The Yellow Pepper Restaurant

36 Lower Main Street, Letterkenny

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The Yellow Pepper Restaurant has several food guide recommendations, including Bridgestone and Les Routiers. Quality is key in everything we do - from the wide choice of excellent meat, fish and vegetarian dishes to the organic herbs and vegetables we grow in the restaurant garden.

The restored McIntyre, Hog and Marsh shirt factory, dating from 1896, now hosts our affordable family-run restaurant. Unique floors, stone walls and cast iron pillars add to the comfortable atmosphere. The restaurant enjoys the ultimate approval from customers - it's always busy!


Every year, the Bridgestone editors set out to find those restaurants that offer the best cooking and the best service in Ireland. This book features grand city restaurants, and tiny little one-room restaurants in the wilds of the country. There are restaurants located on islands, and restaurants that reverberate with the energy and mania of the city.

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Veggie options available Luscious Dublin Bay prawns, succulent oysters, melt in the mouth mussels, mouth-watering mackerel…just some of the delicious seafood you’ll find on menus around Ireland.

Irish people love to eat seafood when dining out; in fact, unlike our European neighbours, we eat more seafood outside the home. Perhaps this is a testament to the quality of our seafood restaurants. And for many visitors, a trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without sampling a few oysters and sinking a pint of the black stuff. Full Bar, Beer, Wine, Spirits Will cater for children Wheelchair Accessible Coeliac options available Will accept party bookings Accept major credit cards

The Yellow Pepper Restaurant reviews

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The Waddler
33 reviews


Credibility Score:62%

Reviewed 17th March 2014 (visited 15 March 2014 )

We visited on a busy Saturday evening. The restaurant was very busy but the staff coped well and were pleasant and professional. Although we had not booked and had to wait for 25 minutes for a table, this was reasonable. We both had a chicken dish at a nice table and it was well presented and tasty. Accompanying vegetables were well prepared and the over all experience was very positive.

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:35%

Reviewed 20th January 2013 (visited 20 January 2013 )

I found the floor staff a little dry and unhelpful. Upon being seated we weren't asked if we would like a drink (fairly standard service I would have thought), we weren't told the specials, what the soup of the day was, or that some of the dishes were unavailable. I ordered the Eastern Spiced Chicken as a starter, and Pork Belly as a main. When my starter arrived, I was told the Pork Belly wasn't available, and the only other option for me on the menu (as someone who cannot eat beef) was another chicken main. I would much preferred to have been told this before I got my starter, as chicken for starter and main was a bit much. The starter was nice, nothing spectacular, but tasty enough all the same. My main was a Winter Spiced Chicken with cranberries and sweet potato. Apart from the cranberries, it was totally bland. The Craberries were spiced, and ok, but were overbearing. More than one mouthful was too much. Overall, I think the floor staff could do with a bit of training in customer service ('hello', 'please', 'thank you', 'is everything ok?', these are things I thought would be common sense?!). And since my last visit, the food has gone downhill. Overall a disappointing visit to a restaurant I once would have considered the best in town.

29 reviews


Credibility Score:52%

Reviewed 04th January 2013 (visited 28 October 2012 )

Really enjoyed this restaurant my husband had the lobster which he really enjoyed it was really good value for money. He would definately go back for the lobster. I had the duck which I loved also. The menu choice was excellent. the service was also very good. it was very busy when we arrived but as we were eating it got quiet but the restaurant had a nice ambience and I liked the decor. A good experience and would go back.

21 reviews


Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 28th May 2012 (visited 23 May 2012 )

Was in for lunch and the smoked salmon starter and chicken stuffed with black pudding wrapped with parma ham. It was excellent. They do a 2 course lunch for 16.50 and the quality of the food is very good, they also grow a lot of there own herbs and salad veg. The evening menu also looks to be very impressive and i will definitely be trying it in the future

15 reviews


Credibility Score:37%

Reviewed 09th January 2012 (visited 28 December 2011 )

This was our second experience of the Yellow Pepper. The menu provides a wide range of choice so finding something to tickle your palate should not be a problem. The service was efficient and the needs of our table of ten or so were met promptly in terms of drinks orders, etc. The food itself was very well prepared - I might classify it as the upper end of standard fare - nothing extraordinary but very competent indeed. For me it is slightly pricey given the location but in a location where quality options are limited, you can certainly do a lot worse. Worth trying.

19 reviews


Credibility Score:47%

Reviewed 15th November 2011 (visited 12 November 2011 )

Visited on a quiet Sunday evening as a friend enjoyed a meal here recently. Our starter for three was very tasty. A platter of squid, chicken, spring rolls, garlic mushrooms and crostini was alot as the portion was generous but we enjoyed it immensely. The seafood linguini was just okay, steak was great and my pasta dish with chorizo was nice but a bit heavy on the sausage. Our bottle of house red was full bodied and suited our dishes perfectly. Dessert of apple pie was homemade and gobbled up in minutes. The Irish coffees were the perfect finish to a fairly good meal. The atmosphere was nothing exceptional as it was quiet. The staff were friendly and attentive. Okay value for money. I would return!

1 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 06th September 2011 (visited 13 August 2011 )

I had booked this restaurant as it was my sister-in-laws 30th & we wanted to go somewhere in letterkenny suitable for a group with kids. I had gone before a number of years ago & had an average opinion of the restaurant, but given the reviews here decided to go ahead & book. Overall the food was below average, okay it is casual dining, but the standard was very poor, worse still was the woeful service. We had number of issues, firstly, as we sat to eat our food we noticed that the vinegar on the table had flies in it, as it had been already used on one dish before noticing, we sent it back & asked for a new dish. Secondly, the staff did not clear our table properly between courses and left some dishes on our table even when the next course came, I also had asked for a jug of water but this never came. Next, when it came to our desserts, one order was missing & I had to get up from our table to ask a staff member where it was, it meant that the rest of us had all finished by the time the missing dessert came out. On top of this, an intoxicated stag party were in the restaurant and congregated around the till area which was quite close to our table, bearing in mind our booking was for 6:00 in the evening. All this together with an overall grubby feeling of the restaurant did not make for a pleasant family meal. When the bill arrived, I was surprised it had not been reduced for the vinegar incident alone, so I discussed the issues with, who I assume, was a manager & he conveyed little understanding & his overall customer service was terrible, I genuinely would find better customer service in McDonalds. His attitude was arrogant stating 'ahh now that's not really a big thing' when I listed the issues we encountered. Needless to say I will not be returning to this restaurant & would not recommend anyone to waste their money here either.

6 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:45%

Reviewed 26th August 2011 (visited 27 July 2011 )

We used to love going to the Yellow Pepper but hadn't been in a while. On a recent visit we were a bit disappointed ,we had the early bird menu (2 courses 16.50 , 3 courses 20) and the best we could say it that it was ok. I had eastern spiced chicken as a starter but the chicken pieces were very dry my friend's crostini and goat's cheese was equally uninspiring . We both had minute steaks as main but they were thin and tasteless. Service was good and restaurant was packed so maybe we just ordered the wrong items.

8 reviews

First Timer

Credibility Score:47%

Reviewed 08th May 2011 (visited 1 May 2011 )

I had lunch in the yellow pepper recently with 5 other work collegues. The service was very good, the atmosphere was also very good although the restuarant wasn't very busy. I had Irish stew which was really tasty and full of flavour although I found the portion size to be a bit small and was still a little hungry after the meal. Pricewise, I thought it wasa a bit expensive for lunch as many other restuarant do specials for lunch. However I was in with my family in the evening time and had the eastern chicken dish(which is new) with a mango lasi dip which was absolutely gorgeous. I would recomment the yellow pepper to others.

40 reviews


Credibility Score:32%

Reviewed 30th October 2010 (visited 22 October 2010 )

A very busy bustling restaurant located on the main street. It's spread over two floors. On the night we were there the pace was heaving with people celebrating graduations from the local college. Despite the crowd, service was fast and friendly. There is a full licence. The menu has been significantly updated from the one on the website,and as it happened , we all (6) selected new options. These included starters, mains of salmon dishes, one very large steak and chicken. The chicken dish, which I had, was flattened breast, wrapped in parma ham, with cheese and some pesto. It was very good and I noticed friends left nothing behind either. Prices for starters(again updated menu) were from €4.50 to €8.75. Mains were from €14.50 to $22.40. I liked the fast service and buzzy atmosphere. I thought desserts at €6.50 each over priced and out of proportion to other prices. Bread was served with soup to but not to the table , which was a bit unexpected. . Overall, good value, good food and good service.

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