Good World Chinese Restaurant

18 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2 , City Centre South

Dublin 2

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The Good World has the best dim-sum in Dublin and the menu also offers delicacies such as ducks feet. It's open later than most other eateries which is always a plus point and is very much the choice of Dublin's Chinese community.


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Asian Fusion, Chinese, Sunday Lunch


Wine Only Veggie options available Take away service Luscious Dublin Bay prawns, succulent oysters, melt in the mouth mussels, mouth-watering mackerel…just some of the delicious seafood you’ll find on menus around Ireland.

Irish people love to eat seafood when dining out; in fact, unlike our European neighbours, we eat more seafood outside the home. Perhaps this is a testament to the quality of our seafood restaurants. And for many visitors, a trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without sampling a few oysters and sinking a pint of the black stuff. Will cater for children Accept major credit cards

Good World Chinese Restaurant reviews

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Good World Chinese Restaurant


1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 22nd February 2015 (visited 21 February 2015 )

Food was even better than on previous visits. Very busy so service a little slow but polite and courteous. Without doubt the best chinese restaurant in Dublin and Midlands, highly recommend their Dim Sum.

Good World Chinese Restaurant

8 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:35%

Reviewed 16th February 2015 (visited 5 February 2015 )


Good World Chinese Restaurant

Arfur Daley
5 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:57%

Reviewed 14th December 2014 (visited 25 November 2014 )

Good authentic Chinese restaurant, simple décor & service, but the Dim Sum menu and the food in general is very good. The value is also very good. In my opinion as good as any place I have tried in London's Chinatown. One downside for me personally is that they have stopped serving beer recently due to a licensing matter. I hope that gets resolved soon.

Good World Chinese Restaurant

45 reviews


Credibility Score:25%

Reviewed 13th December 2014 (visited 1 December 2014 )

We have lived in Chinatown in Yokohama Japan for 3 years, and know our Chinese food. Good World is as authentic as they come, outside of a traditional Chinatown. You know it's good food when there are several tables of Chinese dining there; wish we knew some of the more traditional dishes to order. Dimsum was great; lobster was amazing; salt'n'pepper fish yum yum yum. A new found favourite for our family

Good World Chinese Restaurant


1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 07th December 2014 (visited 6 December 2014 )

Restaurant a little dated but clean. Service a little too quick. Barely finished food and plates removed. Food very good and early bird good value. No spirit Incense a disappointment - only wine.

Good World Chinese Restaurant

11 reviews


Credibility Score:30%

Reviewed 02nd November 2014 (visited 1 November 2014 )

Second recent visit to the Good World restaurant and again the food was really excellent. €50 for 3 courses and a bottle of wine, Good choice on the menu fresh tasty food. Will be back again

Good World Chinese Restaurant

30 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 31st October 2014 (visited 30 October 2014 )

Overall it was a pleasant experience. One big problem was that my 2sons only drink beer not wine and they advertised a 3course meal foe two with either a bottle of wine or 4beers and then they have no beer licence it was bad they even had it on the menu. Food was ok and service was fine except they were taking away the dishes before everyone was finished.

Good World Chinese Restaurant

4 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:20%

Reviewed 30th September 2014 (visited 14 August 2014 )

We went over again after first voucher used with good service. But this time we were treated totally differently!!!

Good World Chinese Restaurant


2 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:15%

Reviewed 24th September 2014 (visited 23 September 2014 )

Food was absolutely gorgeous. The ribs were so tender, the meat fell off the bone. Curry was so tasty too

Good World Chinese Restaurant

al meria
6 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:47%

Reviewed 18th September 2014 (visited 16 September 2014 )

We have been going to this restaurant for years and have never been disappointed.Tuesdays night meal was no exception.Yuk sung followed by crispy shredded beef and crispy shredded chicken.All top quality.Lots of Chinese eating there so the atmosphere was good.Service was efficient and fast.I look forward to future visits.

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