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Buffalo 19
Buffalo 19 is a New American Style Take Out in the Harolds Cross area.

Since opening in December 2009 we have quickly built a reputation for good quality, tasty food at a reasonable price.

We have achieved this by selecting only the finest ingredients sourced locally from Irish produce.

We have taken great care in our menu selection so no matter which part of our menu you choose from you will not be disappointed, but don’t take our word for it, give us a try.

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Buffalo 19 reviews

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1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 02nd December 2013 (visited 1 December 2013 )

Would have been a regular enough customer due to the chicken wings being great, however had not been is several months and was very disappointed on returning due to the portions of wings and fries almost halving in size and the price remaining the same, not sure why this is, new management maybe. Used to be a great feed for a good price, sadly not the case anymore. Will not be returning.

13 reviews


Credibility Score:11%

Reviewed 07th August 2013 (visited 3 August 2013 )

We go there pretty much all the time - not only because it's conveniently located! Very tasty chicken wings and hot dogs, portion sizes rather generous. Very reasonable prices, especially if you avail of their specials offers. Friendly staff, clean restaurant, seriously can't fault the place.

3 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:20%

Reviewed 12th March 2013 (visited 8 February 2013 )

Love this little gem...I've eaten here quite a few times and in light of my recent visit I decided its finally time to get off my backside and give them their dues...I have to come clean Buffalo, I ate in Eddie's 3 times in the last month (I know you love it when you get compared to them!!...Convienience really but then I always loved Eddie's as a kid if I am to be fair. But now as an adult with choice and having lived in the states, I do have to hand it to you as far as good quality and reasonably priced American Diner Grub goes, you win hands down!...and now you do starter portions of wings so I can have my Burger and wings! Good news story of the month! Keep up the good work and make sure those burgers are laced with sauce! ;-)

Casual Diner
1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 05th February 2013 (visited 1 February 2013 )

Ordered a few time from this place and it was ok. Ordered recently and spent well over €30 for delivery and the food came stone cold and substandard. Customer service is appalling and I wouldn't touch off the place again. I emailed twice after and got no reply. The owners obviously don't realise that a few complaints handled poorly can loose them alot of business. I wouldn't recommend this place especially for kids as their food was particularly poor and ended up in the bin.

37 reviews


Credibility Score:40%

Reviewed 15th October 2012 (visited 14 October 2012 )

Have had take out from here when passing by before but never sat in. Anything i've had i've liked and it's great value. The place is spotless which is brilliant for a chipper. The milkshakes are amazing too. The staff are friendly. Only things i can fault is some of the sauces aren't the best and they don't always have what you ask for with the milk shakes. But I will return again and again as it really is a nice place.

3 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:18%

Reviewed 01st May 2012 (visited 27 April 2012 )

First things first - I'm a big fan of their vanilla malt milkshakes ...when they have malt! Been to the place four times in the last couple of weeks and NO malt...wtf? A plain vanilla milkshake does not cut it. I got chilli fries to take out - Even though i only live 5 mins walk down the street the food does not travel well. The containers are not suitable for take out. The food itself was very bad on this occassion, got through about half of the chilli fries before I threw it out - much to much salt. Besides all that, I can't fault the chirpy and prompt service.

71 reviews


Credibility Score:86%

Reviewed 14th June 2011 (visited 13 June 2011 )

The buffalo wings here are really good - only thing that lets them down is the blue cheese dipping sauce that comes with them - which is watery and not great at all. The wings are better without it in fact. Chips are good here too, as are the burgers - great little takeaway

2 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:20%

Reviewed 23rd May 2011 (visited 13 May 2011 )

Buffalo 19 is just around the corner, so the night before holidays it was the perfect solution to avoid cooking. Its been there for a while but I hadn't gotten round to trying it. The food was delivered really quickly, and was piping hot, and delicious, the only downside (which isn't really a downside) is that the portions are massive, I couldn't manage to finish! I would also add that it would be nice if they offered a chips option rather than fries or as an alternative. other than that thumbs up!

40 reviews


Credibility Score:48%

Reviewed 10th September 2010 (visited 7 September 2010 )

Was too lazy to cook so got a takeaway.. Proper fillet of chicken burger, chicken nicely cooked, tasted almost barbecued - very nice. Also really tasty cheese and garlic chips. My only comment would be the chicken burger was on a hotdog bun so the toppings kept falling out - I prefer my burger round. Service was really friendly. Would visit again based on this visit.

9 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:31%

Reviewed 30th August 2010 (visited 27 August 2010 )

got takeaway from here friday evening after work - decided i needed a treat after the long week and after reading the great review below i thought it worth a try. i got the bacon and cheese burger....you could tell straight away it was proper meat and not processed like you find in a lot of places, it had a lovely herb taste to it - delish! also got the wings, the were so good, very moreish! my only complaint was the milkshake, i thought it quite watery so not sure i'd get that again but would def go back for the burger and wings - great addition to the area i think and such good value for money!

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