Cavistons Seafood Restaurant

59 Glasthule Road, Glenageary, South Co. Dublin, Sandycove

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Cavistons Restaurant opened its doors 1996, with 50 years behind them in the seafood business. Evidence of the excellence offered by the restaurant is provided by the reams of critical acclaim – national and
international. The menu is selected by head chef Noel Cusack; freshness and customer-satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Tue12:00pm - 5:00pm
Wed12:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu12:00pm - 5:00pm
Fri12:00pm - 10:30pm
Sat12:00pm - 10:30pm

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Healthy Eating, Seafood


Luscious Dublin Bay prawns, succulent oysters, melt in the mouth mussels, mouth-watering mackerel…just some of the delicious seafood you’ll find on menus around Ireland.

Irish people love to eat seafood when dining out; in fact, unlike our European neighbours, we eat more seafood outside the home. Perhaps this is a testament to the quality of our seafood restaurants. And for many visitors, a trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without sampling a few oysters and sinking a pint of the black stuff. Accept major credit cards

Cavistons Seafood Restaurant reviews

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una mullin
1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 08th October 2014 (visited 12 September 2014 )

The seafood was superb ,we really enjoyed our evening,and plenty of time between courses,we hate being rushed

16 reviews


Credibility Score:70%

Reviewed 07th July 2014 (visited 28 June 2014 )

Met me Uncle and Aunt in Cavistons for lunch. Its quite a cosy restaurant but has a lovely atmosphere and in a great location. Food was fresh and we were all very happy with the starter and mains we received.

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:30%

Reviewed 09th April 2014 (visited 4 April 2014 )

Brought my boyfriend here for his birthday and didnt really know what to expect. Thought it would be nice but it have to say it was amazing!!! From the time we walked in the door to the time we left the service and food was outstanding - would recommend anyone to go :)

4 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:70%

Reviewed 23rd February 2014 (visited 22 February 2014 )

Hubby and I felt like having fish for dinner (read: I really wanted fish and he had to go along with the idea:) so we decided to go for a walk to Dun Laoghaire. We were in Cavistons once before and the fish was splendid so I chanced it by ringing the restaurant on the day... It is a very small place and they do only two seatings per evening: one at 6:00 and one at 8:00pm. Luckily for us the 6:00 o'clock seating is not as popular as the later one so we managed to get a table. It is a really nice and cosy place but you do not feel cramped. We were one of the first to arrive for the seating so we also got served pretty quickly. Before you get to pick your starter a basket of fresh bread arrives with butter and an olive and sundried tomato pesto which is a delicious appetizer. We picked chargrilled squid, from the specials menu, for a starter to share and it was absolutely perfect! With chili, coriander and garlic olive oil it was mouthwatering... If you take two portions you could definitely have it as a main (I will surely consider it the next time if it is still on the menu)! We followed with turbot and hake again from the specials board and both fish were really nice, tender but meaty and cooked to perfection. I found 2 bones in my turbot fillet but this is not a surprise, as my luck has it I always find a bone even in fish fingers! We finished with a glass of black muscat and a strawberry panna cotta... I must say I couldn't move after all that! This restaurant is highly recommended to all seafood lovers! The fish is always very fresh and done perfectly. The downfall is the pricing (a bit on the high side) and the fact that you only have two seatings to choose from and usually have to book in advance.

3 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:35%

Reviewed 07th October 2013 (visited 2 August 2013 )

Great selection of seafood available here. Lovely restaurant but the staff seem a little un interested. Overall though I would go back. Love the daily changes.

33 reviews


Credibility Score:47%

Reviewed 23rd April 2013 (visited 12 March 2013 )

Ate here recently for a mid-week lunch. The place was full, lucky we booked, with a nice atmosphere and staff were very friendly and efficient. The breads were delicious as was the hummus dip it came with, a nice change from butter. Crab cakes for starters were very tasty, could have done with more crab though! All three fish mains, cod, turbot and haddock cooked to perfection. I found the butter sauce which accompanied the turbot a bit rich, which took away from the flavour of the fresh fish, Ill ask for it on the side next time. Quite pricey, but they do have a deal of two courses for 18.95 with a choice of two starters and two mains. Sauvignon Blanc the nicest I have tasted in a long time. Great place to go for a treat.

42 reviews


Credibility Score:37%

Reviewed 06th August 2012 (visited 1 August 2012 )

Had a really lovely lunch here - we only managed main courses and a few glasses of prosecco and a lovely fragrant sauvignon. We were served with good bread and a little (very nice) hummous when we arrived. My salmon was cooked to perfection (a rarity in Irish restaurants!) and a generous portion - lovely sauce and I enjoyed the accompanying new potatoes and salad - simplicity can be good with great ingredients. My sister's scallops were very good and again a very generous portion - I loved the turmeric sauce that came with them - a beautiful colour and a really nice mild turmeric taste (turmeric can be bitter if overdone, especially the fresh root)... Spouse had black sole meuniere - really lovely and lots of it... We found the staff very friendly and nicely informal - but very efficient - this created a nice relaxed atmosphere, coupled with the fact that it was the 1.30pm sitting so no distraction of people coming and going in what is a small space, and it gave a nice clubby feeling eating lunch all at the same time with a small group of other diners. I know it is a little pricey - but I think worth it for the quality of the ingredients and very good, simple but not unsophisticated cooking, and the very nice atmosphere.

28 reviews


Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 19th January 2012 (visited 17 January 2012 )

First time to try this restaurant and as I'm not a huge fish lover was just going along for the celebration of a friends birthday. What a great little place - and it doesn't stink of fish like I'd imagined. It's comfortable and the service was friendly. I had the Cod which was mild and really flavoursome accompanied by a lovely salad and potatoes. The wine choice was alright if a bit pricey.

27 reviews


Credibility Score:47%

Reviewed 09th May 2011 (visited 7 May 2011 )

I went to Cavistons on Saturday afternoon for lunch. I had been looking forward to it for weeks. I purchased a deal from and I was dying to use it. The food lives up to its reputation, good fresh fish and seafood. You could nearly taste the salt water from the fish it was so fresh, delicious simple food, portions are generous, and fish is cooked to perfection. Best seafood restaurant in Dublin by far, expensive but worth every penny.

65 reviews


Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 27th April 2011 (visited 27 April 2011 )

The husband and I treated ourselves to a late lunch today and found a parking place easily just around the corner on Link Road. It took only a few minutes to take our seats in Caviston's. I like the casual bistro-style decor and although I can imagine that you might be a bit too close to your neighbours for comfort on a busy Saturday night, we were fine this afternoon. (The toilets are on the "bijou" side, too.) Unfortunately, I was a little under the weather, so wasn't up to giving the menu the full attention it deserved, given that we were belatedly celebrating our anniversary. We opted for the special menu. While waiting for our first course, we were given a small selection of breads and a rather cloying dip. For starters the husband had queen scallops with warm salad and a slightly sweet sauce that "lacked sharpness". I yielded to the temptation of the crab claws with lots of melted butter and garlic. The husband's arteries went into spasm when he tasted one but I just wolfed them down. Delicious. For his main course the husband had John Dory. I had a tiny taste and despite my blocked nose could get a faint scented taste from the fish (saffron?). I thought it was pleasant but the husband thought the fish slightly overcooked and the sauce too heavy. My main course was king scallops, served in a creamy Dijon mustard sauce and presented in a large cockle shell. I quite liked them; they were tender but had been seared a little too long. Burnt flakes spoiled the sauce in the cockle shell, while the sauce on the plate was edible. The husband chose the chocolate marquise for his pudding - too rich for my tastes - while I went for the blueberry and almond flan. Gorgeous. The service was a little slow sometimes, but the waitress was effusive in her apologies for the burnt scallops and didn't charge us for them. Three courses and a glass of house wine each, a coffee and a tea came to about €75. Despite my quibbles, I would go back.

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