Kielys of Donnybrook restaurant

22 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook, Dublin, Area Code: Dublin 4

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Kielys of Donnybrook

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39 reviews


Credibility Score:15%

Reviewed 28th March 2009 (visited 28 March 2009)

Kiely's is my favourite place for pub grub, tasty and great value. My favourite are the chicken goujons. Instead of the typical chicken in breadcrumbs they are strips of chicken fried in chili & garlic and served with salsa, tortilla and salad on the side. This comes with a portion of chips for under a tenner-bargain! Have also tried the chicken pitta, bangers and mash, steak sandwich and fish and chips, all of which were great. Great food, good value, and staff are friendly too

12 reviews


Credibility Score:32%

Reviewed 17th December 2008 (visited 2 October 2008)

This is a nice place for meeting up with friends, the food is nice and the atmosphere is always good too.

23 reviews


Credibility Score:32%

Reviewed 12th December 2008 (visited 20 October 2008)

I always liked this place for a nice quiet lunch, as long as someone else was paying (!) but when I went in there recently they had changed the menu. Unbelievably they had neglected to include a vegetarian option, which was all the more startling in a place that previously housed one of the best risottos to be found in Dublin, as well as a perfectly lovely cannelloni dish, which was admittedly a little heavy on the bechamel. I was furious when I discovered this, and asked the barmaid what was going on. She was quite sharp with me until one of the older barmen noticed, and offered me a pasta dish with a stir in sauce since I was a regular customer. I declined and went across the street to another place. It seems a little backward for a gourmet pub grub place like Kiely's to exclude such a huge demographic in Dublin 4. If you're health conscious this is no longer the place for you. Sorry!

59 reviews


Credibility Score:30%

Reviewed 08th December 2008 (visited 8 December 2008)

First time in here, looked well Christmas decorations being put up and the fire on. Great cosy feel to the place. Menu is good and varied, decided on the Chicken Pitta and chicken gougons. The Chickn Pitta had massive chiunks and chicken and great mexican spices in side and cheese on top. I think I'd just go there for this, so satisfying. Chicken gougons were good and plenty. Looks like a great place to sit back and watch a match, I'm sure there is a good crowd in here on a rubgy match day.

48 reviews


Credibility Score:47%

Reviewed 29th October 2008 (visited 28 October 2008)

Kielys is always a good place to go for a match or just to catch up with friends. It has a great atmosphere especially when rugby is on, and they do great food. I am not stuck for choice as a vegetarian and their spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta is brilliant! All in all, Kielys is a great pub, with good food!

11 reviews


Credibility Score:22%

Reviewed 21st October 2008 (visited 1 October 2008)

This pub is the PRFECT location for a social lunch a quick bite to eat or a nice formal evening meal. Aside fron the Carvery & the lunch menu it has a fab a la carte menu with plenty to choose from. I have eaten here loads of times. The service & staff is very good and of high standard too :)

41 reviews


Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 10th July 2008 (visited 31 May 2008)

Went here for an early lunch one Saturday hoping to get some nice pub grub. The large rug below our table was filthy and the bar looked like it could do with a good clean. We checked out the carvery and it looked awful. One person in our party deceided to have the roast pork which looked like it had been around for a while they didn't eat it as they said it wasn't great. I had salad which also looked like it was made the day before. The staff were very friendly which is a real pity as the food was awful. Nobody finished their food as it just had a stale look off it. I would imagine carvery food is quite easy to make but this was very poor quality. The whole pub had a dingy look about it.


8 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:15%

Reviewed 28th April 2008 (visited 27 April 2008)

I have never thought of Kielys in Donnybrook as a food place, however I ended up here on a sunday evening. I had a Chicken Pitta, really casual food but just yummy and tasty.. I would highly recommend if you fancy something casual, tasty and good value head for Kielys..

156 reviews


Credibility Score:65%

Reviewed 20th March 2008 (visited 27 December 2007)

Always found the staff very friendly and accommodating here. Your never sitting down long when a waiter arrives. My one big grip about the place is that its always so dark. The curtains are always pulled across and I can't understand why. Had toasted sandwiches there with my kids and hubbie at Christmas and it was very pleasant. They also do the nicest Tia Maria coffee I have ever had.


5 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:15%

Reviewed 16th March 2008 (visited 12 March 2008)

I popped in for lunch one day during the week and had lamb from the carvery with plenty of veg and a gorgeous big fruit salad after. The chef was friendly and service very good. I will be back to Kielys because of good service and value - I was also able to have a beautifully cooked meal at 4.30 one afternoon with plenty of veg, something which I couldn't get in a well known Dublin hotel - well done Kielys!!


46 reviews


Credibility Score:15%

Reviewed 05th September 2007 (visited 5 September 2007)

Had dinner here last weekend and I have to say I couldn't fault the place. Food was excellent and I recommend the Italian meatballs - perfect. Overall I would highly recommend.

6 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:32%

Reviewed 17th May 2007 (visited 17 May 2007)

Excellent original pub feeling in the little bar on the side. Food is served in the main area at a canteen style counter. The food is good and reasonably priced. Unfortunately the main room lacks atmosphere. Stick to the small room and will meet interesting people and an extremely friendly and knowledgeable bartender.


47 reviews


Credibility Score:15%

Reviewed 27th March 2007 (visited 27 March 2007)

Kielys is a friendly little pub and a great place to go for a sandwich. They also have a carvery lunch that I have never tried. I had one of the best Tia Maria coffees that I ever had there this Christmas. Definitely going back for more! However, its really rugger bugger place so during matches, I avoid it like the plague.

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