restaurant

Marina Village, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Malahide

Great food and SUPERB service. We can't compliment our waitress enough. She was brilliant.

(Posted Yesterday by Karingabay)

Jerusalem Restaurant

77 Camden Street Lwr., Camden Street

Couldn't fault the service or the food. Staff very attentive and very nice. Nice restaurant. Lovely fresh ingredients, clean flavours.

(Posted Yesterday by M Byrne)

The Mint Leaf Swords

18 Main St, Swords, Swords

Had a deal for 2 steaks on the stone for €22 and what a deal it was . The food was lovely, the piece of steak I got was so nice with very little fat on it , we had the cheesecake for dessert and it was to die for . My only issue was with the service, this was not the staff's problem but more a management problem for the amount of bookings they had they should have had 2 chef's on and maybe an extra floor staff , they politely apologised about the long delays that some patrons had to wait but I have to be honest if I hadn't have got the bargain I did with the price of the meal I'd have been more annoyed about the delays. All in all it was a good night just let down a little over service and as I said not because they where rude they where just understaffed.

(Posted Yesterday by ashortt)


36 Wexford St, City Centre South

Best burger in Dublin hands down ... we were so impressed ... comparable with the great burger places in New York ... can't wait to go back. Yum!!!

(Posted Yesterday by audreychew94)

Nyonya Malaysian Restaurant

76 Dame Street, Dublin 2, City Centre South

Waitresses were very helpful as my friends didn't arrive on time so they kept the food warm in the pantry. Delicious food as always :)

(Posted Yesterday by Lee Duff)

Toscana (Dun Laoghaire)

5 Windsor Terrace, Dún laoghaire, Dun Laoghaire

Had another lovely experience in Toscana. Food was delicious as usual. Will go again soon.

(Posted Yesterday by Yaya)

The Gallery Restaurant at the Church

Junction of Mary St. & Jervis St., Dublin 1, City Centre North

Great place. The food was really good and nicely presented. The service was nice, friendly and very kind. We also happen to enjoy an excellent music and Irish dance act. The atmosphere was really pleasant and quiet. I would definitely go again.

(Posted Yesterday by Smiley13)

The Grand Central Cafe Bar

O'Connell Street, O'Connell St

Myself and partner had bar food here recently and it was awful! We went for a beef burger each. The burger came out with no dressing on the burger or even on the plate. Just served on a plain flour bun so burger tasted so dry. Mayo and ketchup sachets were on the table so had to dress up the burger with that to take away the dry taste. Skinny chips were like the ends that you would find in the fryer. The bar itself was packed and other people were eating different dishes, but I wouldn't come rushing back when there are a wide range of places to eat in the City Centre (and I made a better homemade burger myself!).

(Posted Yesterday by simmer gently)

Toscana (Dun Laoghaire)

5 Windsor Terrace, Dún laoghaire, Dun Laoghaire

From outside Toscana looks unpretentious but on all counts it exceeded my expectations . One request , Please tell the Chef that it is crime to cut a Fillet steak across the middle . Thanks .

(Posted Yesterday by johnfitz19841149278088)

Taylors Three Rock

Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, Rathfarnham

hi I was in taylors for the first time in years and got the taylors burger and it was beautiful a burger and pint for 10 euro, you think bargain but this was better than a bargain the burger filled me for about 2 days its massive.and all the staff are so friendly definetly my new local

(Posted Yesterday by slundy29)

101 Talbot

Talbot Street, City Centre North

A great dining establishment , fabulous steaks !!

(Posted Yesterday by kilianmaxwell)

Jerusalem Restaurant

77 Camden Street Lwr., Camden Street

I am a big fan of Little Jerusalem so was delighted when this restaurant opened. The food and atmosphere were excellent but unfortunately I have to say the service was very slow. I expect this had something to do with it only being opened a couple of weeks previous and this has probably been ironed out by now.

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