Chapter One Restaurant

18/19 Parnell Square, Dublin 1, City Centre North

Dublin 1

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Chapter One Restaurant is located in the basement of the Dublin Writers Museum on Parnell Square in the centre of Dublin city in Dublin 1. The restaurant opened to great acclaim in February 1992 with co-proprietors Ross Lewis and Martin Corbett at the helm of the business. Chapter One has steadily garnered a reputation as one of Dublin's best fine dining restaurants since it opened its doors. The chefs here are dedicated to sourcing local, fresh Irish produce to ensure that their French and European cuisine are of the highest possible standards. Chapter One has a range of menus for every occasion making it perfect for nights out and special celebrations; they include a tasting menu, a pre-theatre menu, a four course menu, and a wide ranging vegetarian menu. The staff are friendly and known for the homely and familiar atmosphere they create in the restaurant.


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Tue12:30pm - 10:30pm
Wed12:30pm - 10:30pm
Thu12:30pm - 10:30pm
Fri12:30pm - 10:30pm
Sat5:30pm - 10:30pm

120 people

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European, Fine Dining, French, Seafood, Vegetarian


Accept major credit cards Luscious Dublin Bay prawns, succulent oysters, melt in the mouth mussels, mouth-watering mackerel…just some of the delicious seafood you’ll find on menus around Ireland.

Irish people love to eat seafood when dining out; in fact, unlike our European neighbours, we eat more seafood outside the home. Perhaps this is a testament to the quality of our seafood restaurants. And for many visitors, a trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without sampling a few oysters and sinking a pint of the black stuff. Veggie options available

Chapter One Restaurant reviews

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Chapter One Restaurant

56 reviews


Credibility Score:50%

Reviewed 04th February 2015 (visited 22 November 2014 )

It's expensive but you get what you pay for. The service is excellent, all the staff bend over backwards to ensure you have a great experience. The food was delicious and we found the portions to be quite large for a fine dining experience. It's an indulgent treat but totally worthwhile and we're looking forward to going back!

Chapter One Restaurant

2 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 01st February 2015 (visited 8 December 2013 )

Fabulous experience, great food and a lovely atmosphere

Chapter One Restaurant

14 reviews


Credibility Score:17%

Reviewed 29th January 2015 (visited 29 January 2015 )

Had lunch there today, service and food were excellent as before. Flavours well put together and presented, We will be visiting again shortly.

Chapter One Restaurant

16 reviews


Credibility Score:37%

Reviewed 18th January 2015 (visited 16 December 2014 )

Incredible food and excellent service. One of my favorite dinning experienced to date.

Chapter One Restaurant

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:30%

Reviewed 05th January 2015 (visited 14 November 2014 )

Hi we went as a group for my brother's birthday. The food was fab as always but its the way the staff look after you that makes the difference. Always so attentive and pleased to see you. It's a bit more expensive but worth every penny we have never had anything but a great night out here.

Chapter One Restaurant

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:0%

Reviewed 21st December 2014 (visited 11 December 2014 )

Great food and wine. Loved the Irish coffee. Will be back very soon

Chapter One Restaurant

6 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:47%

Reviewed 13th December 2014 (visited 8 December 2014 )

I always thought the location of a Michelin Star restaurant in a Georgian basement, but a basement after all - and one somewhat awkwardly located was a problem - and I think it is. But the food, the food - light but righ game terrine, and an unusual goose boudin (something of a deconstructed scotch egg made with game bird?) was stunning in flavour and richly satisfying. Main courses were perfect pheasant with autumnal savoy cabbage and nuts as accompaniment, and a crispy carrot-crusted duck breast that was pink and perfect. A light but Christmas-y ice cream dessert which incorporated both cranberry and orange flavours, and my companion went for a triple dose of white chocolate. I just love the unobtrusive quality of the service, although we had to wait rather a while to pay the bill. Wish I could dine there every week!

Chapter One Restaurant

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:35%

Reviewed 17th October 2014 (visited 12 September 2014 )

A beautifully put together menu and a lovely ambiance and dining experience with highly professional staff and host. I had the mackerel to start which was tasty without being spectacular. Then the fillet of beef for main course, this was a step up with it cooked to perfection, medium rare and a fine cut of beef. The best came last with the chocolate mousse one of the best I've ever had (and I've had the pleasure of trying a lot in my time as my belly will bear testament!). My taste bud sensors sprang into life with the first mouthful and it was a beautiful moment in my culinary eating career! Highly recommend this and at €36 for the pre-theatre menu, it's not reserved for the super-rich.

Chapter One Restaurant

4 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:65%

Reviewed 17th May 2014 (visited 8 May 2014 )

We treat ourselves to one or other of Dublin's Michelin restaurants from time to time - enjoying the top-drawer food, ambience and service. Arrival at Chapter One at 8pm for a table booked for 8pm (on a Thursday evening) saw us having to wait 50 minutes before we were seated. There was neither an acknowledgement or apology for the inconvenience (to us, with work the next day and to our school-going baby sitter). Nor was there an offer of a complimentary second drink from the bar, having exhausted our first. The food was excellent all the way through but service continued to fall down. Bread arrived with our starters - the waiter apologizing for the delay, bottled water was topped up by ourselves throughout and the need for a second glass of wine not recognized early enough. My wife being wished a happy birthday heading out the door - which explained the single (and erroneous) candle on her desert humorously topped off an evening of slips. Not the biggest deal in the world and I'd go back to Chapter One. But if it were anything like the same again I would get to wondering why the heck I was paying for that which I wasn't receiving: in this case, the frivolous enjoyment of watching perfection at work.

Chapter One Restaurant

5 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:40%

Reviewed 10th May 2014 (visited 9 May 2014 )

I have nothing but good things to say about Chapter One. Group of 5 of us went last night, my second time. The whole experience was a pleasure from start to finish. We went for the four course dinner menu at 70 euro a head with a few bottles of wine to boot. I had to the Marinated violet artichokes with buttermilk, basil oil and pickled garlic to start which I think I might dream about. Following that I had Molloy’s smoked haddock, with creamed and roasted cauliflower, crème fraiche, dried leek and fermented wild horseradish juice. The haddock was cooked perfectly and I have no idea how the cauliflower tasted that nice. After 2 perfect plates of pleasure, I chose the loin of rabbit for main. For dessert i had the buttermilk cream lemon puree jelly that I would have eaten a whole plate of on its own. I will not be waiting as long for the next time I go to Chapter One. Great job guys , keep it up !

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