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Main Street, Celbridge, Celbridge

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The Mucky Duck reviews

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3 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 07th April 2013 (visited 20 March 2013 )

lovely food quiet pub the steak on the stone is definitley the star of the show , great price too

2 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:12%

Reviewed 10th May 2012 (visited 29 April 2012 )

Love this place always seem to find myself in here on a sunday for a good feed! Very accommodating for special requirements like vegetarians/celiacs (which tells me everything is fresh) and both their bar/lunch and evening menus are good (to be honest though i think I prefare their bar menu). Its a little bit of a higher standard then your standard pub grub which is nice (they do things like make all there own ice cream) and they like to experiment with the menu (the special menu they put on for valentines week was lovely!) Staff are lovely and friendly, food is great, clean place and nice atmosphere.

69 reviews


Credibility Score:87%

Reviewed 06th December 2010 (visited 30 November 2010 )

I had heard a lot about the steak on the stone in this pub so was delighted to try it last Tuesday. Now the weather was quite bad so there was very few people in the place but gosh the food was gorgeous. There was four of us and we all ordered the steak on the stone and talk about value for money and good food, it was amazing. The steak is huge and it comes with chips/garlic potatoes, onion rings and three gorgeous dips (garlic butter, mushroom sauce and pepper sauce). It was the nicest meal I have had in ages and the waiter was the nicest man ever. This dish only costs 15 euro Mon to Tues, it must be the best value meal in the whole of Kildare. Also a lovely bottle of pinot grigio white wine is only 19 euro, if you like good value for money and good food you HAVE to try this place and order this steak, it has to be seen to be believed, well done the Mucky Duck!!!!

yvonne hedderman
56 reviews


Credibility Score:38%

Reviewed 19th February 2010 (visited 18 February 2010 )

totally disappointing this place has really gone downhill. Service was awful, food bland and over prices considering.

Restaurant response:
im really surpise with the review u gave this place, i go in there quite abit and i think the food is really gud they have added new things to the menu. ie the steak on the stone ,(really gud) and also there prices have come down in the last six months , they wouldnt be as pricey as some of the resturants around.each to there own i like the place and its gud for a gud pint also....

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:11%

Reviewed 18th July 2009 (visited 14 July 2009 )

used to love this place food was fantastic!! now everthing is plain and tasteless,service is terrible waiting for 20 mins until a barperson leaves there section to help! not a good image for the pub! prices for the evening menu are way to high for the quality of the food! been in a few times now for drinks and love the bar staff, smiling and good fun whereas the food staff not so much,the owners and manager really need to start thinking berfore its to late!

4 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:18%

Reviewed 20th March 2009 (visited 20 March 2009 )

This pub is seving a 4.95 carvery lunch at the moment and some days it can be nice and other days it is awful , friendly staff and parking .

42 reviews


Credibility Score:81%

Reviewed 24th February 2009 (visited 17 February 2009 )

The food is nice enough. I really like the breakfast special, very good value. They should do all day breakfasts on the weekends, that would definitely get people in!

20 reviews


Credibility Score:28%

Reviewed 12th December 2008 (visited 12 December 2008 )

I used to love this place but I was there recently and had the caesar salad, definitely not as nice as it used to be and the chicken tenders with sweet chili sauce were ok, nothing special. It was around €6.50 for each starter which is ok. The pub is nice and comfortable, especially upstairs, its a pity that its not a bit busier.

6 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:31%

Reviewed 05th December 2008 (visited 5 December 2008 )

Eat here on a regular basis and really enjoy the food. Wouldn't be a fan of the carvery but go for the evening menu - normally starts at 5.30 or 6pm. Good selection of food and portions are huge. The cajun chicken burger is delicious - chicken fillet and the steaks are great. Wouldn't be the place for a 3 course meal but lovely food grub and beats alot of the restaurants in Celbridge hands down for food

15 reviews


Credibility Score:44%

Reviewed 08th June 2008 (visited 1 June 2008 )

Unimpressive menu, no sign of specials or anything that interesting. Average chicken wings in a small portion; nice enough meat and fish, but no seasoning, sauces. Everything was very bland and they seemed to be relying on the enormous size of the portions to compensate. A bit overpriced too considering.

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