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Clock House, Maynooth, Maynooth

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Brady 's reviews

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6 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:40%

Reviewed 23rd October 2013 (visited 24 September 2013 )

This is a very friendly place to go for a bite to eat. Went here in late afternoon on a Tuesday and way fairly quiet.. All the staff were very friendly and even made recommendations as to what was particularly good.. I opted for the chicken and mushroom vol-au-vent start as a main course with a side of mash.. Got to large vol-au-vents piled full with even more of the creamy chicken piled of the plate, and the 3-4 scoops of mash in a bowl. It was piping hot and absolutely delicious and excellent value at only 10euro. lovely homely, welcoming atmosphere will definitely be back!!!

23 reviews


Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 20th September 2011 (visited 28 August 2011 )

Came here for a quick Sunday dinner so the carvey option was ideal. Pub was busy with peope watchin sport on tv so we had to look around for a table for a while..might have been nice if a member of staff assisted us with this. Ordered the turkey & ham dinner which came with mash, 2 potato croquettes, a selection of veg (carrotts and cabbage), stuffing and gravy so a big helping for the price ~€12. Overall, it was good carvery grub, although the ham was a bit too salty so i didnt eat much of it. Atmosphere in the place was decent given msot people there were just regular pub goers. Aside from my choice of carvery dinner, they had 3 or 4 other options which looked equally as tasty. Would return again if looking for a quick bite to eat.

12 reviews


Credibility Score:47%

Reviewed 05th February 2010 (visited 29 January 2010 )

Ahh the joys of Pay Day! Brady's has managed to keep its appeal despite the stiff competition from other pubs in Maynooth. We had a pub dinner on the Friday night and it was very good. Atmosphere was great which it normally is in Brady's on a wknd (never been in during the week) and the pints are absolutely lovely! That's the great thing about Maynooth the Guinness tends to be great everywhere (maybe all the students keep it flowing through the pipes during the week?). Anyway I would always recommend Brady's. The service is great and because its not a massive pub it is usually warm. Value for money is ok although it could be cheaper when compared with elsewhere.

88 reviews


Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 23rd November 2009 (visited 1 January 2009 )

Great carvery here, the portions are HUGE. You wouldn't need to eat for the rest of the week. Laid back family atmosphere, really like this place!

5 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:37%

Reviewed 12th August 2009 (visited 27 June 2009 )

I went to Bradys for lunch with family, it was a lovely meal, we were all very happy, its nice home cooked food, i really enjoyed my meal

19 reviews


Credibility Score:35%

Reviewed 26th June 2009 (visited 25 June 2009 )

Went for lunch here with my family, carvery is served until 2.30pm which offer plenty of time for a nice leisurely lunch. The selection is great, food is hot and the staff are very friendly and accomodating. I asked for sausages for my 1 year old son and although they were not on the cavery the chef said no problem and cooked them fresh for him. The food here is also excellent value. My mum wasn't feeling too hungry and asked for a half portion, it was huge and so cheap. Nice fmily friendly relaxed place for lunch.

31 reviews


Credibility Score:40%

Reviewed 17th November 2008 (visited 14 October 2007 )

Had a good Sunday carvery here; nothing too special but all the food was fresh, hot and tasty. The staff were good and did the best they could but they were finding it difficult to cope - I would suggest they get a few extra staff for the busy Sunday carvery. Will definitely go back.

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:32%

Reviewed 12th August 2008 (visited 8 August 2008 )

food has really come on in the last few weeks, would recommend it to everyone, carvery lunch is very fresh & there is finally a bit of a choice.

3 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:32%

Reviewed 23rd July 2008 (visited 19 July 2008 )

This is a very friendly place to have a quick,reasonable and good quality bite to eat. A regular to this establishment I had savored many a nice meal here. Having gone downhill for a while I am glad to say it seems to have rectified itself and is on the mend.

7 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:15%

Reviewed 22nd November 2007 (visited 6 October 2007 )

Food is good even though there is not much of a selection but the service is very slow and not very friendly.

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