Restaurants in Dublin

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  • The Purty Kitchen

    Absolutely amazing food, service and value. I arranged a family meal…

    (Posted Yesterday by laurben)
  • Shakshuka

    Lovely venue, quiet, warm, smelling of spices. Very good food and…

    (Posted Yesterday by kingsnorth)
  • Beeftro - Balfe…

    Kale salad was a bit greasy, hake was beautiful and dessert was lovely.…

    (Posted Yesterday by Vaughanjc185756928)
  • Toscana (Dun Laoghaire)

    Great experience for all the family. Great child-friendly restaurant.…

    (Posted Yesterday by sarah meehan)
  • Le Bon Crubeen

    Staff at Le Bon Crubeen are very friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed…

    (Posted 2 days ago by Maeve Nolan)
  • Urbun Cafe

    I was here for a coffee & cake & I have to say its not my first time.…

    (Posted 2 days ago by Chickenwing)
  • The Gasworks Bar

    The Irish are known worldwide for their friendly, good natured hospitality.…

    (Posted 2 days ago by bageem1187520)
  • Shakshuka

    Lovely staff and lovely food, what more could you want.

    (Posted 2 days ago by Kirsty Daly)
  • BANG Restaurant

    Really nice place, great service, great vegetarian main of charred…

    (Posted 2 days ago by Patricia Murray)
  • Bon Appetit

    Excellent place to share delicious food with friends.

    (Posted 2 days ago by Chau Ramos)
  • Aqua Restaurant

    The best place in Howth

    (Posted 2 days ago by Gary Seery)
  • Hemidemisemiquaver…

    When the waitress who sat us did return to the table, she asked did…

    (Posted 3 days ago by Nicolasisk39227283)
  • Shakshuka

    very good food and value

    (Posted 3 days ago by Joseph Cox)
  • Shakshuka

    Very enjoyable meal with lovely food in a relaxed atmosphere and…

    (Posted 3 days ago by tomlyncho62555816)
  • The Merrion Inn…

    I had Pan Fried Hake (c)served on a black pudding & chorizo potato…

    (Posted 3 days ago by MartinIrl)
  • The Silk Road Cafe

    nHappened to come across The Silk Road Cafe whilst visiting the Chester…

    (Posted 4 days ago by lizrispin61003806)
  • Il Caffe di Napoli

    Very enjoyable lunch in pleasant surroundings.

    (Posted 4 days ago by David O'Carroll)
  • Mayfield Deli &…

    I'm almost afraid to recommend this place as I want to keep it a…

    (Posted 4 days ago by Ripley8)

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