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Spa Seafood is a family-run business which was established in 1996, it has become renowned for offering the finest and freshest of Irish seafood. Based in the village of The Spa, Tralee, Spa Seafood processes a large variety of seafood products. On Monday, the 30th of November, we opened a brand-new seafood emporium right in the centre of The Spa village. Housing a delicatessen and a fishmonger’s outlet; this emporium specialises in offering the finest quality fish and shellfish.

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Luscious Dublin Bay prawns, succulent oysters, melt in the mouth mussels, mouth-watering mackerel…just some of the delicious seafood you’ll find on menus around Ireland.

Irish people love to eat seafood when dining out; in fact, unlike our European neighbours, we eat more seafood outside the home. Perhaps this is a testament to the quality of our seafood restaurants. And for many visitors, a trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without sampling a few oysters and sinking a pint of the black stuff. Veggie options available

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Spa Seafoods Deli and Cafe

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Reviewed 11th August 2013 (visited 31 July 2013 )

We ate in the newly opened restaurant upstairs from the deli and café. The atmosphere and decor were very pleasing with an amazing sea view from the almost panoramic windows. The waiting staff, while under pressure, were friendly and welcoming and happy to answer any questions. The menu selection reads well with the usually fishey fare of chowder, crab, squid and prawns to start. The main courses included catch of the day, scampi, a monk fish Thai red curry and seafood risotto. There are non-fish items available also but as all four in our party like fish we all stuck to these options. Two of us had the poached paupiettes of white fish. This dish disappointed beyond belief. It came in a soup dish with a bland unflavoured water that the fish had been paoched in with some green veg and too many peppercorns floating around. A few soggy potatoes completed the the dish. The monkfish curry proved very pleasing however as did the Spa Seafood platter. Sides of chips also came and were very tasty as was the fresh baked bread. Desserts fell down, not so much on taste but on portion size. The cheesecake and bonoffi pie was served as a finger width sliver with one scoop of ice cream. Needless to say this was a total dissapointment following the poor main! The toffee pavlova was more generous in size but didn't blow us away. The food was way over priced for what we received and fell down on taste. I don't think we will be returning which is a pity as the owners have put a lot of work into the new restaurant, perhaps more emphasis on the food rather than the surrounds.

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